OK, I was going to ignore the latest round of recycling Ron Paul’s alleged racism (this all came up and was thoroughly discussed in the last election cycle), but this time there’s a new twist. Whether Ron Paul is in fact racist, homophobic, or anti-Israel, what galls me as a longtime libertarian is to see everything about Ron Paul being attributed to libertarians generally.

This sort of “analysis” is typical:

…Paulbots have been out on force at any blog that mentions them** to try and argue that the sky is green and thus Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement aren’t really racists.

Which of course “they” are, simply because Ron Paul “is.”

Sorry, but that won’t cut it. First, Ron Paul denies being a racist and a longtime staffer says he isn’t. And no matter what he thinks, the logic is appalling. It’s like claiming that if Rick Perry supports sodomy laws, and he’s a Republican, therefore all Republicans support sodomy laws (including yours truly). Libertarians being a minority, it is easy to paint them as kooks, but to say they all think alike is a huge mistake. In that respect, libertarians are like that old joke about how if you put three Jews in a room you’ll get five arguments. (I don’t know whether that’s anti-Semitic, but a Jewish friend told it to me, and I think it applies to libertarians.)

Anyway, I’ve been a libertarian for a long time and this reductio ad Ron Paul stinks so much that I thought it deserved a post.

After all, I was already roused enough to leave a comment at Ann Althouse’s blog, so the least I could do is say something here even though I am entertaining guests and out of time.