I don’t know whether I should still allow myself to rant on my blog, but earlier today I was driving on a fairly major through street, which is clearly marked “ONE WAY.” Not only does it have the requisite signs posted, but it is so obviously one way that only an absolute idiot would fail to recognize its nature. So, where it intersects with one of Ann Arbor’s biggest through streets, I happened to be driving through the intersection (going straight, on the one-way street) when an absolute idiot of a bicyclist was suddenly headed straight at me, forcing me to veer suddenly out of the way into the other lane (where fortunately, no one was). I looked at her in complete astonishment, and as she sailed right into the dangerous intersection without stopping she just smiled a goofy smile from the “safety” of her goofy helmeted head. She kept going in her “having her nice day” way — utterly and completely clueless that she was not only endangering other people, but endangering herself. You would have to know the area to understand how insane this was, and I do not just mean cluelessly going the wrong way on a one-way street. The street she crossed is one of those huge commuter highway type streets where the traffic is fast and furious — more fast and furious because if you miss a light you will sit there for what seems forever. Not the sort of street to be playing chicken on by running a stop sign. Actually, now that I think about it, there might not be a stop sign there. And why would there be? It’s a one way street going the other way! They don’t have stop signs facing the reverse direction, and it would be a bad idea if they did, for it might make people think that they were allowed to be traveling in that direction.

Anyway, she could have easily been killed and she didn’t have a clue. I’m a pretty good judge of people and the look on her face did not indicate a deliberate, risk-taking scofflaw type. I’d actually have more respect for a bicyclist like that, as they at least know what they are doing, and they don’t waste time doing it. 

And the more I thought it over, the more an evil thought crept into my mind. I actually have more respect for criminals than idiots, for at least the criminals generally know what they are doing. True, criminals should be locked up, but we’re talking respect here, not public policy.

I am unable to respect idiots, and I worry that there are more and more of them all the time. There are young people running around who have never been taught common sense, because neither their parents nor the schools have any to impart to them. Like that young bicyclist, they reach adulthood thinking the world is a safe place, and that no one would ever run into them.

I’m guessing that if she “thought” anything at all, she might have figured it’s the cars’ responsibility to get out of the way of bicycles.

All I can say is %$*&#!