Fear And Hate

Fear is often touted as the ultimate political tool. “Fear will keep the star systems in line.” Yes it will. Up to a point. But control through fear brings resistance. And it is expensive. You need armies of enforcers.

What works better is hate. That gains enthusiastic cooperation. Much cheaper. Who IS Emmanuel Goldstein?

Ever notice how the political parties are defined more by what they hate than anything else?

I endeavor to avoid hate and fear. I have no party.


A nation of rapists!

When I was younger, it was very clear what rape was. Sexual intercourse accomplished by the use of force against a non-consenting victim. Things were pretty clear then.

Now some people want to make it “rape” if a person lies in order to get laid.

A New Jersey lawmaker has a plan that would make it a crime to lie in order to sleep with someone.

As CBS2’s Jessica Schneider reported, Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Mount Laurel) calls it “rape by fraud.”

Women and even men have been lured into relationships with people who aren’t who they say they are.

“You probably would not consent to someone who purported to be a million different things other than they are,” Singleton said.

The assemblyman has introduced a bill that would make lying to get someone to have sex equal to rape.

“We think it is important to folks to be protected and this is just another way to provide that protection,” he said.

One of the bill’s supporters expounds on why the law is needed:

“He lied about his marital status, he lied about his education. He said he had a bachelor’s in accounting from NYU and was, in fact, a high school dropout,” Short said.

At least five states already make it a crime to have sex by fraud, but some make it a lesser offense than rape.

But some say it should be a matter of personal responsibility, not a case for the prosecutor.

Personal responsibility? Are you kidding?

“He lied about his marital status,”

So… I guess a man who takes off his wedding ring to pick up a woman in a single’s bar becomes a rapist.

A woman who falsely says she isn’t married, or is divorced?

Or how about a man saying he voted for Obama in order to score with a liberal woman?

I’m reminded of a recent post discussing an impostor who pretended to be film director Stanley Kubrick in order to pick up young men he fancied. Obviously, the guy was a sleazebag, but for the life of me, I am having trouble seeing his sex partners as rape victims. Because if they are, then you have to posit that they really didn’t want to have sex with him at all, but only did so in the hope of career advancement. Which would mean that had the man actually been Kubrick, the same apparently voluntary — yet not genuinely wanted — sex acts would not have constituted rape. What would they have been, then? Prostitution? If so, would that make a man who hires a call girl for sex but his credit card bounces a rapist? I’m willing to allow that this is theft of sexual services, but I just can’t see it as rape, for the simple reason that consent to sex was given.

Otherwise, anyone could later decide that he or she just wasn’t comfortable with the overall outcome, and claim rape.

If you think that’s bad, read the post M. Simon linked not long ago, which posits that all PIV sex (and presumably all sex involving penetration) is rape. (An old issue, which can be debated from a PostModernist standpoint.)


St. Reagan – The Devil In Disguise

In Another Black Market In Medicine commenter Randy and I were discussing the evil the American Government has perpetrated on the world in order to accomplish Drug Prohibition. I got some things wrong in my comment so I thought I’d set the record straight.

What I got wrong was who tried to destroy the records pertaining to cannabis research in America.

In 1983 the Reagan/Bush Administration tried to persuade American universities and researchers to destroy all 1966-76 cannabis research work, including compendiums in libraries, reports Jack Herer, who states, “We know that large amounts of information have since disappeared.

And part of the record that was covered up or disappeared was that cannabis has anti-tumor effects. You can read more about the cover up at the link.

So what do we know today? Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder. St. Reagan. A mass murderer. You can find out more about current knowledge at Cannabis And Cancer.

Side note: Jack Herer’s wife wants to start a museum. She needs a little help: Contribute To The Jack And Jeannie Herer Cannabis And Hemp Museum.


Another Black Market In Medicine

This one is in Chile and the disease is epilepsy.

Bobadilla’s desperation to ease her daughter’s condition is an emotion familiar to other Chilean parents who say medical marijuana can help their children and who, rather than wait for Congress to act, have taken matters into their own hands.

Despite the risk of jail time, about 100 parents have formed a group, Mama Cultiva or “Mama Grows,” to share knowledge about cultivating marijuana to extract cannabis oil for their seizure-stricken children.

