A Facebook “dislike” button is being called the most wanted product in 2011:

Recently Facebook added “Questions” to their impressive list of features for the popular social networking website, today we thought we would look at other features which could be added, it seems to us as though a dislike button is what people really want.

Over 3 million people have “Liked” the “Dislike Button” Facebook page, you can show your support for the new feature by liking this page, also you can read what people have to say on the matter in the page’s discussions section.

I like dislike, but I suspect Facebook dislikes dislike.

Not to sound negative, but I dislike their disliking of dislike.

All considerations of adolescent snittiness aside, there is a practical reason for a dislike button. Lots of times, I have been horrified by things enough to have wanted to share my horror on Facebook. But there’s something about clicking “Like” on a link to a story about a Swat Team brutalizing an innocent family and shooting their dog that rubs me the wrong way. “Share” or “Recommend” are OK, but seeing only “Like” as an option sucks. 

Dislike would be great, so I like this button.



Just don’t expect me to install one here!