They Elected To Receive

I caught just a hint of this picture in the video at Get Some and thought it deserved a closer inspection. Taken from: American Partisan where you can see an even larger version. A history of the picture. It dates from 21 Sept 2001.

Testing my limits

A comment Glenn Reynolds made the other day reminded me that everyone has their limit: Bill Quick begs to differ. Hey, for everybody there’s a point at which they’d rather take their marbles and go home. For me it would be Huckabee. For some Democrats it was Gore in 2000 and they voted Nader instead. […]

Get Some

The opening music is not my favorite. It gets better towards the end, for a while. Lyrics in parts NSFW. The video is just excellent. A nice rejoinder to the Bezerkeleyites.

Where Marines are unwelcome (but Communists are welcome)

Via Glenn Reynolds, another horrible (thought not unsurprising) story about more anti-military bigotry — this time from Berkeley: …The Berkeley City Council [] voted 8-1 Tuesday night to tell the U.S. Marines that its Shattuck Avenue recruiting station “is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited […]

Keeping Score

My Pet Jawa has a report up on the cyber war between the Taliban and the Jawas. To: Taliban Shura Council CC: Propaganda Dept.; Cyberwarfare; Planning; BCC: Adil ‘Murchal’ Watanmal; Qari Muhammad ‘Ahmadi’ Yussuf; Zabihullah Mujahid From: Rusty Shackleford, The Jawa Report, & Sandcrawler Crew Date: 01/25/2008 Subject: Cyberattack Failure Nice try. Your cyberattacks are […]

Forgive me if I hold my gangrenous nose once more…

I keep taking flak for saying that I’m willing to hold my nose and vote for McCain, even though that’s hardly an endorsement of the man. I admit, I like his position on Iraq, and national defense. As to McCain-Feingold, I don’t think I could count the number of angry, even rabid posts I wrote […]

War is not the issue?

Iraq. That’s what I woke up thinking about today. McCain seems to be the only candidate who’s really comfortable talking about it. Hell, he seems to almost want to talk about it. And while it was a a tad disingenuous the way he spun Romney’s timetable talk last night, I think McCain did have a […]

Issues of control

A larger question than whether Romney or McCain did a better job at tonight’s debate is whether we should elect a president who “Says She Can Control Her Husband.” Now, I don’t mean to sound sexist, but how would it look if a man running for president promised to control his wife?

The two man race. (Um plus Huckabee and Paul)

Some “two man race” this turned out to be! I just turned on CNN to watch the debate, and what do I see? Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul, that’s who. I hope I have the patience for this. I wouldn’t mind so much if everyone hadn’t been screaming that the race had finally been narrowed […]

Al Qaeda In Iraq

The US Military has put out a slide show about Al Qaeda In Iraq [pdf]. The first few slides are innocuous enough. After that it gets pretty graphic. Pictures of wounds on torture victims. Mass graves. And other such vileness. After looking at the presentation it is no wonder the Iraqis hate Al Qaeda and […]

“McCain talking points”

I’m sick of hearing the phrase, but I have a feeling it’s only going to get louder and shriller in the next few weeks. No I don’t mean the talking points themselves (whatever they are). I’m not a McCain supporter, although I would certainly vote for him over Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Rather, I […]

Bubba does Florida GOP?

Thank God that Stephen Green is drunkblogging tonight’s results! Having spent the entire day with MCLE courses, I’m just not up to doing anything resembling serious blogging tonight. Anyway, via Glenn Reynolds, Stephen is going at it, and I couldn’t help notice what he said about Bubba: …just in case you thought I hadn’t noticed, […]

No lawyer left behind!

Blogging is going to be lighter than usual for the next few days, as I have to complete my 25 hours of mandatory Continuing Legal Education. Wow. I see that I have been blogging so long that this is the second time my continuing education has interfered with my blogging. Hearing about recent legal developments […]

Be a victim! Or else!

Bruce Bawer looks at the Islamization of Europe and sees the rise of gay bashing by Muslim youths as a barometer: As the number of Muslims in Europe grows, and as the proportion of those Muslims who were born and bred in Europe also grows, many Muslim men are more inclined to see Europe as […]

Rhetorical question of the day

Are parents and taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars being used in ways that ensure the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost? Asked at Phi Beta Cons. (Via Glenn Reynolds.) It’s undignified to answer rhetorical questions.

The enemy of my enemy is my outreach

John McCain has expressed opposition to gays serving in the military, and he appears to have given considerable thought to the subject: In an April 16 letter to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, McCain said, “I believe polarization of personnel and breakdown of unit effectiveness is too high a price to pay for well-intentioned but […]

A new first?

I’m having conceptual difficulty analyzing Toni Morrison’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president, but whatever: ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison — who famously declared Bill Clinton to be the nation’s “first black president” — is endorsing Barack Obama for president today, an Obama campaign source tells ABC News. This comes […]

a reinjiggerating peekaboo

What am I to do when I see a headline that says “WILL HILL CHILL BILL?” Here’s the story-in-brief: Hillary’s campaign will try to ‘shift former President Bill Clinton back into positive, supportive-spouse role’ he played before her loss in Iowa… Developing… And as if that isn’t bad enough, there’s now legitimate speculation which can […]

Stretch Them To The Breaking Point

Stretch them to the breaking point and then increase the pressure. Collapse will follow. In the early days of the siege of Richmond, Lee admitted that if Grant had been able to bring one or two more brigades to bear he would have been crushed as he had no reserves left. It appears that this […]

“Make your dog an eager eater!”

Of Purina Dog Chow, of course — as seen on “Leave it to Beaver”: As I’ve kvetched, the number one reason I hate television is that I cannot stand commercials. They do not fit in at all with the programming. Far from it; they’re as invasive as a SWAT team serving a no-knock warrant, and […]