eventually they ran out

As I have said before, I sometimes have a problem where it comes to blogging about bad news. This can lead to problems, such as avoiding depressing topics entirely. Or writing about topics some would consider frivolous, like the weather, or comparisons between medical marijuana and radiation tourism.  Another option is to find humor in […]

Radical Islam

I know you are not going to believe this but the above is an image of Radical Islam. Pretty radical for Islam isn’t it? Well at least it is very radical for her father. …the daughter of firebrand cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, Yasmin Fostok might be expected to share his fanatical beliefs. But the radical […]

Mideast Freedom: From Fever to Fervor

Via the itinerant Bill Ardolino, who spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan (and whose book will hopefully be out soon), Bill Kristol says give war a chance:  We’re at war. We need to succeed in that war. By all means, be generous with the constructive criticism. (For example, it seems ridiculous for the United States […]

Even in a down economy, high risk investment opportunities abound!

This morning I read about what might be a major new investment opportunity — with opportunities for growth poised to become bigger than Viagra: There is a noticeable aroma wafting around the medical marijuana industry. It’s the smell of money — with a strong hint of entrepreneurial opportunity. Medical marijuana is now a $1.7 billion […]

If we could save just 27,940 lives…. (that’s per year)

When I wake up in the morning, I tend to look at my clock. Not so much because I’m interested in the time (I have a pretty natural sense of what time it is), but because I want to know the outside temperature. Thanks to this Sharper Image time temperature clock which is still listed […]

the natural consequences of unnaturally forced choices

Via theblogprof, I found a Reason TV report titled “LA Food Police Ban Burger Joints: Is Your City Next?” I find it appalling that the forces of government are attempting to control our diets, but they are. I suspect that they imagine themselves to be on the side of “nature.” You know, natural foods? Eat […]

Ill Wind

That report is now about two days old. Since then there have been “developments”. That is an euphemism around here for MSHTF. M = more. I’m sure you can take it from there. Here is a good one: Reactor 3 containment feared breached. A suspected breach in the core of a reactor at the stricken […]

Level 6

The accident at Japan’s nuclear reactors officially just got worse. Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, crippled by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, has discharged more radiation than the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear plant in the United States, according to calculations by the central government. It has already reached a level 6 […]

Welcome To The Treadmill

*And yes, I feel pretty bad posting on this while half the world is in turmoil.  However, if I can’t get over this I’ll be in turmoil.  So indulge me for a couple/three posts, and then I’ll hopefully calm down enough to turn my attention to the more important but less personal issues.* Of course, […]

Taylor joins Ghandi

Speaking of things I’ve written about before, Democratic agent provocateur Fred Phelps is hardly at the top of my list of priorities. So when I read about the latest antics of his incestuous cult (a protest at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral), my reaction was sort of ho-hum. The Supreme Court has said they can do it, […]


Remember my story about Tokyo water being unfit for infants due to radioactivity? Evidently it is giving one Westerner in Japan crazy ideas. “It’s unfortunate, but the radiation is clearly being carried on the air from the Fukushima plant,” Yukio Edano, the chief cabinet secretary, said Wednesday. “Because it’s raining, it’s possible that a lot […]

Criticality Accident?

Things are getting better and better all the time when it comes to the Japanese Nuclear Reactors in Fukushima. Take this report from 19 March, 2011. — Reactor No. 4 – Under maintenance when quake struck, no fuel rods in reactor core, temperature in spent-fuel storage pool reached 84 C on Monday, fire Tuesday possibly […]

25,000 dead and counting

The news from Japan continues to be awful, and it will get worse: THE number of people confirmed dead or listed as missing in Japan surpassed 25,000 yesterday 12 days after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the country’s northeast coast. There are fears of a much higher toll from the disaster, which flattened entire […]

Who are the smug aristocrats?

Between the horrific earthquake and the reactor problems in Japan, and the operation against Gadhafi in Libya, the war of attrition in Madison, Wisconsin has been pushed off the front pages. (And off Drudge, off Memeorandum, and off almost everywhere else except gloating left-wing sites.) Shouldn’t that cause a collective sigh of relief? I mean, […]

The Money Matter

I hate it when it’s time to get resourceful. For all my innovation in writing, my interest in the new and the different, I crave security at a very deep level. Frankly, it’s a joke that someone with my need for security should be in a profession where the money comes slow and irregularly when […]

Uncontrolled Experiment Continues

And what is the nature of an uncontrolled experiment? They are commonly referred to as accidents. Things are heating up at the Fukushima Experimental Station. Here is the latest status of the experiment. Despite hopes of progress in the world’s worst nuclear crisis in a quarter of a century, triggered by an earthquake and tsunami […]

Should I defect from the Coulter-Monbiot evil nukular axis?

If you thought it was bad that the loony demonic Princess of the right Ann Coulter carried on about the joys of radiation, consider a tidbit from today’s news. George Monbiot, environmental wacko and leftist idiot extraordinaire, has come out in favor of nuclear power: Support for nuclear power has fallen among the British public […]

What Would He Say Pessimistically?

In another bout of sunshine and happiness or as some prefer, happy happy joy joy, an American propaganda nuclear “expert” says that Japan almost has its nuclear reactor problem under control. Meanwhile, officials with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission upgraded their assessment of the situation at the plant, saying it appeared the reactor cores at […]

Depressions and news come and go

Am I alone in thinking that the news these days just plain sucks? Seriously, I find myself wanting to take a break — not so much from blogging, but from having to read, subject myself to, and react to the relentless onslaught of bad news. It is dreadfully depressing, and I am not alone in […]

Reactor Leak

We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous. A famous Han Solo line from Star Wars. You can read the whole thing here. So what is going on with the reactors on Japan? As you would expect the news is that the situation […]