Back in 2002, I started this libertarian-oriented blog in what I naively thought might be a way to counter bigotry, especially anti-gay religious bigotry emanating from  social conservatives on the right.

I’ve gotten tired of blogging, but the election of religious bigot extraordinaire Roy Moore is enough to awaken me from the grave — at least to eke out another pointless blog post. Pointless because I have learned that blog posts do not matter. Nothing is changed by them. People think what they think and do what they do. People who agree will agree, and people who disagree will disagree. Unless that is a turn-on, there really isn’t any point to it. In this case though, I guess the “point” involves personal pride; if I didn’t say anything about the victory of Roy Moore, I’d be better off just shutting down the blog and devoting more of my energy to doing what I have been doing.

So I have to say that I am vehemently, bitterly, opposed to Roy Moore.

And I have to ask, just what the hell is wrong with this country, anyway?

The man will be elected, and he’ll be the most bigoted member of the senate.

The problem is that while I hate the right wing as never before, I still hate the left more.

It is utterly depressing. Beyond words.

While I am not a supporter of Trump (and never have been), I do think it is fair to say that to his credit, Trump didn’t support Moore.

But now he probably will.

In which case fuck them all. (As if a little thing like that matters…)