In clandestine meetings, the parents exchange tips and listen to cultivation experts explain how to grow and reproduce plants. Bobadilla and most of the members grow marijuana in their backyards, even though they could face up to 15 years in jail for doing so.

And in case you missed it:

Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

Cannabis And Cancer

Isn’t it past time to end Prohibition? For the children.


Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’

A report on an IEEE Spectrum article at Watts Up With That. I’m not going to discuss the article. It speaks for itself.

What I am going to do is to reprise a comment that I think is critical for understanding energy in all its forms.

November 22, 2014 at 8:49 pm

“losing $ on each sale and making it up with volume” is correct.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about energy. We would make better choices if it were more widely understood that no one “consumes” energy. By the 1st law of thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed. What we’re actually consuming is orderliness, or negative entropy, or neg-entropy. The most central cost analysis relates to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy.

Understanding neg-entropy is important because different energy sources do not have the same negentropy density by any means. In particular, the renewables such as wind, solar, wave etc. are typically are far more dis-ordered at the source. This makes it intrinsically very difficult to cost effectively harvest renewable energy.

In fact, this whole question has deep similarities with the age old attempt to make a perpetual motion machine. In both cases, there is a fundamental underestimation of the centrality of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

West’s last comment is also on target. The energy source that has far and away the highest neg-entropy is nuclear. In the 1950s the prediction was that nuclear energy would be “too cheap to meter”, and on a thermodynamic basis that should still be true. The bulk of the cost of nuclear power lies in satisfying safety and environmental regulations.

Thermodynamics is hard. It washed out about 1/2 my class at Naval Nuclear Power School. That is how the “renewable” snake oil got sold. The general public knows nothing about entropy and the politicians know less. And the engineers who touted the scam? Well you CAN do the impossible with enough free government money.


How The Medical Industry Works

Yeah. We have a medical industrial complex. The girl in the video is kind of annoying. But the clips between her rants are informative.

Now compare that with this video by Dr. Donald Abrams who champions nutrition and cannabis for cancer. The video is long but you can get the gist of it in the first 10 or 15 minutes.

Donald Abrams, MD, is Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and Chief of Hematology / Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital.

Go here to see the Q&A that followed the above talk.

And you might like my recent Cannabis and Cancer. Especially watch the first 7 minutes of the first video.

Some one put these words in Benjamin Rush’s mouth. They do ring true even if he didn’t say them.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.” – Benjamin Rush


Cannabis And Cancer Of The Brain

Eric brought to my attention this news. Marijuana kills brain cancer, new study confirms.

The active molecules in cannabis kill brain cancer — another study has revealed.

Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer.

“High-grade glioma is one of the most aggressive cancers in adult humans and long-term survival rates are very low as standard treatments for glioma remain largely unsuccessful,” according to researchers Katherine A. Scott, Angus G. Dalgleish, and Wai M. Liu from the Oncology Department at St. George’s University of London.

Writing in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics this month, the team recounts how they decided to build on existing research that shows “cannabinoids have been shown to specifically inhibit glioma growth as well as neutralize oncogenic processes such as angiogenesis.”

Which reminded me of a post I did about a day ago on the same subject

The subject of the post was a press release by the National Brain Cancer Foundation.

The Cannabinoid Research Group of Complutense University in Madrid, Spain and Voices Against Brain Cancer, a national foundation headquartered in New York, announce today that a collaborative alliance has been signed by both organizations. The consideration of the benefits of Marijuana and the compounds contained within the plant known as “cannabinoids” for medicinal purposes is currently a prominent subject matter in North America. In an effort to fast track the propagation of accurate scientific based information on therapeutic opportunities incorporating cannabinoids, these two groups have formed an exclusive partnership in the United States.


When asked about the research findings to date, Mr. Guzman noted that “published research clearly shows the anticancer action of cannabinoids impacting glioblastoma multiforma (GBM), and how chemotherapy results of tumor reduction are improved upon by adding cannabinoids as part of the treatment regimen.”

