I haven’t been here for some time (over ten months ago, in fact), and I just checked in today to see a whole slew of posts with which I disagree. Among many other things, I think QAnon and its various conspiracy theories are a sickening load of crap, and I dislike seeing QAnon or its supporters being promoted here. I also think antivaxxers are full of crap, and I don’t want my name associated with any of them.

Why do I feel the need to say this? Because, fool that I am, I am unthinkingly still paying money each month to keep this stupid blog going, and because unfortunately I am the Administrator of it, that’s why. I’m a libertarian, not a conservative, not a Trump supporter, not a COVID-skeptic, not an anti-vaxxer, and certainly not one of those lunatics who thinks that the government is run by a bunch of Satanic pedophiles.

I don’t believe in censorship or policing, but the problem I face right now is simple. When people Google me, one of the first things they see is that I am ClassicalValues.com. People being the way they are, they naturally tend to think that the opinions expressed here are my own. Unless I wrote them, they are not.

While I don’t see why I need to say such an obvious thing, let me make it clear that I am in no way responsible for the thoughts or words of Simon, or anyone other than myself.

Got that?

MORE: To give just one example, I am so ashamed to see the discredited antivaxxer Simone Gold linked on this blog. I realize that M. Simon can say whatever he wants, but I wish he would not promote such supremely irresponsible crap here.

I would suggest watching this video instead:


MORE: And this fucking lunacy:

BREAKING: German Health Minister admits at the Davos World Economic Forum virtual meeting that they are not willing to stop their Corona-Terror until the entire world popolation’s DNA is mRNA modified and the Great Reset done!


Sorry, but life is too short for me to put up with this nonsense.

AND MORE: Even more astonishing for me was to see advanced here the false and ludicrous claim that there is no COVID-19 virus. 

Again, these are not my claims, but I want it to be completely clear that I do not promote such garbage. 

Nor do I want to be seen as promoting it by being the publisher of it. While many people would not understand, the fact is that I’m no more promoting the content here than a publisher of The Communist Manifesto is promoting Marxism.

BOTTOM LINE: If a post’s listed author is not “ERIC SCHEIE,” it was not written by me, and I am in no way responsible for the opinion(s) or content expressed.

This is the last post. Everything which has been previously written will remain as archives. (I’ve formally changed the type of hosting to archives only, to avoid additional hassle as well as to save money.)