A Gringo In Mexico Gives Advice

Fred On Everything (FOE) has a most amusing post up and you should read the whole thing. The post is about the drug WAR generally and how to win it. He has lots of suggestions. I liked this one particularly. First the set up: I see that I may have to take over drug policy […]

Why I Like Johnson

H/T Libertarian Republican Eric says in the comments that you should check out this interview in GQ. Cross Posted at Power and Control

With The Lay

Worm and parcel with the lay. Turn and serve the other way. Mind your cuntlines. Rigging Cross Posted at Power and Control

Raising Cain in the race

Floridians are not alone in thinking that Herman Cain won the debate. Erick Erickson also thinks so, and so does Ed Morrissey, who says that by citing his own battle with colon and liver cancer, Cain delivered the most devastating (and best) argument against ObamaCare and government encroachment in health care. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TnP1xnx6d8&feature=player_embedded Who wouldn’t expect an […]

Democrat Prospects For 2012 Are Terrible

Eric left a link to this article on Facebook so I thought I’d give it a shot. The article is Left Behind: How Democrats Are Losing the Political Center. Most of you know the bad news about the Democrats so I’m not going to dwell on it (read the article if you want details). What […]

Veterans Need Our Help

First a little background on the source, Stars and Stripes newspaper. Stars and Stripes is a news source that operates from inside the United States Department of Defense but is editorially separate from it. The First Amendment protection which Stars and Stripes enjoys is safeguarded by Congress to whom an independent ombudsman, who serves the […]

Too close for comfort

“They’re telling you how to live and what to do, and they’re doing it right here in America.” So complains a smoker who has been told she can no longer smoke in her own home, in a piece titled “Should Smoking at Home Be Illegal?” I wrote a post on this not-especially-new subject the other […]

If it isn’t over, ain’t it too early?

I hate it when I like what someone I don’t like says something I like, but Newt Gingrich did so today: Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich said Friday that “it’s silly” to characterize the GOP race as a two-person affair, arguing that the contest remains “still a very, very wide open race.” “There have been no votes taken […]

Beaten For A Bulge

Who did the police beat? A Man With Downs Syndrome. “The family is very upset and really shocked, to be honest,” attorney Philip Gold said Wednesday. “They can’t believe that this could have happened, let alone to their their son who is an innocent, sweet individual with Down syndrome.” Gilberto Powell, 22, was stopped by […]

A Slow Down In The Chinese Economy

A Mark Farber video tells the story of the current economic situation. He says he expects the dollar to strengthen. Not because it is any good, but because all the rest are worse. Interesting headline: Shares slump on US, Chinese, German weakness A grim outlook for the US economy from the Federal Reserve and signs […]

Copper Crisis

First off – we are not running out of copper any time soon – what are we running out of? Economic headway. We all know the old saying: “Copper is the only commodity with a Ph.D. in economics”, or words to the effect. The ongoing price collapse of copper signals that the markets have collectively […]

Uncle Jack

The band is Spirit. Uncle Jack is the drummer.

Fear On The Right

I added a comment to Eric’s post Another day, another boring post on an irritating peripheral issue. I think it deserves a wider audience So here it is amended with some links added. ****************************************************************************** Part of a comment I made on another thread: I am going to pit brother against brother. Fathers against sons. Mothers […]

There Were No Street Gangs

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Citizens Opposing Prohibition Drug Policy Forum Of Texas Dark Alliance Drug War History “What is the biggest impediment to moving forward? It is the moral and ideological issue.” Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional & immoral domestic policy since slavery & Jim Crow

What Does It Get Us?

Commenter Frank is discussing a certain Republican candidate. I think it applies to almost all of them: I don’t care if the country goes to utter hell. I will never, under any circumstances vote for him. I am so sick of this shit of voting for the lesser of two evils. What does it get […]

The Most Destructive, Dysfunctional & Immoral Domestic Policy Since Slavery & Jim Crow

Retired Police Detective Howard Wooldridge says: Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional & immoral domestic policy since slavery & Jim Crow. He ought to know. Now you know. Cross Posted at Power and Control

He Can’t Even Kiss Without A Teleprompter

H/T No Quarter. I got the title from the comments there.

Look At Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

H/T Weasel Zippers

A Little Autumn Equinox Music

H/T Uppity Woman

Another day, another boring post on an irritating peripheral issue

A couple of commenters have complained that I devote too much time to the war on drugs. Maybe so. I am the first to admit that anything gets boring after a while. I often wonder which is more boring: to hear something I disagree with repeated endlessly or to hear something I agree with repeated […]