This post started out as an email to Sarah, but the more I thought about the implications, the more I thought I should share it on the blog instead.

A friend informed me about a fascinating conspiracy theory I had never heard of before, and what I read reminded me that if I want to stay current with political developments, I should be a regular reader of sci-fi. I had not heard of this Nibiru conspiracy, and it is indeed shocking:

Back in July, I wrote a story about Nibiru, a phantom planet supposedly inhabited by ‘Jewish space reptiles’ and under the control of Pope Benedict by means of the ‘Pope Scope’, a powerful telescope named ‘Lucifer.’ Rather than fading away, Nibiru-mania has grown considerably over the past few months. Back in July, there were over 100 books in print about Nibiru. According to a new report from NASA, there are now 300 books on the market about Nibiru. There are also 50,000 videos on You Tube about Nibiru.

Wow. While I have to admit to a certain amount of skepticism, the more I looked into the roots of this theory, the I yearn to believe that “the  lizard people” may in fact be ruling the world!

According to British writer David Icke, 5- to 12-foot (1.5–3.7 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis star system, now hiding in underground bases, are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy against humanity.[7] He contends that most of the world’s leaders are related to these reptilians, including George W. Bush of the United States, and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.[8] Icke’s conspiracy theories now have supporters in 47 countries and he frequently gives lectures to crowds of 2,500 or more.[9] American writer Vicki Santillano ranked the notion that “Reptilian humanoids control all of us” as one of the 10 most popular conspiracy theories.[10]

Much as I want to believe, the rational blogger that I still want to be feels obligated to ask,

Just what is with guys like Ickes?

Are they crazy? Or just pretending while laughing all the way to the bank? And what about the “believers”? Do the believers actually believe? Or do they merely want to believe?

If you doubt the political implications, consider the front page of yesterday’s New York Times.

Predictably, the use of that image on the front page has irritated many GOP supporters, and Drudge headlined it thusly:

NYTIMES depicts as 'son of satan'...

But I suspect a deeper coverup at work. If we consider that according to the theory the lizard people are in fact a bunch of devious Jews, we must factor in something else — that the New York Times has long been called the “Jew York Times” by distinguished community organizers — some of whom also believe in fascinating theories like these:

Ashra Kwesi, described by conference materials as a professor and Egyptologist, called the Popethe “archdevil,” according to The Washington Times. The newspaper also reported that Kwesidescribed Vatican leaders as “a lot of white faggot boys” and the 12 apostles depicted in a paintingof the Last Supper as “a whole lot of white faggot boys.” He claimed that Jesus was “an African revolutionary”persecuted bywhole lot of white faggot boys.” He claimed that Jesus was “an African revolutionary”persecuted by white Jews and Romans, and that white people “stole” Christianity from the ancient Egyptians.


Also available was a Chicago-based publication called Frondine, which contains an article asserting: “The abundance of melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism physically and spiritually. This is why all the founders of the world’s great religions are Black.” Elsewhere in Frontline is a pointed reference to the “Jew York Times” (emphasis in the original), and an attack on Colin Powell as a “sell-out” and a “Black Devil” who “may run for President of The United Snakes” (sic).

Well, if we assume there really is a conspiracy of reptiles, then it becomes obvious that the New York Times edited the photograph of Paul Ryan as a diversionary tactic, but not in quite the way most people imagine. If the theories are correct, the original, unedited Times photo looked more like this:

As you can see, when Ryan’s true color is revealed, it is not Satan red, but Reptile green. Sure, I know red is green because green is the new red, but if the theories are correct, then the New York Times has to also be run by the lizard people, and they are naturally going to be mutually involved in a massive reptilian coverup. By making Ryan look merely “Satanic” they intend to throw us all off course, and make us miss the real issue.

But I am not done yet. It’s conspiracy Friday and there are a few more dots which need to be connected. Did not a famous Republican commentator author a book titled “Republican Party Reptile” which featured this very revealing cover?

I can’t think of a more damning admission than that, can you?

Note the glass of blood, and note particularly the very damning red tie!

The above book is decades old, but at this point, they are making no attempt to conceal their code red.

The photos speak for themselves.

Just look:

They’ve even embedded the “code red” ties into their official propaganda:

And don’t forget this guy (who had me completely fooled last night):

The evidence is so overwhelming that I’m almost tempted to say “Case Closed.”

Except… much as I hate to blog about it, there is yet another lingering issue involving sinister humanoids. The other day, meaning only to be nice, I wished Glenn Reynolds a Happy Birthday. I did naively remark that the man never seems to age, and I meant that sincerely, but I have to say that I had not thought through the full implications until a couple of commenters speculated that Glenn was some sort of android:


I think he’s really an android but only Dr. Helen knows for sure.

To which “Another anon” responded:

“I think he’s really an android but only Dr. Helen knows for sure.”

On the other hand, Mr. Pundit has always made it known that Dr. Helen is a cyborg.

Androids, cyborgs, humanoids, lizard people? What do I know? As I say, I’m not an expert on these things. But what I do know is what has been documented and admitted — that Glenn Reynolds has repeatedly appeared in pictures  with a man who has been dead for 66 years, and in that time he barely appears to have aged at all. In fairness, I felt morally obligated to point that out:

You know, I generally try to avoid conspiracy theories, but in all honesty I think there may be something to this android speculation.

What else could possibly explain the well-documented fact that Glenn Reynolds repeatedly appeared in photographs with Benito Mussolini?

He has hardly aged at all, and Mussolini has been dead for 66 years.

Again, I don’t want to believe this stuff. But in logic, can’t wanting not to believe become just as dangerous as wanting to believe?

I don’t want to succumb to either extreme. I can only present the facts and the evidence here as best I can, and try to remain neutral, objective, and detached.

You folks will have to judge.