The Humor Of Circuit Designers

Body Snatcher

It is a tad macabre. But perhaps it is the material he had to work with.


Moore fun?

From Reason:

I might find this funny if I didn’t think the man will be elected on Tuesday.

UPDATE: While few people know it, there is a libertarian alternative to Moore and Jones:

Republicans are frantically looking for a write-in candidate. They don’t need to bother. Libertarian Ron Bishop is already a write-in candidate, excluded from appearing by name on the ballot because of Alabama’s draconian ballot access laws. To retain ballot status, a party in Alabama must receive 20 percent of the vote in a statewide race. That results in an effective Republican/Democratic party duopoly. As a result, voters in Alabama are faced with two unpalatable choices and denied the alternative of a reasonable, sane, common-sense third choice unless they go to the trouble of writing it in themselves.

Writing Ron Bishop’s name on the ballot in Alabama is easy, but in order to do that people first need to know that he’s a Senate candidate who will represent them with fiscal sanity, social harmony, and peace.

On the issues, Bishop holds common-sense positions that are agreeable to Alabamians from across the political spectrum.

If I lived in Alabama, I would write in Ron Bishop.




The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away

If you try to be a good little citizen and comply with what the Law requires, you could find yourself royally screwed (pun intended unintentionally):

Honolulu residents who legally complied with requirements that they enter themselves in both registries have received threatening letters signed by officials including Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard. These letters read, in part:

“Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition. If you currently own or have any firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department or otherwise transfer ownership.”

Federal law restricts the possession of firearms by anybody who is an “unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance,” and marijuana remains a controlled substance according to the folks in D.C. That’s enough of an excuse for Honolulu police officials to try to disarm locals who’ve done their best to abide by state gun and marijuana laws.

But it’s not just a Hawaii problem. As Jacob Sullum previously noted, “Last year the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which includes Hawaii, upheld the ATF’s policy of banning gun sales to people who are known to have medical marijuana cards, even if they do not currently consume cannabis.” So putting your name on a medical marijuana registry anywhere has the potential to make it more difficult to legally buy a firearm.

It gets worse, although the conclusion is optimistic:

When officials set out to penalize people who try to abide by the rules, breaking the law may well be the safer choice.

It’s taken years of hard work for a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to create such a scenario in what was once a free country.

So what else is new?

(I only ask such a question because in theory I ought to be blogging about such things…)


Thanks to popular hysteria, a fringe loon will soon become a senator

Roy Moore is going to win the election, not in spite of alleged sex scandals, but because of them.

…the Democrats’ own sexual scandals have helped Moore. It’s not obvious they would. If the Democrats had condemned their own members promptly and forthrightly, when the evidence against them was compelling, then the party could stand on solid ground condemning Republicans. The cascade of scandals would highlight the seriousness of the problem and give Alabama voters a clear-cut opportunity to rebuke Moore’s alleged predatory behavior and, with it, the atrocious conduct of many others.

That’s not what Democratic congressional leaders did. Instead of standing on moral ground and condemning sexual misconduct, regardless of party, they dug a bunker to protect their own.

Color me unsurprised. Allegations of the man’s sexual misbehavior (which I consider largely irrelevant) have become the central, and only, only election issue — ensuring that there will be no serious discussion of the man’s atrociously bigoted views.

It’s such a blessing for the campaign that you’d almost think his campaign staffers dreamed it up themselves.

Moore, for his part, is blaming the accusations of sexual misconduct on the homos. Alabama voters will of course fall for the deception.

Hoping that he might rot in the hell he claims to believe in would be wishful thinking, just as it would be wishful thinking to see him having to actually debate and defend his position on the issues. Far from being an ordinary anti-gay bigot, the man actually believes “sodomy” is prohibited by the Declaration of Independence.

Too bad the people of Alabama will not understand that they’re electing an absolute loon.


I Have Been Busy

With nanoseconds and nanovolts and picoamps. And funny enough I’m doing chemistry. Potentiostat chemistry. In that regard the design shown here is excellent.

You can have a quick look at the schematic at this link.


“a crime against nature, an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it”

That’s what Roy Moore thinks about consensual homosexual conduct.

Normally, the nutcase views of such a ridiculous person would not matter. The problem is that this loon is running for the United States Senate, and he might very well be elected.

I hardly ever blog anymore, but not long ago I raised myself out of the dead blogger grave to oppose his candidacy, and now I feel obliged to do so again.

If he had his way, this man would put me and many of my friends in prison.

And yet, if I look at his latest problem, I am faced with a moral and intellectual challenge.

Emotional though I am about such things, I would not do to him what he would do to me.

Hardly a ringing defense, but I can’t stand hypocrisy, and I remember defending Rush Limbaugh against a gigantic tidal wave wanting to imprison him for his alleged “oxy” crimes. Even though Limbaugh would imprison people for doing what he did, I considered that irrelevant at the time, just as I do now.

Can I do less for Roy Moore?

Lest anyone think this is an endorsement, it is precisely the opposite. No one could be more opposed to Moore than I am. It’s just that I cannot oppose his candidacy by endorsing or buying into his way of thinking, or buy into the wave of anti-sex hysteria dominating the news these days.

I would do anything to help defeat Moore, and I hope he is left out to dry. But I would no more condemn him for his decades-old alleged sexual activities than I would if he were accused of taking drugs.

Assuming such a thing is possible, I want the hypocritical son of a bitch to lose “legitimately.”

No wonder I loathe politics.


Donna Brazile – Conspiracy Theorist?

Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed.


Bush Was In Dallas On 22 Nov. 1963

( About 20 minutes )

A LOT of speculation and a few facts. One of the facts is that Bush was in Dallas on 22 Nov. 1963. So at least one fact in this video is confirmed.

