Covering up appearances with comical sincerity!

It’s Online Test Day at Classical Values, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Life consists of unfair choices, where right choices are wrong, and wrong choices are right, where appearances are everything — even though they’re never what they seem — and where coverups rule! (Appearances beget coverups, which beget appearances!) The first test promised […]


I experienced a bit of a shock yesterday when I was away from home and was forced to use an institutional computer — which had its Internet content “filtered” by “SonicWALL Integrated Content Filtering.” Their stated goal is to help organizations: ….increase productivity and reduce legal and privacy risks by automatically enforcing acceptable use policies […]

No behind left behind!

I was appalled this morning to see that the “Breathalyzer in every car” bill has passed the New Mexico House of Representatives. Every car will have to be equipped with this Orwellian technology. Blow before you start in our new national kindergarten. What do these control freaks think they are doing? Presiding over a nation […]

Disgusted by hate….

The hate debate goes on! (As you can see in the comments to my Instalanched post, I have taken some flak for Steven Malcolm Anderson’s comment.) According to Mike S. Adams (also linked by Glenn Reynolds) a student was recently raked over the coals and basically censored for having stated that he found homosexuality to […]

The Carnival and the Bonfire

The 74th Carnival of the Vanities is up at Four Right Wing Wackos. Excellent posts, all — but I feel obligated to point out that I too “battle the tides of falsehood and deception in THE CULTURE WARS!” Unfortunately however, the post I submitted seems to have escaped the attention of this week’s hosts. But […]

My blogfather returns! (as Kerry trembles….)

My blogfather is back! And he’s mad as hell at John Kerry! If John Kerry becomes president, it is the end of the Second Amendment and probably most of the rest of the Bill of Rights. Heck, he’s been endorsed by the Brady Bunch and the Million Mom March! I gotta’ tell you this also, […]

Temporary relief?

Arthur Silber linked to this brief filed by the City of San Francisco in opposition to a conservative organization’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order. For reader convenience (I know everyone hates pdf files!) here’s a text “translation” of the pertinent language: The availability of preliminary injunctive relief depends on two interrelated factors. First, “[ […]

Silence is as dead as the closet!

A post and a news item I saw today reminded me of my previous post in which I asked why it is that some people consider open discussion of homosexuality to be worse than homosexuality itself. Why haven’t I heard that or similar arguments expressed in the context of the priest scandal facing the Catholic […]

More Moore? (Reflections on the “President’s Day Massacre.”)

Roy Moore and Gavin Newsom as two peas in a pod? As goes the goose, so goes the gander? Glenn Reynolds observes: It’s not civil disobedience when it’s done by someone who controls the machinery of government — it’s usurpation, even when it’s in a cause I agree with. While I tend to agree, it […]

Today’s new word!

As the tired-but-true expression goes, “You learn something every day.” Today, perusing the comments to a post by Jeff Jarvis, (linked twice by Glenn Reynolds) I learned about a new word:”Misandry.” Sinister Sisterhood After years of brain-wash girls become only too eager to believe in female oppression and assume their mission of countering alleged injustices […]

Twelve year old stalker?

I am having a fascinating time with calls from what sounds like a twelve or thirteen year old boy who calls my cell phone from untraceable numbers. He leaves angry messages of a sexual nature, and just the other day asked me whether I prefer bananas or apples. (I told him that the answer is […]

Excellent email from a reader

I don’t usually put email from readers in my blog, but this was such a good one it seemed appropriate. The writer (who wants to remain anonymous) sent me this in response to an email exchange I had with a commenter named “Chuck” at Bill Quick’s excellent blog, Daily Pundit. Here’s the entire reply: Chuck, […]

If you don’t think it’s a sin, you’re worse than the sinners!

This letter sent by a Christian fundamentalist to Andrew Sullivan raises an issue which has plagued me for years. I really enjoyed listening to you on Boston’s NPR tonight. After listening to the Christian Coalition spokesman tonight, I write in what I suppose is a defense of Evangelicals — we’re not all like that. I’m […]

Aim true in love!

Today is not quite Valentine’s Day, but it’s Friday the Thirteenth (and Online Test Day at Classical Values) I’m, well, FEELING LUCKY! This first test — “What Gun Are You? — gave me a result I can more than live with, a good kick! (Guns and Valentine’s Day are an old tradition, of course….) What […]

Slice, dice, and winnow!

So it’s Hillary all along, eh? One of the reasons that makes so much sense is that it does not surprise me at all. Nor does the fact that Lanny Davis (link via Glenn Reynolds) has come to the defense…. Skullduggery at high levels once again. UPDATE: It also begins to explain why Wesley Clark […]

BBC sets the record straight on Gaddafi’s sincere reforms!

It’s tough to know how to interpret a story like this one — but the BBC thinks that Muammar Gaddafi’s feelings — and his “sincere” reform, are more laudable and creditworthy than attempts by the mean United States to punish him while he tried to be good! Why Gaddafi gave up WMD By George Joffe […]

No self censorship!

For the first time in my short life as a blogger, I gave serious thought to deleting a post. Because that goes completely against my grain, I decided to leave it. Let me explain. Yesterday I was so outraged over the “Abolish Incidents of Marriage Amendment” (which is what it should properly be called), that […]

Is it time to BOYCOTT MARRIAGE yet?

What does the Federal Marriage Amendment say? According to this website, the original language restricted marriage to opposite sex couples: “Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution nor the constitution of any state under state or federal law shall be construed to […]

Required Reading!

Carnival of the Vanities is up at On the Third Hand. Great posts (my proposal on how to end the Drug War is one of them). I was especially taken by Josh Cohen’s scientific analysis of the Kerry stampede, too. Read ’em all!

Hanoi Jane, meet Tehran John?

I just received the following email from BLOG-IRAN: Dear Bloggers and Talk Radio Hosts: Look at these articles and others that will surely come out. Then be sure to pay close attention to those who contribute money to the Kerry campaign. There are lobbyists (PRO-Islamic Regime) in the US putting tons of money in his […]