“We have an obligation to remain open minded about where the cure for brain cancer will come from, said Michael Klipper, Chairman of Voices Against Brain Cancer. Manuel Guzmán and his research team are world class leaders in the clinical research of cannabinoids and cancer.” We recognize our responsibility to disseminate the information associated with the published research, which supports the medicinal legitimacy and can help guide patients and government lawmakers when considering the use of Cannabinoids.”

So cannabis boosts chemotherapy or radiation treatment of brain cancer.

At 4 minutes into this next video the speaker says (approximately), “the government has known for 40 years that cannabis fights cancer”. That would be monstrous if true. Below the video I’ll provide some links to the evidence.

Fronm 2008: What Your Government Knows About Cannabis And Cancer — And Isn’t Telling You.

Even with successful surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy treatment, gliomas — a highly aggressive form of brain cancer that strikes approximately 10,000 Americans annually — tragically claim the lives of 75 percent of its victims within two years and virtually all within five years.

But what if there was an alternative treatment for gliomas that could selectively target the cancer while leaving healthy cells intact? And what if federal bureaucrats were aware of this treatment, but deliberately withheld this information from the public?


In fact, the first experiment documenting pot’s potent anti-cancer effects took place in 1974 at the Medical College of Virginia at the behest federal bureaucrats. The results of that study, reported in an Aug. 18, 1974, Washington Post newspaper feature, were that marijuana’s primary psychoactive component, THC, “slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent.”

Despite these favorable preliminary findings (eventually published the following year in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute), U.S. government officials refused to authorize any follow-up research until conducting a similar — though secret — preclinical trial in the mid-1990s. That study, conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program to the tune of $2 million, concluded that mice and rats administered high doses of THC over long periods had greater protection against malignant tumors than untreated controls.

Here is a link to that study: Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids. Here is the header for that page:

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

1975 Sep;55(3):597-602.
Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids.
Munson AE, Harris LS, Friedman MA, Dewey WL, Carchman RA.

So the government has known this since no later than the end of 1975. And did its best to see that no follow ups were done.

Some more links on the suppression of this information:
U.S. Government Repressed Marijuana-Tumor Research

Nixon Knew Cannabis Cures Cancer, Suppressed the Findings in Leiu of War on Drugs

Medicinal Marijuana Cannabis Research Suppressed by Jeffrey Dach MD

Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease Despite Efforts to Suppress It

Cancer currently kills 586,000 Americans a year. The research could have been completed and medical distribution set up in 5 years. So we have had about 35 years of 500,000 Americans a year dying of cancer that didn’t need to. That is over 17 million deaths to keep Prohibition in place. That is right up there with Stalin, Mao, and the Austrian Corporal.

Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Republicans (generally) favor killing those people to keep Prohibition in place. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

Pass it on.

Update: 22 November 2014 1341z

An advanced course on cannabis as medicine. About 1 hour by Dr. Donald Abrams who is also mentioned (with video) here.


Skirt burning and other “jokes”

If you didn’t know what was going on, you might find this headline puzzling:

Teen given 7-year sentence for skirt-burning on Oakland bus

Huh? How could burning a skirt lead to to anyone receiving a 7 year sentence?

Because the perp didn’t just burn a skirt — any more than someone who sets fire to another person by holding a lighter to a shirt burns a shirt.

He deliberately set fire to another human being, and he’s getting off easy thanks to the victim’s parents.

The mother of an agender teen whose skirt was set aflame on an AC Transit bus in Oakland last year told the 17-year-old attacker Friday that he did a “horrible, terrible thing” but added, “We do not hate you.”

“Hate only leads to more hatred and anger,” Debbie Crandall told a teary-eyed Richard Thomas, moments before he was sentenced to seven years at a state juvenile center for severely burning 19-year-old Sasha Fleischman, who is now a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

“I’m hoping you gain some understanding in the years to come,” Crandall said.

Thomas did not speak in the Oakland courtroom, but his attorney, William Du Bois, told Judge Paul Delucchi, “What he thought was a prank exploded into a tragedy of major proportions.” Du Bois said outside court that his client “will be eternally sorry.”

