This is fanciful. I wonder if it can be translated to reality?

Attack On A SWAT Team

I also liked –> Trends in domestic intelligence

I saw the links on a report on the government’s desire for a backdoor for all encrypted communications. That backdoor would be easy to get around. There is lots of good crypto around for free. I’ll let you do your own research.

The way government works today is the control of many by the few. If the population gets sufficiently annoyed there are not enough of them. History shows there never are. The trouble for the controllers is that the USA is a nation of misfits. We are rebellious by nature. That is danger. It is also opportunity.

What is even worse for the powers is that Drug Prohibition has spawned a whole cadre of people who are familiar with elementary trade craft. Those people already have the right mindset in every respect. Some advanced training and they can be really good.