You Can Call Me Deplorable

A “Call Me…” song from another era. Hillary has called Trump supporters, “Deplorable”. That has just about made my vote for Trump inevitable.

The Next Drug Menace

The next Drug Menace is going to be sniffing chocolate. It turns out that raw cocoa is more potent than many of us considered. According to OZY, raw cocoa rushes endorphins into your bloodstream and relaxes your body with magnesium, plus it’s loaded with flavanols that increase blood circulation and stimulate brain power. Cocoa also […]

On The Fringes

In the polls for September 8th Libertarian Gary Johnson seems to be running at about 10% and Green Jill Stein is running at about 3%. That means that on the fringes limited government is more popular than socialism. This is encouraging. Until you think about those not part of the 10%. That would be 90%. […]

Police And Babies

We have a truly heart warming story of a police woman helping the babies and children of a couple who overdosed on an opiate. But we ought to remember some things. Without the police efforts drug users would be seeing doctors instead of the neighborhood dealers. But you know. Socialism. “There is no social problem […]