All a recount can do is possibly detect errors/fraud in counting. The real election fraud is in the voter rolls. A recount will do nothing about that. Nor can a count detect it. Unless there are more votes than voters.

Whose President Is He?


Trump Says

Liberal And Conservative

Hardware guys (electronic and other) are conservative Software guys are liberal The reason? Software doesn’t have to conform to reality.

Marijuana Election Results

We know the election about three weeks ago was a great victory for anti-Prohibitionist forces. They got cannabis legalized for recreational use in four States. California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Maine was a win for marijuana too, but the votes are being recounted so it is not yet final. Arizona was a loss for recreational weed. […]

The Crisis

Well what is the crisis? For the tl;dw folks – assets don’t match liabilities. We are, in financial terms, underwater.

Election Night Meltdown

I have watched this about 1/2 way through. Very funny. If you like that sort of thing. I will be looking for others. About 26 minutes Van Jones calls the election a whitelash, when what happened is that Blacks and Hispanics didn’t vote for Clinton the way they voted for Obama. A commercial begins at […]

Has Anyone Noticed?

Has anyone (besides me) noticed a parallel between the politics of the 1930s and what we seem to be going through these days? I attribute it to being at the bottom of a Kondratieff cycle. I wrote about the economics of it in The INs vs The OUTs.

Well How About The Alt-Left?

Over at the Atlantic they are having the vapors over the alt-right. Isn’t it time we took a look at the alt-left? Well it really isn’t “alt”. It is mainstream. Let us have a look at a prime exemplar. Keith Ellison who is in the running for DNC Chair. Keith was a spokesman for the […]


Alt media is going nuts about something called Pizzagate. Posters over at 4Chan and Reddit have been conducting an extremely bizarre investigation following the John Podesta e-mail leak (Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman) and the results are surreal: They’ve apparently uncovered an elite child trafficking network which celebrates its tendencies using code words and disturbing artworks. […]

The mysterious moral sanctimony of non-voters

I keep noticing a puzzling phenomenon which is difficult to unscramble in logical terms. Many of the people who claim to be extremely outraged over the election — and who demonstrate in the streets — simply did not vote: More than 60% of the people arrested at recent anti-Trump demonstrations in Portland, Ore., didn’t vote in […]

The Nazis Are Coming

The right wing of the alt right held a post election conference and rally. Needless to say some people are appalled. I’m not. Suppressing a point of view does not eliminate it. It just organizes underground. And then pops up “full grown” when conditions are right. Call it the mushroom effect. My best hope from […]

This Is Quite A Rant

The ranting really gets going at about 10 minutes in. However, his discussion of the death of the MSM at about 8 minutes in is good. Presidential Election years should be an advertising bonanza for media companies. This year, in one of the hottest elections ever, it was not. Big Media is dead. Did Trump […]

On The Other Side

Eric linked to an article that I just read. But the best part for me is not the article it is this comment. Animal 11.20.16 @ 9:43AM No mention of the joys of bathing in the sweet, sweet tears of bawling proggies. My former business partner and still one of my best friends is an […]

Trump Presses The Press

Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’ says the NY Post. Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday, sources told The Post. “It was like a f–ing firing squad,” one source said of the encounter. “Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said ‘I hate […]

“The presidency is too small for her.”

Get ready folks, because sainthood — nay, Godhead! — is more powerful than the mere presidency. Hillary Clinton’s name belongs on ships, and airports, and tattoos. She deserves straight-up hagiographies and a sold-out Broadway show called RODHAM. Yes, this cultural canonization is going to come after the chronic, constant, nonstop “On the other hand” sexist […]

Because Science

Ya know. Maybe those people who denigrate evolution are not the worst such problem in the world.      

Chaos And Order

Styx has a new video posted discussing the magical aspects of Chaos and Order. The gods involved etc. Well I just had to leave him a reply (amended here by adding links): A good understanding of thermodynamics is helpful in parsing out this subject. We can actually measure chaos and order. It has a name. […]

Jeff Sessions – At Least 44% Of Americans Are Bad People

According to this survey 44% of Americans have smoked pot. According to this poll 60% of Americans want the plant legalized. Jeff Sessions our prospective next Attorney General has said ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’ Would that be the 44% who admit to using it? Or the 60% who want it legalized? Politically, I don’t […]

Bernie Wants To Work With Donald

As long as Donald is sticking it to corporate America. He is specifically against American jobs going to low wage countries. I’m going to address to him a little advice. Bernie, Why not focus on making America the low cost manufacturing place? The cost of government is an area where you can have a direct […]