Ann Althouse has an interesting post about the Penn State protesters who are angry (rightfully, IMO) about the sacking of the venerated Joe Paterno following a media feeding frenzy. She notes that unlike the OWS and Wisconsin protests, “the Penn State protest instantly went into riot mode, with violence galore.” The chief targets of the protests?

The media! So, unlike the case of OWS, the cops have to DO SOMETHING!

But look at Penn State. The young people receive the news that their hero-coach got the boot, and they’re there in instant full riot mode. Why the difference? You might say it’s an outburst of pure emotion. What happened has already happened. There’s no policy to influence, no course of events to sway. There’s nothing left to do but howl. But look at that quote I put in the post title, and look at the way the attacks were directed at reporters. There does seem to be a message beyond inarticulate screams of rage and sorrow. It’s directed not at the government and not at the banks and the corporations, but at the media. The media was unfair. The media took a great man down. The protesters may be in a frenzy, but — taking that quote for all it’s worth — the media had its feeding frenzy on Joe Paterno and destroyed him overnight.

There’s a lot to think about here, but I want to highlight the anger at the media. Of all the things that are firing up protesters these days, it is the media that fired the most rage.

The media have destroyed a good man, one of the greatest foootball coaches in history,  (as well as a personal family friend) who never had anything resembling a fair hearing before them and was never convicted of anything. Plus, the man is in his mid-eighties.  All out of media speculation, uninformed popular surmise, and above all, hysteria.

Great work.