Last night I looked at this scary chart, and I had trouble sleeping:
While it’s nice to see that Sarah Palin is number one, my concern is seeing that a man who has stated he wants Singapore-style drug law enforcement for the United States is in the position of being a serious contender for the presidency.
If Sarah Palin were to bow out, I think Gingrich would have it.
That’s because Romney and Huckabee tend to cancel each other out (which resulted in the McCain victory in the last primary). Moreover, as there has been collaboration between Gingrich and Huckabee in the past, Huckabee’s supporters would most likely be directed to Gingrich if Huckabee were to realize the inevitability of his defeat and drop out.
So, not only do I love Sarah Palin more than ever, I have to. She is the only thing standing between Newt Gingrich and the nomination.
I don’t like having to think about something unthinkable: whether I could pull the lever for Newt Gingrich. For President! Could I (if I absolutely had to) hold my nose and vote for him over Barack Obama? It’s such a toughie that despite serious misgivings I might consider voting for the Libertarian Party.
The Singapore (death penalty) solution aside, Newt Gingrich just plain irritates me. He irritates a lot of people, and he knows this but doesn’t think it matters:

Despite his fiery personality, Gingrich said he wasn’t worried that his comments would turn off moderate voters. At a time when the economy remains fragile, Americans want results and aren’t worried about personality, he said.
“I think likable is a word you have to think about a lot,” said Gingrich. “If people believe their country is in trouble, they want a captain of the lifeboat, they don’t want a fraternity brother.”

Not only does such talk epitomize the man’s arrogance, but I’m not sure I even agree with his lifeboat analogy. A “lifeboat” implies that the ship is going to sink, and if this country is sinking, I would like to stay and try to keep it afloat. I would not want to get into a lifeboat — much less one commanded by Newt Gingrich. For starters, unlike Gingrich, I don’t think the word “secular” is a synonymous with evil, or atheist, or that it indicates “a relentless anti-religious bias,” and I resent the way he demagogically conflates secular with socialism. Few things are as secular in nature as the United States Constitution, which protects all religions equally while favoring none. From the way Gingrich talks, he seems to believe not merely in putting God into government, but in religious favoritism.
There is certainly no love lost between Gingrich and Palin. In fact, there is a fierce Palin-Gingrich proxy war which led to the Gingrich backed candidate accusing the Palin candidate of being soft on homos!
No, seriously:

…Palin hasn’t taken any really big risks, until this last week, when she endorsed former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel. Within hours, this action created a surrogate showdown with Georgia’s own Newt Gingrich, who endorsed (in person, and in Georgia, not on Facebook) his former House colleague Nathan Deal. This could not have come as a great surprise to Palin, since Gingrich had already cut an ad for Deal and spoken warmly of him even as the Georgia gubernatorial race became extraordinarily bitter. But Handel was just too tempting an endorsee for Palin: like Haley, she’s cast herself as a “conservative reformer” taking on the corrupt “good ol’ boys” of Georgia politics, and was already rising in the polls towards a runoff spot.
Palin’s intervention clearly fired up the other candidates. With just days to go before the July 20 primary, Deal has gone after Handel with a clawhammer of an ad, scorching her for alleged former membership in the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay GOP group that’s about as popular among Georgia conservatives as an evening with Barack Obama.

Log cabin homo lover or not, Handel edged out Deal in the primary (33% to 24%), which means there will be a runoff election. On August 10.

Both have big names in their corners.
Deal had been a congressman from Gainesville and has the backing of former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Handel used to be secretary of state and her campaign has been buoyed by the backing of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Well, Georgia is Gingrich’s own state. If his candidate can’t beat Palin’s candidate, I’d say things are looking up, and maybe I won’t have to worry about the hypothetical doomsday scenario of pulling the Gingrich lever.
UPDATE: “Sic ‘im, Palinistas!