The Mr. and the Mrs. will both be Missed!

I knew this was coming, but I hated to see it just the same. Kim du Toit and his wife Connie (aka The Mrs.) have stopped blogging. Both are friends, and Connie has been a regular commenter here for years. Glenn Reynolds says, simply (about Kim), He’ll be missed. He sure will. And I’ll miss […]

Love and Truth

I’m neglecting everything right now, simply because of the things I’m neglecting! Tough to explain, but I haven’t had much time. However, I wanted to thank the commenters to this post for offering advice on how to salvage old VHS tapes — expecially “guy on internet” who advised me not to screw around with dedicated […]

War On The Border

The Drug War in Mexico as chronicled by Newsweek is starting to cross the US border. Late one night in January, an ambulance escorted by five unmarked squad cars pulled up to Thomason Hospital in El Paso, Texas. Out leaped more than a dozen armed federal agents to protect the patient–Fernando Lozano Sandoval, a commander […]

Let Us Try The Conservative Solution

I have pretty much shown in a number of posts that government involvement in marriage, in making drugs illegal, and in running schools were the innovations of radicals. Those solutions to the problems they addressed don’t seem to be working well. So why don’t we do the conservative thing and go back to the old […]

Getting A Daily Dose

The Swiss are giving in to the junkies. GENEVA (AP) – Dr. Daniele Zullino keeps glass bottles full of white powder in a safe in a locked room of his office. Patients show up each day to receive their treatment in small doses handed through a small window. Then they gather around a table to […]

Success In Mexico

Mexico is having some success in fighting the drug traffickers that are causing so much trouble for Mexicans and their government. President Felipe Calderon and his government defended their fight against public corruption and drug trafficking Friday, asking for greater powers to go after organized crime. They conceded that most Mexicans feel unsafe and that […]

The Racial Fear Card

Fifty Percent of the violent crimes committed in the districts occupied by Mexicans, Greeks, Turks, Phillipinos, Spaniards, Latin Americans, and Negroes may be traced to the use of marijuana. – Harry Anslinger head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. And that is just one thing you can learn from watching this video. Part 2 Part […]

Drunken sex, and imbalanced power imbalances

In light of yesterday’s post about drunken sex being treated as rape, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see that the woman charged with having sex in a Minnesota men’s room is now turning up the volume on the victim claim: MINNEAPOLIS – While police say a high-profile indecent conduct case in the Minneapolis […]

A Mutiny At Cawnpore

Sgt. Mom writes about some history she learned in her travels in the English countryside and its implications for the current troubles in Mumbai. Not for the faint of heart or those with delicate sensibilities. But not much that has gone on in India the last few days is. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Archaeologists Find Old Pot

Well this is a very different kind of pot for archaeologists. What they found was a marijuana stash. OTTAWA – Researchers say they have located the world’s oldest stash of marijuana, in a tomb in a remote part of China. The cache of cannabis is about 2,700 years old and was clearly “cultivated for psychoactive […]

The Immoral Nation

There has been a lot of back and forth at the places I post (Classical Values and Power and Control) about America becoming an immoral nation. So I have to asks a question of my readers and especially those commenting on my various posts. What can make America the moral nation that so many seem […]

Sex in the men’s room — it isn’t just for gays anymore!
(And drunken sex is mutual rape!)

A few days ago I wrote a post about sex in men’s rooms, and among the issues I discussed were whether or not some of the men who have sex in restrooms are “straight.” (I don’t think they are entirely straight, although I do think many of them are bisexuals who lead heterosexual lives but […]

Four prongs?

As the Mumbai attacks have made crystal clear, the situation in Pakistan sucks. Big Time. If you have the slightest doubt about this, Bridget Johnson details why in a must-read piece that Glenn Reynolds linked earlier: As the smoke clears and the body count grows in Mumbai, in one of the most brazen and chilling […]

A Positronic Brain?

Researchers at a Hewlet Packard Laboratory have combined computer logic with at type of controllable variable resistor into a neural network that may in time be dense enough to mimic a human brain. Also at the symposium, Snider unveiled a design that used memristors in their analog mode as synapses in a neural computing architecture. […]

Not So Long Ago

Time Magazine chronicles the anti-gay movement in Florida led by Anita Briant. The year is 1977. In the heat of the campaign, emotions have got out of hand. A gay worker was hospitalized after a beating; others have received crank calls. Urges a bumper sticker: KILL A QUEER FOR CHRIST. After receiving many telephone threats, […]

Saving found art

I’ll be gone most of the day, so I thought I’d leave a little more “natural” art. First, another photograph of the purely natural art that’s been staring at me: And here’s some rodent art, which was carefully preserved inside a pet hobbyist book. Finally, some VHS tapes from the late 80s and early 90s. […]

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving!

In light of my earlier post about terrorist attacks on Westerners in Mumbai, the idea of wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving feels a bit surreal. However (via Glenn Reynolds), as Roger L. Simon explains, even in light of these horrific events, there is a way to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in an appropriate context: The brutal […]

Don’t renege. Reframe!

I keep reading and hearing that Barack Obama is thinking of reneging on his campaign pledge to close Gitmo, and the issue came up in this often wry PJTV discussion between Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin. In light of the horrific events still unfolding in Mumbai, coupled with recently discovered plans to launch a terrorist […]

Pedal To The Metal

Stagflation, Stagflation, my banker doesn’t have near enough information. The printing presses are running over time and yet folks don’t want to spend one thin dime. Stagflation, stagflation, I think it will wind up ruining the nation. Pass the Bill will Ya Hill?

WorldNetDaily versus the State of Hawaii

Speaking of WorldNetDaily, the place has become almost a full time Birth Certificate Truther site. This morning I counted no less than eleven articles devoted to the subject at their front page. The crux of the matter is the claim that the Hawaiian birth certificate — which the state asserts is a legitimate record, and […]