Police these days have no problem breaking down doors, shooting dogs, killing difficult patients who don’t want to go to the hospital, and generally behaving like criminal gangs, but if this story is any indication of what happens when the chips are down, in life-threatening emergencies they couldn’t care less: A man who was brutally stabbed […]

Go to the hospital or we will kill you!

A 95 year old man who lived in a nursing home was fatally shot with a bean bag gun when he resisted efforts by the police to take him to the hospital: The Cook County medical examiner’s office said that the cause of death of John Warna was hemoperitoneum – bleeding in the stomach area […]

“Law and order” in a lawless police state

I read about police abuses almost every day now. The latest SWAT Team outrage involved holding small children at gunpoint during a home invasion — all in retaliation over their father having quarreled with a drunken off-duty cop at a veterans lodge. The officers threw to the floor, kicked and handcuffed Georgeia, her stepfather and […]

Uncivil War

The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS A disgusted Black man boldly confronts the dysfunctional and criminal subculture (along with their apologists) that exists within the African-American community. This race-realist endeavor exposes many inconvenient truths and will certainly become a catalyst for candid conversation. Flooded with statistics, headlines, pictures and other evidence, this book is not […]

America Is The Greatest Country In The World

Not Safe For Work Which fits right in with Eric’s “Unbelievable Courage” triggers unbelievably pointless and futile argument. Not to mention that some of us (and Eric is Definitely included) are working on the incarceration problem. H/T Zero Hedge

“Unbelievable Courage” triggers unbelievably pointless and futile argument

Against my better judgment, I was silly enough earlier to get involved in a Facebook discussion arose over a Western tourist’s unfurling of the now-banned Rainbow flag in Russia.  Some background: It’s illegal in Russia to have “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in public places. That basically means you can’t show any support for LGBTQIA […]

Those libertarian loonies are messing with traditional protests!

The things I stumble across on the Internet! Sheesh. This morning while engaged in perfectly innocent news reading, I found myself irritated by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle which called a Bohemian Grove protester (they are all paranoid nutcases, IMHO) a “libertarian”: A clash between self-described hippies and libertarians has thrown the traditional […]

Were You Aware?

Test your knowledge of the Zimmerman incident. Not to be confused with the Zimmerman Telegram. Take this quiz.

Long Shots

Yeah. I have been kinda absent. Busy. Incredibly busy. I hardly have time to read blogs let alone write one. So what am I doing? Well it involves electronics. And it is a long shot. Several long shots in fact. Which brings up something I was just reading by following an old link suggested by […]

Was Zimmerman gay-bashed?

Let us suppose that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman because he assumed (based on the prompting of his friend Rachel Jeantel) that Zimmerman was following him because he wanted to have sex with him. While I have no way of knowing whether Jeantel’s testimony is true, if it is, then isn’t the question of whether Zimmerman […]

Don’t worry! Our broken government will “fix” itself!

In what he calls bad news for libertarians (which it certainly is), Reason‘s Nick Gillespie points to a very depressing study which confirms a painfully awful truth. The less faith people have in government, the bigger government grows.  Which brings us to the 2010 paper “Regulation and Distrust,” written by Philippe Aghion, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc, and […]

Another day, another warrantless Gestapo raid

Here’s what happened to a perfectly innocent woman who came home from work to prepare what she thought was going to be a romantic dinner: After leaving her operating room scrub nurse duties at Sarasota’s Doctors Hospital on Wednesday, Louise Goldsberry went to her Hidden Lake Village apartment. Her boyfriend came over, and after dinner […]

Perfectly useless

I don’t know why, but I like this useless machine and I would love to own one: Watching something like that would calm my nerves. (Watching the propeller second hand on my airplane clock actually helps me get to sleep.) And as I have a couple of old printers that I’ve been too lazy […]

The bankers did it!

As everyone knows, it is now official that Detroit is bankrupt. Reading this demagogic editorial in today’s Detroit Free Press convinces me that the city’s leading newspaper is also bankrupt. Intellectually bankrupt, and hopelessly so. There’s no comparison between retirees — many of whom live in the city and are familiar with its troubles — […]

What was once privileged and confidential is now “federal data”

I’m beginning to think that those of us who thought Obamacare was a debate over socialized medicine were suckers. Including me. It’s becoming more and more clear that those who were worried — as I was and still am — about socialized medicine, the quality of health care, health insurance regulation, even the loss of […]

Detroit, then and now

An email from a friend asked “Is this the real Detroit?” To which I replied in the negative. But unfortunately, this is the real Detroit: And check out the Packard Plant.

But It Is The Law

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A Link Between Autism and Cannabinoids

I have a new post up at Rockford For Safe Access discussing the scientific and anecdotal evidence about the relationship between autism and the body’s endocannabinoid system. It includes a number of videos about treating autistic children with cannabis. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Just Looking At The Evidence

H/T realitycheck

We Are The New Slaves

“We are the new slaves” some one was complaining in a comment thread discussing the latest attack by the DOJ on George Zimmerman. Well, I HAD to respond: We were always the slaves of some one. What is different is that you more or less liked your old masters. The new masters are intolerable – […]