Wandering Hands?


Is Obama holding back Hillary’s wandering hand?


“She’s got this wonderful infectious laugh.”

So said Barack Obama about Hillary Clinton on a special video shown at the DNC tonight.

My dog Coco knows all about the infectious laugh.

When I posted on the subject eight years ago, I opined that Coco was bored by that laugh. (And horror of horrors, I used the “b” word.)

Now that I know she was infected, I stand corrected.


Clinton Cash Is Catching On

Breitbart reminds me that I haven’t been getting the links out.

A speaker at a massive Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally near the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia told the crowd on Wednesday to “watch the movie Clinton Cash.”

“It’s a movie. It’s about Hillary Clinton. And it’s free, they’re not even charging you to see the truth,” the speaker said to the crowd.

Not certain where those interested can watch the explosive documentary film, someone in the crowd yelled, “YouTube!”

“Watch the movie Clinton Cash” the Black Men for Bernie speaker said, adding, “the next time one of [Hillary Clinton’s] people run in your face, you say, ‘You need to check this out.”

“We need to start waking them up also,” the speaker said of Hillary Clinton supporters, “just like we’ve been woken up.

“That’s what we do. We teach.”

Well how about some links? You can go to the Breitbart link above. Or I have some of them here.

You can watch it on Breitbart.

Or you can watch it on YouTube.

I used a download link to get my copy. But I can’t seem to find it at the moment.


Knowing vs Knowing The Meaning Of

I was just thinking about something I know and suddenly the meaning of it became clear. I went from knowing to understanding. I think.

Humans are political animals. They are designed for small (10 to 150) group interaction. In this later day we have somewhat expanded the idea of “group” to people all over the world. Still. About 150 is the maximum personal interaction space (mostly).

So anyway. Given what we know today what sort of things should we see in politics? Well what do we know? Kids (15 – 25) come up with all kinds of wild ideas. Some of them are political. This is caused in part by a lack of knowledge combined with high endocannabinoid production. By age 30 endocannabinoid production has declined quite a bit. Fewer wild ideas and more concern for continuity. Plus they are likely raising families.

So we expect that the young will be the radicals and the old the conservatives. The youth party this year is running a decrepit old woman. The old folks home is running a vigorous old man. The old party will stick us with policies that have outlived their time. The young party will stick us with ideas that are neither well thought out or tested. And then you have thermodynamics.

A thermodynamic explanation of politics

Then there is this year, when the youth party is running a woman with no beliefs. She is only in it for the money.

Sometimes I get annoyed at my old party friends for not listening to reason. An error on my part. They are generally not built for it. In fact a consideration of alternate hypothesis is not a working skill most people cultivate. So why do I keep at it? There might be a few kids listening.


Clinton Will Get Burned


Massive denial

The Republican Party is so screwed.

The Democrats’ Hollywood-scripted convention is nothing more than a Trump bash fest. Little wonder.

That is all they need to do.

As I’ve said before, I think Trump is working for Hillary.

FWIW, I’m glad to be a libertarian.








Conventional Wisdom – Negative Bounce

Convention Bounce

It looks like Hillary is getting a negative bounce from the DNC (Do Not Care) convention. (The full size interactive image can be found here.) Not even Facebook’s censoring of the DNC e-mail scandal has helped.

And in other disaster news: Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash with police.

I expect to see stories in the next few days of Hillary Clinton in free fall. You heard it here first. The best part? Clinton does not need any new mistakes to sink her ship. The old ones will do quite nicely. Thank you very much.


Take A Load Off – The Weight

I had never heard this one before.

And This one never gets old.


Laboratory Equipment News?

I got this white paper solicitation in my e-mail from Laboratory Equipment News.

Evaluation of Evaporative Techniques in the Extraction and Preparation of Cannabis Oil

The times – they have changed.


For those with an interest: Laboratory Equipment News – main page


Half Empty

About 3 minutes

H/T Weasel Zippers

I wonder if Trump has a plan for attracting some of those folks?


Seen In Passing

The system isn’t broken. It is FIXED.



Bernie got booed by his own supporters.

Bernie got up there today and said that we need to defeat Donald Trump and we need to support Hillary Clinton, and his own delegation booed. It was one of the most insane moments I’ve ever seen. 1,900 people were booing Hillary Clinton and these were all delegates.

Evidently, no matter what the politicians want, this is not a party unity year.


Should She Be Reminding Bernie Voters?

Liz(ard) Warren reminded Democrats in her speech last night that the system is rigged.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, facing down a number of supporters who were upset that she decided to support Hillary Clinton, railed against a “rigged” system…

She also said:

“Bernie reminds us what Democrats fight for every day,” she started in what would be one of several attempts to unite a fractured party. “Thank you, Bernie.”

Thanks Liz for reminding the Bernie Bros about WikiLeaks Emails Prove Clinton, CNN & DNC Conspired to Sabotage Sanders’ Campaign while the wound is still fresh. It helps deepen the impression.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is in shambles at the start of the Democratic Convention which kicks off today in Philadelphia.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tendered her resignation on Sunday after a WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 hacked emails implicated her, the Hillary Clinton camp, and CNN in an illegal plot to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Wassermann Schultz was quickly hired to work for the Clinton campaign on Sunday.

Care to rub our noses in it Hillary? I’m beginning to believe that the Democrats don’t want Hillary to win. For various reasons. And it is looking more and more like even Hillary does not want to win if the payday for losing is big enough.


Lives Matter

Lives Matter

Shamelessly stolen from here.


