Last week we saw the bizarre spectacle of the MSM focusing not on the riots around our embassies and the murder of a U.S. ambassador, but on Romney’s criticism of the Obama admin’s response to the riots — even as the admin itself made the same criticism of its own response.

This is how they are planning to hand the election to Obama: the MSM makes hay over Romney comments that are only “gaffes” to Democrats, then says “oh look, Romney’s not doing well.” It’s a perfect self-licking ice cream cone. Unfortunately, we have some not-so-shining lights on our team (ahem) that don’t understand this and so they say or write things that validate the MSM trope.

Meanwhile, the economy is bad news on top of bad news, Obama made a huge gaffe calling Egypt “not an ally,” and decided he had time to meet with Jay-Z but not Netanyahu, while Obama’s admin just got the U.S. ambassador to Libya killed by deliberately employing reduced security despite warnings, hauled away a guy whose only crime was making a bad video, apologized for the free speech of private citizens, walked back the apology, deleted tweets regarding the apology, tried to get YouTube to take down a video, told a pastor to stop offending Muslims, and was caught lying about how the ambassador was killed. Every single one of those things are objectively worse than all of Romney’s “gaffes” put together. There’s even an unexpectedly popular movie exploring Obama’s past, including (among other things) abandoning his brother to Third World poverty. Raise your hand if you think the media is ever going to start talking about Obama’s “weeks of bad news.”

That’s why we get these D+13, D+14, D+9 polls — not because anyone thinks the election will look like that (much more likely is something in the range of even to R+3), but because their false, badly leaking narrative desperately needs validation. Just remember these three things: Gallup has recorded a 38-point swing in enthusiasm (from D+26 to R+12) to the GOP since 2008, in swing states the Democrats have lost 800K registered partisans to 80K for the GOP, and the net favorable/unfavorable view of the parties has reached an all-time high of R+3 (down from D+25 in 2008).

Simple rule to interpret national polls: if Romney is winning independents, he is winning the election. This is still Mitt Romney’s election to lose, if conservatives and libertarians can just refrain from helping the MSM lose it for him.