All roads lead to Rockford!

M. Simon and I have been getting together at Rockford’s Irish Rose Saloon over the Thanksgiving holiday for so many years that it might as well be called the Official Classical Values Reunion. (I’d love to have Dave and Sarah join us, but it just so happens that I visit Rockford every Thanksgiving, and Simon […]

Truce or consequences?

After his return from the Restoration Weekend, during which “the leading conservative analysts and many political leaders present their views of what led to the disastrous defeat of Mitt Romney,” Ron Radosh opined, “We need a truce on divisive social issues.” Let us take opposition to gay marriage as the major example. Last week, gay […]

Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

The video here goes into the heroin smuggling connection. Osama was well known as a heroin smuggler. The al Qaeda terror group has embraced heroin trafficking to such an extent that its leader, Osama bin Laden, is now a “narco-terrorist,” says a U.S. congressman just back from a fact-finding mission in Pakistan and Afghanistan. “It […]

Only The DEA Can Approve Illegal Drug Importation

I was under the impression that the purpose of the DEA was to prevent Illegal Drug importation. Except when they lose a truckload. On purpose? A little study of N987SA might make things a little clearer. This may also help. In law enforcement recordings he can be heard talking with the frantic pilot in the […]


There is more to be thankful for than there appears to be. Right now I am thankful for my general good health, and for my friends. Politics does suck more than usual, but I can still be thankful that we have gridlock, and a country at least theoretically designed to be somewhat resistant to tampering. […]

More restrictions, from all directions

A friend who is in his 20s recently told me he was asked to show ID in order to be allowed to buy a video game at a Walmart store. I had never heard of anything like that before, and although I don’t buy video games, I decided to Google the question. Sure enough, Walmart […]

The Coming Of Cold

Watts Up With That? discusses the coming of a 30 year cooling period in our very near future. Over the last 10 years or so as new data have accumulated the general trend and likely future course of climate change has become reasonably clear. The earth is entering a cooling phase which is likely to […]


The image of some Palestinians on Motorcycles is all over the news. It was used to attract people to this story. But it was cropped. This is what was covered up:

Is Illinois Going To Pot?

Well not all the way. Just Medical Marijuana according to the link. Funny thing is that this is being done by the State Legislature since Illinois is not an Initiative State. You can find a summary of the Bill at Mother Earth Holistic Health. I’d also like to see a “Father Time Cop A Dime” […]

Libertarian Christian

Libertarian Christian chimes in on the moral bankruptcy of Christians these days. (I’m not the only one) And he does it from a point of view similar to mine. Which says to me that despite what some commenters think I’m not inherently anti-Christian. I’m against the misapplication of Christian morality. I keep growing in my […]

Morality at gunpoint isn’t

I was going to leave another comment to M. Simon’s post but I think that when one of his posts reminds me of one of mine (as well as something I just read in a great new novelette I’m reading), a new post is merited. Anyway, here’s M. Simon (seconded by excellent commenter Kathy Kinsley): I […]

Jews Are Going To Pot

The Reform Jews had a year of support for Medical Marijuana. I was searching for mention of it. It started in 2003. Funny thing is the Reform Jews have removed all mention of it from their site. No wonder I couldn’t find it. Any way I was looking for it to post some links at […]

The Competition Heats Up

Via The Volokh Conspiracy’s – The GOP’s Pot Problem I came across this bit from National Review – Taking Back the Joint. If the GOP is going to be competitive in 2016, it has to communicate to young people that intrusive federal government makes their lives worse. It has to communicate that it’s the party […]

But for the war on porn?

The war against classical values is older than most people  think. It dates back at least to the Renaissance era, when artists became enchanted with — and copied — ancient art. Giulio Romano and Marcantonio Raimondi met in Rome, where High Renaissance darling Raphael personally trained each one. Raphael’s sudden death in 1520 left star pupil Romano […]

Those Damned Libertarians Wouldn’t Eat Our Tasty Shit Sandwiches

Bill Quick often picks up on pieces I write. So I thought I’d return the favor. Aw. Those Damned Libertarians Wouldn’t Eat Our Tasty Shit Sandwiches. Generally the GOP offers its Libertarian wing nothing. This year they offered up a Prohibitionist who was also not a fiscal conservative. Less than nothing. The Libertarians got a […]

For some, bonding is not a temporary condition…

There’s a film made by Charlie Chaplin in 1918 that most people have not seen titled “A Dog’s Life.” A few stills: Even though I have not seen the film, I know dogs pretty well, especially the canine mind, and what I read about the star (“Mut” — an obvious canine genius who looks for the […]

Eighteen Members Of Congress

Eighteen members of Congress have asked the Federal Government to leave the States, Colorado and Washington, that have legalized marijuana alone. They are: Steve Cohen – Democrat Tennessee Jared Polis – Democrat Colorado Diana DeGette – Democrat Colorado Ed Perlmutter – Democrat Colorado Barney Frank – Democrat Massachusets Earl Blumenauer – Democrat Oregon Jerrold Nadler […]

Political Marketing

I can tell by the comments I have received that I am not getting through to some of you on how the Republicans can get more votes in national elections. So let me give it to you straight up. Stop attacking the people (and by extension their friends) you want to get votes from. Bad […]

Twinkie Insanity

I don’t know what is more despicable; union bosses taking down another American company or the petitioning President Obama to save Twinkies: A new White House petition wants President Obama to nationalize the “Twinkie industry,” saving the popular junk food from possible extinction. “We the undersigned, hereby request Barack Obama to immediately Nationalize the Twinkie […]


Ambassador Stevens – killed in Benghazi – was rumored to be smuggling arms to the Muslim Brotherhood. Yahoo news now admits that some of the rockets raining on Israel came from Libya. Just a few years ago, Palestinian rockets were limited to crude, homemade devices manufactured in Gaza. But in recent years, Hamas and other […]