This Is Starting To Look Like Nostalgia Week

Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane


Cop Lies – Hardly Anyone Notices

It is about the Sandra Bland case.

A former guard at the Waller County Jail told the attorney of Sandra Bland’s mother under oath that he falsified entries on a jail log, making it appear as though he had checked on Bland in the hour before she was found dead, when he had not.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, a source familiar with the state’s investigation of Bland’s death confirmed prosecutors were aware of the falsified records, but a Waller County grand jury decided not to indict anyone with the sheriff’s office.

Cannon Lambert, the attorney for Bland’s mother, said Rafael Zuniga, the former guard, told him he noted in the jail log that he saw Bland in her cell at 8:01 a.m., less than an hour before she was found hanged with a noose made from a plastic bag.

But according to the former guard’s new testimony, no one checked on Bland at that time, Lambert told the Chronicle. Zuniga said he had been given instruction to log future checks before they had been completed, according to the Chronicle’s report.

Orders were followed. Reports were made.


False Positives

A Colorado town has found THC it its water supply. The police suspect criminal activity.

This town on Colorado’s Eastern Plains warned its residents not to drink, bathe in or cook with its tap water on Thursday because officials said multiple preliminary tests of the water came back positive for THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.


Peter Perrone, who owns Wheat Ridge cannabis testing facility Gobi Analytical, said cannabinoids such as THC or CBD “are in no way soluble in water.”

“There is zero possibility that there’s anything like THC in the Hugo water,” Perrone said.


Some, like 90-year-old Maye Gene Lee, a former mayor of the town, were angry at the possibility that saboteurs may have struck the town’s water supply.

“If I could have gotten my hands on them, I would have taken care of them myself,” she said. “We shouldn’t have to worry about that. And if it happens out here in Hugo, Colo., it can happen any place.”

Well it turns out there were saboteurs all right.

And the saboteurs are the folks who started a panic over an unreliable field test.

Water in the town of Hugo is not contaminated with THC after all, state tests concluded Saturday morning.

The suspicion was first announced Thursday after county officials, using field test kits, got some positive tests results.

Saturday morning’s update from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said the initial test kit results are now believed to have been false positives.

Now what about ruining people’s whole lives (not just a few days) with false positives?

A field drug test is something that cops keep on them to test substances found in people’s vehicles or in their possession. A crumb found on the floor in your car, or powder in your pocket – any of that can be tested with a quick dip into one of these kits. On more than one occasion, these tests have gone wrong – indicating an illegal substance when none was present. This simple mistake has ruined lives.

In Amy Albritton’s case, she was on the road in Houston with her boyfriend at the time when they were pulled over by the cops. The officers suspected that drugs were in the car, and tested a white crumb on her floor. The field test indicated that the crumb was crack cocaine. Because the car belonged to Albritton, she ended up being charged as a felon.
False Positive Field Drug Test Means a Felony Charge

Albritton spent 21 days in jail, lost her job, and lost her apartment. It took years for her to rebuild her life, all with a felony conviction hanging over her head. She was turned away from job opportunities and places to live, all because of her record.


Years later, in 2014, Albritton got a letter in the mail telling her she was wrongfully convicted. They had re-tested her sample and it was negative – likely just a piece of food or lint that had made its way onto the floor of her car. In that district attorney’s office alone, 251 cases of incorrect evidence were found between 2004 and 2015 – all people who were named guilty but were actually innocent.
Wrongful Field Drug Tests Are Not Unusual

There are so many cases like hers that deserve more attention. Being labeled a felon has serious consequences that can affect a person’s work life, where they live, and how they are viewed by society. Additionally, it isn’t easy to reverse a wrongful felony conviction.

Ya. Know? Something should be done about this.

And just to make the intrusion complete we have 6 common substances that cause false positives in urine tests. They are:

Cold Remedies
Vitamin B Supplements
Poppy Seed Bagels – my favorite
Snack Bars
Tonic Water

A report from 2008. In USA Today.

The inexpensive test kits are used by virtually every police department in the country and by federal agents, including Customs officers at the nation’s borders. The kits test suspicious materials, and a positive result generally leads to an arrest and court date, pending more sophisticated tests done after the sample is sent to a lab.

The kits use powerful acids that react with the substance in a plastic pouch. If the liquid turns a certain color, it is a considered a positive result. But a number of legal products and plants test positive: chocolate for hashish; rosemary for marijuana; and natural soaps for the “date-rape drug” GHB.

The tests have no validity,” says former FBI narcotics investigator Frederick Whitehurst. And as more organic products come on the market, “the potential for civil rights violations when these presumptive tests are out there is phenomenal.”

Although police have been using the field test kits for decades, “there’s no regulation, no oversight that these drug tests perform in any way,” says Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps President David Bronner, whose products have tested positive for GHB.

With the growth of organic and natural foods and products, experts say arrests may increase.

Well we could always make the police carry a complete GCMS laboratory with them whenever they are out on drug patrol. Then make them videotape the procedure they use. That might put an end to the problem of people having potentially unauthorized chemicals in their possession.

Update: 24 July 2016 1915z

Man Mountain Molehill in a comment was discussing Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS). Which led me to make the following comment.

One thing I didn’t note: even GCMS is not perfect. The more different substances that are in a sample the greater the chance for error.

You actually need an expectation in order to find matches. This may be OK for an ethylene cracker. It is probably not OK for rug sweepings.

He also left a link to a corrupt crime lab story. About 34,000 cases corrupt.


I Have Decided To Take Ted Cruz’ Advice

I’m voting my conscience.

Trump ! 2016