Cannabinoids And Skin Care

By now (25 August 2016 0346z) I’m sure there are a lot of questions about the missing text. Here it is:

I wrote a few days ago about cannabinoids in the gut. It turns out there are also a lot of cannabinoid receptors in the skin.

Cannabinoids are almost exclusively found in cannabis, and have been shown to have a significant effect on chronic skin conditions. Cannabinoids are well-known to play a role in regulating inflammation, and this may be the key to their ability to treat eczema and psoriasis.2

It is well-documented that the gastrointestinal tract, which, like the skin, is one of the primary physical barriers of the immune system, has abundant cannabinoid receptor sites. Now, research has shown that the skin also has an endocannabinoid system of its own, which helps to regulate the production of various hormones and proteins, including cytokine, which is also involved in the immune response. The skin’s endocannabinoid system also helps to regulate various cellular processes including proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis or cell death. Thus, imbalance of this system may also be responsible for the occurrence of chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and developing targeted cannabinoid therapies may help to control them.3

Now if only the politicians and government tit suckers would get out of the way. That is not going to happen. The thieves will have to be fought every step of the way.


Fixing Foreign Policy – The Trump Solution

David Goldman discusses how Trump might fix American Foreign Policy – Middle East Version. A commenter noted that Trump was dangerously unqualified.

There is always the possibility of the dangerously qualified Hillary. With Trump there will be errors which may be fixed. With Hillary there will be policy which can’t be fixed.



Politics is mostly about the use of unaccountable force.

How much politics do you want in your life?



The deathgod smiled. “Catch your breath quickly now, while you may,” he stated. “Breath is the least appreciated gift of the gods. None sing hymns to it, praising the good air, breathed by king and beggar, master and dog alike. But, oh to be without it! Appreciate each breath,…

From Lord of Light.

During the week my mother was dying I often told her “Breathe deep” because her breathing was shallow. And she did, with a smile. I told her that for the first time in my life I was able to give her orders. Her smile got brighter.

When some one tries to bury you with a tale of woe the proper response is “Are you still breathing?”


Living With The Unlikable

In an apparently wasted effort to teach tolerance I said this to one of my Republican friends.


Criminal distribution makes it easier for your kids to get drugs. The black market doesn’t card.

And I’d be interested in how you intend to eradicate ALL plants you don’t care for. To even think that is possible. It is laughable.

And think about your plan in terms of guns. I’m sure you think that it wouldn’t work. But your assumptions gives the lefties ideas.

Drugs are illegal. About 1/2 of Americans under 65 have tried them. How is that possible?

But maybe if we put the 30 million or so drug users in prison or mass murdered them you could get the utopia you dream of. Can you afford that much prison? Are you up for mass murder?

You are going to have to learn to live with things you don’t like. It is the only way to protect the things you like from the people who don’t like them.


While I Was Temporarily Absent

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Gut Reaction

A new paper is out looking at Endocannabinoids in the gut. I will give you my gut reaction later.

Accumulating evidence indicates that the endocannabinoid system is a key modulator of gastrointestinal physiology, influencing satiety, emesis, immune function, mucosal integrity, motility, secretion, and visceral sensation. In light of therapeutic benefits of herbal and synthetic cannabinoids, the vast potential of the endocannabinoid system for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases has been demonstrated. This review focuses on the role of the endocannabinoid system in gut homeostasis and in the pathogenesis of intestinal disorders associated with intestinal motility, inflammation and cancer

Didn’t the DEA just say that herbal cannabis has no medical value? Yes they did: DEA Rejects Attempt To Loosen Federal Restrictions On Marijuana.

You might reasonably conclude that the the people making synthetics have an interest in the matter. Indirect if not direct. Even though synthetics are often not as effective as herbal cannabis because of the entourage effect.


Personal note: My mother died on 13 August 2016. I was holding her hand. So was my wife and my #2 son. So was her best friend. She was 96.


Do smokers and fatties in fact cost “us” more?