BTW Stone was 11 on 22 Nov. 1963. How could he get that wrong?

Here is the photo of Bush that is mentioned in the video. I got that photo from here. There are other places to find it.



Communist Economic Theory

There is none.


Endocannabinoid Deficiency as a Cause of Alzheimer’s

A report has come out that Endocannabinoid Deficiency is likely a cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. In America we spend $200 billion a year on the disease. If cannabis can help, a LOT of people will be looking for a paycheck elsewhere. That is bad for business. In the short term.

A-beta, a substance suspected as a prime culprit in Alzheimer’s disease, may start impairing learning and memory long before plaques form in the brain.

A new study led by investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine has implicated the blocking of endocannabinoids — signaling substances that are the brain’s internal versions of the psychoactive chemicals in marijuana and hashish — in the early pathology of Alzheimer’s disease.

No wonder there is still so much opposition among some politicians to legalizing cannabis. It means fewer campaign donations from certain sources.


TSA – Cannabis Is Legal

Well, well. This is a surprise. Trays for your belongings at the Ontario airport say Cannabis is legal.


This Bud Is For You

Check this one out at 25 seconds in.

( 30 seconds )

And this one celebrating the end of Prohibition.

( 30 seconds )

It makes you wonder what they might be selling in the future.

This “bud” is for you.


Not with my nerve endings you don’t!

Photo taken yesterday.



Unverified Reports

This site has an unverified report on the Las Vegas shooter’s accomplice. A little flavor is in order:

A key eyewitness in the Las Vegas mass shooting committed suicide and killed his daughter shortly after the FBI raided his home.

John Beilman was wanted by federal agents in connection to a communications device discovered in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at the Mandalay Bay.

The FBI had raided Beilman’s home one day before he shot his disabled daughter and then himself, according to sources close to the investigation.

Neon Nettle reports: Agents executed a search warrant and raided Beilman’s Williamsburg Drive home the day before he took his daughter, Nicole, into the backyard and shot her and then himself in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.

According to this report, upon the FBI searching the Mandalay Bay Hotel room used by CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, a cell phone charger was discovered that had no accompanying phone—with SVR technology experts noting that this type of charger is used to charge a CP502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 Non-rechargeable Thin Cell Battery used in various communication devices by both US Special Forces and CIA forces.

And that is not all. They also “report”.

The CIA, this report further notes, has long been known to eliminate witnesses to their “murder sacrifice” “false flag” operations—and that includes the hundreds of witnesses mysteriously killed following the 9/11 “Tower Sacrifice”, and the, likewise, hundreds of witnesses mysteriously dying following the “King Sacrifice” murder of President John F. Kennedy—and that London’s Sunday Times reported the “the odds against these witnesses being dead by February 1967, were one hundred thousand trillion to one.”

That fits in with my recent post This Is The Most Disturbing Video I Have Ever Watched.

You can find links to the various stories mentioned (including the London Sunday Times) at the first link noted above.

What do I think? Well, it is curious. If true. A more reputable news source The Democrat and Chronicle, part of the USA Today network, claims it is all bunk. So chalk it up to another conspiracy site weaving falsehood out of a series of links.

Oswald did it alone. Paddock was a lone gunman. You can take it to the bank.

Personally I wish I had real projects to do – like designing hardware and writing software. I’d really like to get my Flash-Light produced. If I was doing things like that I’d have a lot less time for all this conspiracy non-sense.


Halloween Seventeen!

Can you feel my pain?


Perhaps I should have listened to the Grateful Dead.

I don’t know. But at least it’s not yet time for me to turn into a pumpkin!



This Is The Most Disturbing Video I Have Ever Watched

First – the box that shows up asking for donations can be removed by clicking on the X in the upper right of the box.

Second – they are selling a “cure” I’m not buying. Essentially a “dictatorship of the proletariat” – i.e. a different set of goons in charge. Competing goons is the best way to limit the damage and also allow new ideas and methods of production to arise. We have all kinds of agencies designed to limit or eliminate competition. They need to be reduced or removed.

But on the disease they are essentially correct. The video is long. You can get the essence in the first 15 minutes. I watched the whole thing. And I do not normally like long videos.

( About 3 1/2 hours )

I thought I’d provide a coda – “War’s good business, so give your son….”

( About 4 minutes )


Witching Season




There Are A Few Questions That Need Answering

Don’t mind the intro. The video is mostly Tucker Carlson asking questions.

( About 5 1/2 minutes )

Update: 26 October 2017 1503z

A few more oddities are showing up. Yesterday it was reported that Paddock’s Laptop Hard Drive Missing. Today we learn Search For “SWAT Team Tactics” Found On Las Vegas Shooter’s Computer.



It Will Hit The Fan – Very Soon

It looks like the Clintons will soon be in a lot more trouble.

The FBI informant who helped the Justice Department secure a conviction against the top official from the US subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, but was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying about Russian efforts to bribe and extort their way into possession of North American uranium assets – a process which was cleared by both Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Robert Mueller’s FBI – has as of moments ago been cleared to testify, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday evening.

My wife, who reliably votes Democrat, couldn’t stand Hillary. She voted for Trump.

And now this.

I don’t think the mid-terms will be going as well as the Democrats had hoped. In fact it is likely the Republicans will gain seats. This would be rather unusual, since no President lives up to his election hype.

And of course there was this: “If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!” – Hillary Clinton


Mathematics Is Racist

Professor Claims Math, Algebra, And Geometry Promote “White Privilege”.

“On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness,” she argues with complete sincerity, according to Campus Reform.

“Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White.”

Isn’t she bringing up the question of race and IQ? I thought that topic was verboten.

And please note: averages tell you nothing about individuals. Unfortunately “average” is a mathematical concept.