If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s professional demonstrators. My antipathy goes back to the 1990s, when I was a target of their wrath. I know the mindset of these people and I understand their tactics so well that they trigger very unpleasant feelings of nostalgia. This week’s news has been dominated by the same people, using the same professional tactics, except unlike the old days they they no longer limit their targets to their ostensible enemies, such as police or public officials. They attack ordinary citizens, often for no other reason than being in their cars.

While the professional activists would never admit it publicly, ordinary citizens are in fact their enemy, for the simple fact that they are not out there in the streets supporting them. That they are in cars makes them even more worthy of hatred and scorn, for the activists are steeped in a neo-primitivist mindset which disdains modernity, progress, civilization, and of course the automobile.

So they attack. And ordinary people trying to drive home in their cars are of course much softer targets than armed police officers or National Guardsman.

What I particularly despise about this is that I don’t especially like driving, and I consider it an unpleasant activity. It makes me claustrophobic and I often feel trapped in this unnatural metal box, surrounded by other people in their unnatural metal boxes. For me, being stuck in traffic is absolutely the most unbearable aspect of modern life.

That there are people who would deliberately block traffic to draw attention to their causes is bad enough, but when they then attack drivers and their families, they cross a line which should never be crossed in a civilized society. They are despicable scum. Moreover, being attacked after your car has been roadblocked is worse than a home invasion burglary, because there is less that you can do. Self defense is fully justified, and I am in 100% sympathy with the remark that got Glenn Reynolds in trouble. I share his sentiment.

That won’t get me kicked off Twitter, as I don’t use it. Nor will I face a malevolent academic cadre howling for my job. But I suppose that if the activists get their way, in the future I could actually face discipline for saying or thinking thoughts that activists disagree with.

You think I’m kidding? Read this. (Did anyone think this could not happen here?)

Whoever you are, whether you’re at work, in your car, or even trying to study in a library, they will not leave you alone.