I just turned on the news only to see major storm hysteria on both major news networks.

One week before the election.

I don’t mean to deny the serious nature of this hurricane. But consider the timing. This storm — which Fox just called “the Mega-Storm of 2012” –is shaping up to become the major issue of the next week, which means it cannot help but be on many people’s minds as they vote. Without getting into speculations about which candidate might be most helped or most hurt, for God’s sake, are there not more important issues which have been facing the country over the last four years, and which will face the country over the next four years? I hate to say “I told you so,” but I think it would be very ill-advised to allow an election to be decided by a storm.

The storm will go away. But the election issues remain.

MORE: This Drudge headline intrigued me:

‘People Are Going To Be Fighting In The Streets Over Gasoline, Food’…

Wanting to know more, I clicked the link. Sure enough, the CBS headline says this:

Resident Warns People Will Be ‘Fighting In The Streets’ For Gas, Food In Sandy Wake

The source is the owner of a bait and tackle shop, who is quoting an unnamed friend:

“I think this one’s going to do us in,” said Mark Palazzolo, who boarded up his bait-and-tackle shop in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., with the same wood he used in past storms, crossing out the names of Hurricanes Isaac and Irene and spray-painting “Sandy” next to them.

“I got a call from a friend of mine from Florida last night who said, ‘Mark, get out! If it’s not the storm, it’ll be the aftermath. People are going to be fighting in the streets over gasoline and food.’”

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney called off their campaign events at the very height of the presidential race, with just over a week to go before Election Day. And early voting was canceled Monday in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

OK, so let me get this straight. The opinion of an unnamed friend — in Florida — of the owner of a New Jersey bait and tackle shop is good for a CBS headline?

The Florida man might turn out to be right, but he might not. I just don’t see how such an opinion merits a headline. I think there is so much boy-crying-wolf going on that it is impossible whether or when there is a real emergency.

UPDATE: My thanks to Sarah Hoyt (blogging at Instapundit) for the link. “Four years, one storm” pretty much says it all.

A warm welcome to all. Comments welcome.

I am told that this storm is helping Barack Obama in the polls. CNN is running endless footage of flooded subways and the like which seem to cry out for government help. Might that be it?

Is the moral lesson supposed to be that the storm is a cry for more government?

Well, at least this storm struck New York. (We’ll see whether the next few days is enough time for the activists there to overplay their hand, and politicize the disaster…)

BOTTOM LINE: What has to be remembered is that this will be seen as a major political opportunity. A perfect distraction at a perfect time for the “never let a crisis go to waste” set.

MORE: “Research has shown that public distress after disasters and grim economic events can make voters select their leaders based on how they feel about life in the moment, more than what they know over time.

Any idea what makes people so fickle?