Thomas was charged as an adult in connection with the Nov. 4, 2013, attack on Fleischman, who was then 18 and whose skirt was set on fire as the student slept — an attack that police said was partly motivated by homophobia.


Oakland police said in court documents that Thomas, a student at Oakland High School, admitted to lighting Fleischman’s garment on fire because he was “homophobic.” The teens were on an AC Transit bus on MacArthur Boulevard near Ardley Avenue, a few blocks from Fleischman’s home in the Glenview neighborhood.

In court Friday, Crandall told Thomas, “Maybe you just thought it was weird that Sasha was wearing a skirt. Maybe you thought the people around you thought it was funny.” But she described how she came to the scene and found her child writhing and shivering uncontrollably in pain, the teen’s legs “covered with black, charred patches of skin.”

At the time it happened, I was outraged by the callused attitude of the criminal:

I do not doubt that he thought it was funny. Lots of people have been tortured or murdered by attackers who had fun. But I don’t think finding amusement in such crimes is a defense. (And had he done the same thing to a sleeping dog or a cat, I doubt people would even for a moment entertain the “joke” defense.)

Well, now that the perp has gotten off with very little time, it strikes me that the “joke” defense actually works.


What will the jokers do next?

Humiliation, cutting elderly Jews' beards

I think that characterizing vicious conduct as a joke not only excuses nothing, but it makes it worse.



Big Money Here

Cannabinoid medicine if fully exploited could ultimately save the US $1 trillion a year. We should all be saying this. I’ll give you two diseases to start:

Cancer at $85 bn a year. About 2/3rds of diabetes at $115 bn a year. I’m sure I could find another $800 bn if I went through the whole list.


Oregon Doesn’t Like Illegal Immigrants

Oregon doesn’t like illegal immigrants by 2 to 1.

Oregon immigration vote is a warning for Obama.

Looks like Obama is going to have trouble with his base on this one.


How retarded we’ve become in our evolution

While this only kind of touches unintentionally on the squareness of hip, I kind of think this song is a nice all-around illustration of the concept.

From a 1977 concert, here’s DEVO’s “Mongoloid.”


They weren’t terribly worried about political correctness in those days, were they?

(Alas freedom. You never know it when you have it.)



Rape is unwanted sexual contact, right?

I was recently reminded of a hilarious film, “Colour Me Kubrick,” in which John Malkovich plays a Stanley Kubrick impostor who used his nonexistent “power” as a way of getting laid.

Here’s the trailer:

And a scene of him scoring in a gay bar:

Because they thought he was really Kubrick, they did whatever he wanted. As one of his “victims” (or is that the right word?) put it,

“They do say in Hollywood that the only way to the top is through the bottom.”

It’s easy to laugh at these idiots who thought they were bettering their careers by having sex with the Kubrick impostor, but for the sake of argument, let’s suppose the guy they were having sex with really was Kubrick. Would that make it rape?


What sort of sex is unwanted? Unwanted sex thought to have been wanted at the time, but soon discovered to have been unwanted? Or only unwanted sex which was found to be unwanted much later?


New Names And Other Dangers

Over at WUWT, commenters attempt to answer the Great Question of global warming. No, it’s not what sea levels will be in 2100, how to model water vapor and other feedbacks, or why the 18-year pause — no, this question is far more important: given their failure to model anything on Earth, what should we call the planet that climate models actually apply to?  My favorites among the efforts so far:

Goron Planet CMIP-6 Craven New World
Planet Phlogiston Fundraisia Modeltopia
Errorth Falsefidia Malingerth
Simulistan Misanthropia Crematoria
Manndora NIMBY Planet of the Japes
Gorphlogismann Grant Generator Foreboding Planet
Alarmistan Horsemannuearth Calamitous II
Catastrophia Warmworld Treeringia
Planet GIGO CRUtopia Fear Sphere
Grantlandia Hyperthermia Tamino
Thermophobia BESTworld Carbonerror
Errrth Settled Scientasia Terror Firma
Linear Simplistica Prognosticon Imaginearth
Planet Mirth Bristleconia Planet WTF-97
Dolos Manngaea Alarmaworld

Like any great work of science fiction, this nearly named world comes with its own set of rituals that seem very strange to us, but are doubtless perfectly normal to them.


