Right now, Puff is sleeping comfortably.
He doesn’t know it, but he’s waiting for the end, which will come shortly.
An hour later….
The vet (who was nice enough to make a house call) arrived, and I took Puff outside for the last time. I put his bed on the front porch, and he lied down comfortably. The vet gave him a tranquilizer by intramuscular injection, and very quickly he went to sleep with a relieved look on his face. (He had a seizure last night and he hasn’t been sleeping well at night, so I can understand his relief.)
Once he was completely out, the torniquet went around his front leg, the needle went in the vein, and almost as soon as the pink solution started flowing in, Puff breathed his last. Very, very peaceful.
I requested the sedative because when I put Puff’s grandmother to sleep she hadn’t been pre-sedated and got the “big one” right away without warning. This gave her time to give me a look of shock and disbelief (I’m probably anthropomorphizing, but that’s how it looked) before she died. That didn’t happen with Puff, and I am so relieved. To anyone who has to go through this, I highly recommend pre-sedation before the final, fatal shot.
Rest in peace, Puff!
Here’s the last picture I took of him:


But I think this one (taken in Berkeley in January) is a better reminder of Puff’s last few months:

He was a great dog, and I really miss him.
(I’m afraid I’m only beginning to miss him, too.)