I have found that sometimes the best way to determine whether you’re really sick of something is to “take a break” from it. I haven’t written about politics for the last few days because I am so sick to death of it, and while you might think that taking a break from something you hate would make the hatred of it diminish, in my case it has the opposite effect. That’s because I get this hard–to-describe sense of almost being free. Of liberation, if you will. And then there’s that tugging sense of having to write something for the blog. I look at the news, and every day there are new events which simply trigger the same old hopelessly intractable arguments. Like there’s an oil spill. Big fucking deal. Shit happens, and the left tries to score political points which they will thanks to the MSM and organized activists. And of course there is the unending immigration debate. I’ve said what I think about that many times and I just don’t feel like talking about it right now. Fortunately, Sarah wrote a great post with which I wholeheartedly agree. I also liked this PJM piece by Gus Van Horn. And of course what Glenn Reynolds said. So that means I don’t really need to say anything about immigration, much less argue about immigration. And most readers know how I feel about environmentalism.
What I’d really like to take a break from is the feeling of obligation that always seems to be exacerbated by “taking a break.”