Surprise in South Carolina?

I can’t believe it, but I’m watching the returns trickle in, and Obama is winning by a much larger margin than I expected. As of right now, with 56% of the vote in, Obama is ahead 54% to Hillary’s 27%. And Bill is red faced and ranting in a Missouri speech — as if he’s […]

Arms are man’s best friend! (You can hug them too.)

No this is not a satire post about gun huggers, or a proposal for a bumpersticker showing a man hugging an AK-47 captioned “ARMS ARE FOR HUGGING!” Much as I’d love to have time for such gun-lovin’ antics, this post is an attempt to examine something I’ve been thinking about for some time and finally […]


No, I am not talking about a struggle involving physicians in the Republican Party; I’m talking about the McCain Republican third rail phenomenon which is being called McCain Derangement Syndrome. While I supported Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani before that (and I guess I would have to be considered a Giuliani supporter as long as […]

Nutter in legal wonderland

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, whose fresh approach seemed like a welcome change from the corruption-riddled administration of John Street, is not off to a great start if his plan to enforce illegal and unconstitutional laws is any indication: Nutter: Enforce Phila.’s gun laws The mayor is setting up a legal showdown with the state Supreme […]

They Cancel Out

Unfortunately John McCain got Time’s endorsement. Fortunately he did get the New York Time’s endorsement. I say they cancel out. McCain. More at Gateway Pundit Cross Posted at Power and Control

The Enemy Of Little Pigs

This song is brought to you by the enemies of The Three Little Pigs. HT Instapundit

When repugnance competes, competition is repugnant!

Harvard Economics professor Alvin Roth has a thought-provoking paper titled “Repugnance as a Constraint on Markets” (that’s an SSRN download; PDF file here). He begins with a look at California’s horse meat laws, which forbid the sale of horse meat as human food despite the lack of any legitimate public health concern, and there’s extended […]

This is rich

Well maybe not as rich as Marc Rich, but rich nonetheless. Drudge posts this picture of the Clintons with Tony Rezko. That’s of course the same guy that Hillary (during Monday night’s debate) accused Obama of representing while she was busy fighting wicked Republican ideas. Maybe she needs to revise her accusation: I was fighting […]

A Shout Is As Good As A Whisper

It looks like Romney is getting some help in the debate in Florida. It is too bad he didn’t ask the audience for a clue. What we need in the “debates” is more audience participation. You know. To make it more real.

Slick Willie’s long march back

A lot of people are discussing the way the Clintons have deliberately, slyly injected race into the campaign: DILLON, S.C. (AP) – He’s not on the ballot but Bill Clinton seemed to dominate the South Carolina presidential campaign, disparaging Barack Obama and journalists and predicting that many voters will be guided mainly by gender and […]

The Proud – The Few – The Marines

This is going around. I got it from Gateway Pundit who has more.

The great tag team two-on-one championship!

William Greider is a leftie journalist who writes for The Nation, and he recalls vintage Clinton tactics in a piece titled “Slick Willie Rides Again.” While they’re not yet back in the White House, their tactics are already make him “queasy”: The recent roughing-up of Barack Obama was in the trademark style of the Clinton […]

“Gender.” If it ain’t fixed, let’s break it!

I’m having a serious logical problem, and I hate it when this happens, because I get stuck, and the frustrated little wheels inside my mind go in circles, spinning around and around like a broken hard drive. There’s a fairly new law in California, SB 777, which adds “sexual orientation” and “gender” to classes protected […]

“Support the troops” (If only we could make them disappear!)

Via Glenn Reynolds, Donald Sensing highlights the latest chapter in moronic anti-military bigotry in San Francisco (aptly described as “San Francisco: the Few, the Proud, the Morons.”), in which the Marine Corps was denied permission to film a commercial depicting Marines in San Francisco, thus forcing the filmmakers to superimpose Marines into the film later. […]

Taking sexism seriously

That title was easy enough to write, but it looks sexist. Of course, would also have appeared sexist had the title been “Not taking sexism seriously…” Forgive the irony, but I often feel I can’t win, whether I try to be serious or try to be humorous. Anyway, in a column titled “Sexism is candidate […]

There went the best

It hurts to read that Fred Thompson dropped out of the race. After South Carolina, I knew it was inevitable, but it just plain hurts. FWIW, I favored his candidacy back in March, and I was defending him when people were making fun of him because I thought he could be a great president. Those […]

The guy who wasn’t in last night’s debate (but might as well have been….)

I’m talking about Bill Clinton, of course. He might as well have been in last night’s debate. Really and truly, it’s almost as if he was there. Anyway, even if he wasn’t there, his strategic emotion certainly was: …while large swaths of the American opinion elite suffer from Clinton fatigue, the Democratic primary electorate does […]

Hillary the Cruel does Obama the Kind

I was up late with last night’s debate, and my full report is now posted at Pajamas Media. This was my third debate report for PJM, and I am very grateful to them for thinking highly enough of my stuff to invite me to join the fun. And I do mean fun (even if it […]

Flailing Each Other With Ovaries And Melanin

The title is a paraphrase of an astute comment at Althouse HT Instapundit

Clinton machine stifles dissent?

In a remarkable speech delivered yesterday at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta (Martin Luther King’s church), Barack Obama called for unity, and while he did not single out identity politics by name, his attacks on divisiveness speak for themselves: For most of this country’s history, we in the African-American community have been at the […]