The Next World War Has Just Been Announced

Obama has just promised “Peace In Our Time”.

If pleasure is as revolting as pain, more pursuit of happiness is needed

If studies show that what excites our desire – a naked body, a boiled lobster, a cigarette – are simultaneously what threatens to trigger our revulsion, then what are the implications to studies that show chronic grief activates pleasure areas of the brain?  

Fun In The Chicago Area

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The invocation of the spirit

On Facebook, Radley Balko earlier linked a news item with a headline I consider downright dirty-looking: Police Invoke the Spirit of Butt-Chugging to Try to Derail Wine in Grocery Stores I really could have done without that, OK? But it’s not just one news item. It’s one they want repeated everywhere, and CNN has joined […]

How cold can I get?

I hate this f**king weather! Winter is one thing, but there is something about waking up in the morning to see the temperature below zero that just takes whatever remaining wind I have out of my sails. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, yet I have to. My bones ache, and so […]

Shooting Lesson

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Cultural distractions ensure a stronger state!

When I read news stories, sometimes it’s not the news that fascinates me so much as unstated (and unexplored) subtexts lurking within. This morning Drudge linked a rather dismal-looking story about a new trend in Russia to have the government enforce “traditional values” (which I suppose means the KGB working in conjunction with the Orthodox […]

Something must be done! (And the DEA is asleep at the wheel!)

Did you know that there is a very powerful drug which causes hallucinations, bizarre behavior, and addiction, and yet is completely legal to buy and sell anywhere in the United States? You think this sounds too amazing to be true? Watch the following chilling documentary for yourself and get the facts about this deadly threat. […]

Worker Bees

The decline of bees in China is forcing workers to pollinate fruit trees by hand. The Bee (Api) News adds more to the story.

When they came for Budweiser, I wasn’t worried…

Back in November of 2008, a lot was going on. So much that the hostile foreign takeover of the American beer giant Anheuser-Busch didn’t get as much attention as maybe it should have. Sure, Bud lovers were outraged, but I wasn’t a Bud lover, so I didn’t really care. I was more worried about what […]

Gun Control. “Never mention it.”

I enjoyed this video: Early on, you’ll see the charmingly blurry tattoos on the arms of the proprietor, who is played by none other than R. Lee Ermey. Gun lovers and Second Amendment lovers will love the video, while gun haters and Second Amendment haters will doubtless hate it. Because after all, it “glorifies” […]

Heil Schieffer?

Bob Scheiffer is a devious old lefty who hides behind a carefully contrived Middle America ethos, and I have never trusted him. However, his latest remark comparing Americans who want to preserve their constitutional rights with Osama bin Laden and with Nazis is simply too much for me to stomach: …what happened in Newtown was […]

“positive presence in the broader cultural space”?

A conservative I am not. I often wish I had never heard the word. From the beginning of this silly blog, I keep lamely saying that the reason I vote for the right is not because I like the right, but because I hate the left more. Not all that big of a deal, because […]

If the Second Amendment is limited to muskets, then that applies to the government too!

“When that constitution was written, people had muskets.” Jon Stewart (quoted at Reason) thinks that is funny. Which I’m sure it was when he said it, because Jon Stewart is a master of comic delivery. But a lot of people (especially those who rely on Jon Stewart as their voice of common sense) might miss […]

Cult Induction

Via Samizdata I came across this Eric Raymond bit that almost ends with: “I just bailed out of an attempt to induct me into a cult”. Go read the whole thing (it is not too long) to find the punchline.

If Only There Was A Law

NRO is lamenting that with a good majority of Americans against abortion (58% is their number) that our law makers (at what level – State? Federal?) are not passing laws against abortion. Isn’t it just like political junkies to believe that laws will solve the problem. I suppose the thought of black markets never crosses […]

If it looks funny, is it?

A graphologist I am not. I don’t especially care about people’s handwriting, and I think people ought to be able to sign their names any way they want without being judged. However, appearances are appearances, and I am not 100% sure I really want this signature appearing on the nation’s currency: Via Glenn Reynolds, who […]

Why Aren’t These Flying Off The Shelves?

A lot is heard these days about guns flying off the shelves. As a backup I wonder why these aren’t flying off the shelves?

Stating The Obvious

A Seeking Alpha article on stagflation states the obvious: …given the uncertainty in the economic and political environment as well as an administration that hardly can be called business friendly… Mr. Obama’s idol FDR had similar problems. It wasn’t until he got into a war that he wanted to win that he changed his anti-business […]

Let them take aspirin!

A friend emailed me a link to an update about Mayor Bloomberg’s war on painkillers, with the following comment: Some people are addicted, so let’s limit everyone’s access! What an ass!!!!!! Liberalism WILL kill us. Yes, especially when it is bipartisan nanny state liberalism of the Bloomberg variety, because there is nowhere to turn. Bloomberg […]