The Joys Of Air Travel

Megan McArdle is blogging about an air travel disaster she recently had. So I thought I’d have a few words about my favorite air travel experience: I remember Knoxville, TN, fondly. I got to sleep with over 50 women in one night. On the floor of the airport terminal. I did have the presence of […]

Leftist religious war gets dirtier and holier!

To tell the truth, I never gave much thought to the notion of whether Che Guevara met God. Even when I saw Glenn Reynolds’ link to Samizdata, I thought the whole thing must be someone’s idea of a sick joke. The title of the Times Article that Brian Micklethwait linked — “Where do you stand […]

What Classic Movie am I?

This test says I’m “Platoon.” What Classic Movie Are You?personality tests by I’m hoping this says more about the people who wrote the test than it does about me, because I didn’t like “Platoon” and I can’t stand Oliver Stone. Who wants to be a film you can’t stand? I found this test via […]

Another day, another image!

The following photo is so good that I thought that rather than update yesterday’s post on “imageism,” I’d put it in a new category by itself. It shows Desiree Farooz of Code Pink, having at it in her uniquely unhinged way. Who finds these people anyway? (And they said that Karl Rove retired!) MORE: Check […]

A Soldier’s Lament

This is a video done by my friend Karridine. It made me cry when I first heard it. Hope you like it. Here is a little about him and why he did the video. Karridine enlisted at age 17 to follow his father’s example and serve in Korea. After a year’s study at the DLI […]

Happy Birthday, Jeff Soyer!

I just learned about Jeff Soyer’s 53rd birthday — as well as Alphecca’s 5th Blogiversary! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! And congratulations on five years of awesome Second Amendment blogging. Jeff helped give me a much needed start when Classical Values began in earnest, as he honored me when I was a complete unknown by agreeing to […]


Most people are familiar with this picture: And this famous picture of the napalmed girl in Vietnam: A burning child is certainly not a pleasant thing to contemplate (neither is a romanticized murderer), and I remember that the picture caused great distress when it first appeared in print. But was it an indictment of the […]

But who are they? Part II

After nearly zero sleep (I was awakened at least a dozen times, and I’ve yet to master the art of incremental sleeping), I’m not feeling terribly original, nor are my fingers cooperating by creating what my brain cannot. It would be nice if they could, though… But I found something worth quoting. In a discussion […]

The Stalinists Have Won

Gateway Pundit has pictures up that show the protests against Islamic Fascism Awareness Week in Bezerkeley, California. As per usual there is a guy dressed up as a Gitmo prisoner. Gitmo guy talked about his fascist government here in the United States. He believes we should take care of the fascist government here at home […]

Every Thing Has Changed – I No Longer Recognize The Place

Reigning cats and dogs

Late last night (when I probably should have been in bed), I wrote a post about Hillary Clinton’s cat, and as I tried to explain, cats are not my area of expertise. Nor am I into catfighting. However, I do think it’s interesting that the term “cat fight” is usually used for as code language […]

Getting a grip without retractable claws

Much as I should have left the hell alone my last post about Ellen DeGeneres’s dog rescue issues, I didn’t. Instead, I reiterated my point in an update by making a Hillary Clinton/Ellen DeGeneres comparison: Via Glenn Reynolds, I read that when she got Socks, the White House cat, Hillary Clinton “lectured readers” that pets […]

Malibu Burning

Malibu burning? Maybe the little people will get access to the beaches for a while. H/T Instapundit Cross Posted at Power and Control

So Insensitive

Gateway Pundit posted the below picture of raging grannies protesting IslamoFascism Awareness Week. Shouldn’t they be in burkas or something? How can they be so insensitive? Michelle Malkin also has a round-up.

President Who?

In a post titled “Resistance is futile: You will be (mis)informed,” Michael Yon laments the awful cognitive disconnect “between what most Americans seem to think is happening in Iraq versus what is really happening in Iraq”: …it wasn’t until I spent that week back in the States that I realized how bad things have gotten. […]

Progressively dimming?

The neural circuits of most people tend to get gradually dimmer over time, and as they dim, the memories tend to fade along with them. Some people’s dim more than others; I noticed that Senator Bob Kerrey stated recently that an important conversation he had with the president of the United States was now “lost […]

When disagreement becomes infringement

The misuse of copyright law to defeat free speech is getting out of hand. I made a wisecrack about it in an earlier post, as my attempt to produce an obvious political parody of Che Guevara’s widely disseminated image has now been rebuffed by two different t-shirt designers claiming that even making fun of the […]

Krugman Gets It

Economist Paul Krugman gets it. The ascendancy of modern conservatism is “an almost embarrassingly simple story,” he says, and race is the key. Yep. I think that perfectly explains Republican Bobby Jindal’s win in Louisiana. Krugman is a genius. H/T Instapundit Cross Posted at Power and Control

Jindal Wins in Louisiana

It looks like the voters in Louisiana know who caused the Katrina mess in that state even if the left in the rest of America still blames Bush. The Associated Press reports: BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — In his second bid for governor, Republican U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal strongly led a field of 12 candidates […]

The number one issue

When I read that Sam Brownback had dropped out of the race, my immediate reaction was that this would be good news for Mitt Romney. In light of Brownback’s comments yesterday, I’m wondering whether he dropped out specifically to help Romney: The Kansas senator did acknowledge, however, that he is convinced the Republican Party will […]