Finding the square root of hip

A hipster I am not, and never have been. I might have been philosophically a hippie and a punk back in the day, and for years I was a Deadhead, but I always found myself annoyed by the trappings of people who want to be “in” and who worry that they might not be, because it is the essence of conformity.

However, there is a paradox in that trying to be like everyone else is like trying not to be like everyone else. I’ve long given up on trying to pin it down. To rebel is to conform, just as to conform is to rebel.

I used to wonder whether the whole thing could be reduced to a mathematical formula.

Only now, there is no need to wonder, because someone has done the math.

From “The Math Behind the Hipster Effect“:

If everyone always wants to look different than everybody else, everybody starts looking the same. At least, if you use a recently published mathematical model describing the phenomenon. And looking around here, it seems pretty accurate. Let me enlighten you with some math.

“The hipster effect is this non-concerted emergent collective phenomenon of looking alike trying to look different,” in the words of Jonathan Touboul, mathematical neuroscientist at the College de France in Paris, and author of the paper.

God, how effing tired.

How I don’t want to be like them!

(Shh! I had best be careful saying things like that, lest I fall into the same hall-of-mirrors trap into which they have fallen.)

Here’s the diagram.



Maybe the best way to avoid it is to ignore it entirely.

UPDATE: Many thank to Glenn Reynolds for the link, and a warm welcome to all!

But hmm

While I did not touch on the beard issue, I think it’s fair to point out that I grew a beard years ago out of financial despair — in the hope of gleaning sympathy from my at-the-time bearded creditors. The tactic seemed to work, as they let me walk away from a rather large debt. (Whether my beard was hip, straight, gay, or a form of toxic masculinity, I do not know. I shaved it off as soon as I could, for it made me look too much like Charles Manson, and frightened little girls on the street….)


I think I’d prefer the smell of napalm in the morning…

WARNING: It has been pointed out that this post is Not Safe For Work.

I am the last person in need of a reminder that human tastes vary widely, but a woman named Kim Kardashian seems to prove the point. Some love her, some hate her. I never would have even heard of the woman, as I don’t follow popular culture, but it just so happens that yesterday a friend asked me to please photoshop the head of another celebrity I’d never heard of onto the naked body of Kim Kardashian.

I can’t say no to a simple request like that, so here was the result:


No big deal for me. I have no strong feelings about either celebrity.

But see, now that my mind has been polluted with the unwanted knowledge of the existence of the thoroughly useless Kardashian woman, I now find myself unable to ignore new insights about her when I stumble onto them — like this video of a Kim Kardashian coffee dispenser:

That there is no accounting for taste was additionally drummed into my head as I walked the dog early this morning. A man got out of a slick new BMW and opened (a bit ostentatiously, so it seemed) both front doors in such a way that the sidewalk was blocked, so I had to walk out into the street. Not a big deal until the man walked over to the street side as I was attempting to avoid him and his stupid car, and then I caught a whiff.

Horrible, disgusting, cloying, overpowering cologne!

Honestly, I gagged, and nearly threw up involuntarily. No exaggeration. I just couldn’t help myself. Perhaps it was just too early in the morning. Anyway, I thought about the philosophical implications as I walked the dog. Earlier I had picked up and bagged a rather stinky dog turd. That didn’t bother me any more than usual, and I say that as someone who sincerely hates excrement. But cologne, OTOH, is supposed to be something people want to smell! People pay a lot of money for it and they wear it to make themselves more attractive. Yet it nearly made me vomit. Go figure. I’ll never understand these things.

No idea whether the cologne-wearing BMW driver likes Kim Kardashian, but nothing would surprise me.


Al Capone Times 50

The “Al Capone” remark comes about 50 seconds in.


Obamacare’s Huge Political Advantage

It was based on lies.


Happy Veterans Day!

Today is Veterans Day, and while it has a long history, the important thing is to remember and honor those who served.

My dad was a World War II veteran, as were many of his friends, but unfortunately there are fewer and fewer of them around to thank.

My co-blogger is a veteran, however, and he is very much around.

So thank you, M. Simon.

