The Democrats have lately been flailing away at the damn abortion issue as if it is the most important issue facing ordinary voters. They continue to conflate abortion with contraception and then frame it as a “Republican war on women” — which (yeah, this is old) not only mis-characterizes the debate, but completely disregards the opinions of a very large number of women. Either the Democrats think women are not entitled to make up their own minds, or else they believe women who oppose abortion — along with women who believe the government should not force anti-contraception churches to pay for contraception —  are somehow “at war” with themselves, but too dumb to know it. Without going into the merits of abortion or contraception, I submit that nothing could be more dishonest or condescending. Whether it will work is another question. The Democrats in my area have a way of repeating these mantras so many times to each other and to anyone else that in their minds they have become established, unquestionable truths. Like “the Tea Party is racist.” Or “Republicans oppose Obama because he is black.”

Anyway, while the abortion debate may be many things, I don’t think it falls into the category of surprise, much less an October surprise. However, I have seen something over the horizon which might be.

From a high vantage point, I saw a huge, darkening wall of downright sinister-looking clouds towards the East. Not the sort I usually associate with Michigan. And while I hate to be superstitious, it struck me that something might be coming.

I went to a Michigan weather link and pulled up the “East Conus IR Loop,” which shows what is going on in the atmosphere.

Get a load of this:

To say that the above indicates some bad weather is headed for Michigan may be true, but it is a bit provincial, because that looming THING (Hurricane Sandy) is a huge storm — the brunt of which will be borne by most of the East Coast, and who knows where else?

This will sound crazy (because as we all know, weather is not politics, right?), but I feel forced to ask a question.

Might the storm become a factor in the election?

If so, how? Will Republicans be blamed? It certainly would not surprise me if they were. What I can’t predict is whether ordinary voters are dumb enough to fall for such idiocy. I hope they aren’t. I’d like to think that Americans have had enough of politicized weather.