Resist.Net [was Tea Party Patriots – which is incorrect ed.] – a social conservative group masquerading as a TEA Party organization – has a post up with the title: Justice Scalia: Founders Never Imagined Abortion “Rights”.
Well I have news for him: They never imagined Vagina Police modeled after the TSA either.
Well super. The gentleman who did the post, James N. Hall III, replied to my above comment with this gem:


I take it he is shouting mad about the subject. I hear ya dude.
Well needless to say. With an opening like that who could resist? Certainly not I. So I didn’t.

Well how could the government think of such a thing? It is what governments do. And you want to hand your daughter’s privates over to the government? I have a daughter and it scares the crap out of me.
Why not join me in supporting: Rockford Pro Life who want to fix the problem without government goons and TSA agents.
You know government is evil. A necessary evil. Still evil. And you want to hand over the most intimate parts of your female relatives to evil? Which is why I keep asking if you are insane?
It is very difficult to use evil to do good. It is certainly above my pay grade. You think the idiots in Washington could handle it?

And I then thought some more and added this bit:

I do see where you and I differ. I believe government is a necessary evil. You believe that government is or can be a force for good. As do liberals. I think of it as setting evil against evil. Better to not let either side get too strong lest they come for you. Which means tolerating some evil. Well the moschiach has not returned permanently, so for the time being we are stuck with it.
It is a fallen world my friend. We can make it better. But I’m unwilling to do the kind of evil necessary to make it perfect. I leave that job to the liberals.

The essence of the difference is “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Plenty. I guess I’m going to now have to admit my homosexual leanings sort of. I’m an engineer and I have been fucked in the ass more times by Murphy than I’d care to remember let alone recount. And I didn’t like it one bit. Like the government, Murphy doesn’t have the courtesy to use any lube. I take that back. Sand is the preferred lubricant. Coarse dry sand.
So when I see how things could go wrong my life experience has trained me to avoid the dangers. I have to weigh the evil vs the good and try to determine if there is a net benefit. And uppermost in my mind is “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Because I don’t like being Murphy’s (or government’s) bitch.
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