And that goes for all other veterans.


Thou shalt not covet

Another day, another favorite Youtube video taken down (as usual, for “copyright” infringement).

Patent royalty claims are invading the 3d printing community.

I cannot shop online without later being spammed to death by Google ads offering me what I already bought, or decided NOT to buy.

Under the guise of protecting the environment, cities are conning rural land owners into selling their development rights to cities. The dishonest way the phrase “development rights” is misused is appalling. There is a conscious effort to make people think that a purchase of development rights means that the rights are extinguished, and the property is somehow “protected.”Why does it take a lawyer to understand that whoever owns the development rights has a right to develop the land, and that cities can — and will — develop it?

In 2010, when Ann Arbor bought development rights to pristine land known as the Nixon Farm, people naturally thought it was being “preserved.”

Now — a mere four years later — the city wants to build 1200 units on it:

Nearby residents still aren’t convinced.

“We’re going to be destroying a lot of natural areas, face it,” said Roger Kuhlman, who lives in the subdivision immediately west of Nixon Farm South.

“To me, that’s a pretty strange kind of environmentalism, to go out and add a lot of people to the city, destroy wetlands.”

Poor fools. They just don’t get that whoever has the development rights has the right to develop. The city of Ann Arbor is a huge developer, but more crooked, because it pretends to be just the opposite. Development is one thing, but development in the name of opposing development is positively Orwellian. As to why people continuing to fall for this nonsense, who knows? Where’s the Sierra Club? Why aren’t greenie weenies howling in protest? Are they being paid off?

But I digress from my rant.

MBAs scheme over how to get more money from consumers for ever-shoddier merchandise. The price of lightbulbs has risen from cents to many dollars, and the waste is now toxic (in the name of “the environment”). Portion sizes are deliberately decreased for the same product while the price remains the same or higher (in the name of “health.”)

I see continual attempts to pick my pocket by government and big business (as if that’s a distinction anymore) and of course complain about it all the time impotently.

This morning is no different, except I had an additional revelation so disturbingly obvious that it shouldn’t have warranted “revelation” status.

Everybody wants someone else’s money. 

The rest is just how to get it.

That’s pretty much it, although I realize there are exceptions, because there will always be saints, altruists, hermits, and principled kooks. But unless they are independently wealthy, even they will want money from somewhere. It is a hopeless human condition, and it has led to “entitlement” based schemes like socialism, welfare statism, communism, or the much devalued “work ethic” which posits that if you work hard enough, you will have “earned” the money others give to you. All are systems of morality which underlie man’s attempt to grapple with the problem of wanting other people’s money.

Naturally, whether you earned your money by hard work or had it extracted from others and then handed to you out of “entitlement,” whatever you get is never enough. And just as naturally, others will try to extract as much of it from you as they possibly can.

That’s the human playing field. No wonder the Communists killed so many people in their fruitless attempt to rejigger the game.


Where The Sun Don’t Shine

This is going to hurt: World’s largest solar plant applying for federal grant to pay off federal loan.

After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal grant to pay off their federal loan.


Ivanpah is the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. It was unveiled in February with great fanfare. Dr. Ernest Moniz, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, justified taxpayers’ investment at the time, saying, “We want to be technology leaders. It’s good for our economy and it’s also good for helping stimulate the global transition to low carbon.”

But since then the plant has not lived up to its clean energy promise. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the plant produced only about a quarter of the power it’s supposed to, a disappointing 254,263 megawatt-hours of electricity from January through August, not the million megawatt-hours it promised.

A NRG spokesman blamed the weather, saying the sun didn’t shine as often as years of studies predicted.

Really? So not only does it fry birds in mid air. It is not economically viable as an electricity producer.

From the article, the people asking for taxpayer money say “the money is there for the taking.” Well yes. And guess who gets took?

Update: This comment on the technical details is interesting.

A snippet from the comment:

…for the full 8 Months of operation, this plant has delivered only 254GWH of power from all three units.

That works out to a Capacity Factor of, umm, wait for it, 11.4%, which equates to 2 hours and 44 minutes a day averaged across that full 8 Months.

And it gets worse. The plant is shut down in the winter.