In casual conversations, I’ve raised the point that maybe they do not, which seems grounded in common sense. People always argue with me, and I’ve never considered it important enough to worry about. Now that Obamacare has put us all in the same economic pool, however, it’s worth some long, hard, number crunching.

According to Tim Worstall, self-destructive lifestyles save society money:

It’s a common enough argument around the world at the moment, that various unhealthy behaviours increase the costs to health care systems. Thus those unhealthy behaviours should be taxed more heavily so as to pay for the costs to those health care systems. The only problem with the argument is that it is entirely gibbering nonsense, unhealthy behaviours reduce costs to health care systems: if we are to accept the initial logic then we should subsidise them, not tax them.

Worstall cites a study which makes a tantalizing conclusion:

Because of differences in life expectancy, however, lifetime health expenditure was highest among healthy-living people and lowest for smokers.

Why aren’t more economists crunching these numbers? If unhealthy lifestyles actually save money, and if saving money is the whole point, then what’s with all the screaming about how much these bad self-indulgent people are “costing us”?



Grateful Dead 8-28-67 San Francisco


Grateful Dead 4-9-67 Golden Gate Park

Don’t be in a hurry. Watch the whole thing.


Jefferson Airplane – May 7, 1969 – Golden Gate Park



As I keep saying, we are not governed, we are ruled.

Not only is privacy considered a threat to our rulers, but even curiosity about privacy is cause for being put under surveillance.

The NSA surveillance program called X-Keyscore, first revealed last summer in documents leaked by Edward Snowden, has been found to contain selection rules that potentially add to an NSA watch list anybody who has not only used, but visited online privacy-protection tools such as the Tor Network for anonymous Web browsing and the Linux-based Tails operating system. Snowden’s X-Keyscore files indicated that it allowed NSA employees to obtain a person’s phone number or email address, view the content of email, and observe full Internet activity including browsing history without a warrant.

An analysis of X-Keyscore’s source code (text only) indicates that the program has targeted a German student who runs a Tor node, and can add to the NSA’s surveillance lists anybody who uses popular Internet privacy tools such as Tor. The reports were prepared by reporters for the German public television broadcasters NDR and WDR, and people employed by and volunteering for Tor, who said that “former NSA employees and experts are convinced that the same code or similar code is still in use today.”


There are, of course, those few who might wonder what provision of the Constitution gives these people such massive, unlimited power to disregard it.

The answer is that there is no such provision. They simply have seized the power to put millions of America under surveillance according to their bureaucratic whim, and the fact that it is unconstitutional makes those who believe in the Constitution their mortal enemies.

Hence the surveillance.

As might be expected, Orwellian “national security” types — and their conservative supporters — are trying to equate privacy with terrorism.



The Ronettes – Be My Baby


THE SHIRELLES – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


Is it anthropomorphic to call it envy?

Longtime readers may remember that I am against mandatory spay and neuter for pets. Especially male dogs. For years the politically correct people who work with animals have claimed that one of the reason male dogs should all be castrated is that unneutered male dogs are more aggressive than neutered male dogs, and hence more likely to start fights.

Not so:

The most common type of altercation involves neutered males aggressing toward intact males. Neutered males smell like females. The scent of an intact male cause many neutered to react negatively toward them since intact males smell male. The scent of an intact male can cause tensions to rise even before the two dogs engage each other because intact males retain the ability to mate and give of the scent of male, which can be considered a threat to neutered males.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this in real life. My old dog Puff was never neutered and never started any trouble with any dog male or female, but as the neutering trend wore on, neutered males would just up and attack him. One time an owner told me that it was my fault her dog attacked my dog, because my dog had not been neutered.

Sometimes I worry that those who believe in not leaving people alone will attack those who believe in leaving people alone.

What a paradox.

MORE: I almost forgot about gender being a social construct. Surely animals know that, right?


Gene Chandler – Duke Of Earl


Revolution – The Beatles


The Marcels – Blue Moon


What Is So Funny?


They Really Need To Stop

About 5 minutes.

H/T Breitbart – Dear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia.