HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Especially for prudes….)

I never get any trick-or-treaters, but I always carve a jack-o-lantern anyway. Here’s this year’s: I can’t help notice that there have been a lot of complaints about girls wearing slutty outfits like these, but because no one ever comes to the house, I have no way of evaluating slutty costume statistics. For some background, […]

Forgotten threats from forgotten anonymous commenters

Dennis Perrin is one of those guys who isn’t content merely to disagree with what people say. He has to make things up and put words in their mouth. Accordingly, in his latest attack on Little Green Footballs, Perrin wasn’t content with disagreeing or even name calling; he had to smear LGF (by putting anonymous […]

mothers against move on!

You may call it “nonsense” if you like,’ she said, ` but I’ve heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary. — The Red Queen In yet another example of how the copyright and trademark laws are being used to interfere with free speech, the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving […]

“Invincible” Hillary has bad night in Philadelphia

Last night, I stayed up till all hours writing my first ever Pajamas Media column. I have to say, I didn’t expect sparks to fly in the Democratic presidential debate, but fly they did — with Obama and Edwards and Dodds really zeroing in, and Hillary looking every bit the waffling, finger-to-the-wind political hack that […]

Blog Radio

I am going to be on the radio. Blog Radio. Always On Watch has invited me and Karridine to discuss I Wanna Go Home and to talk about our give away of 1,000 Free Copies on blog radio. You can tune in here and listen live and call in at 19:00 GMT (12:00 Pacific Std. […]

Sex scandal, but which sex?

A sex scandal being deliberately kept under wraps by the news media? Involving a Democratic candidate? Anyway, it appears that something is brewing. Glenn linked both of the above, but I can’t find any news reports with real dirt or names. Here’s what Ron Rosenbaum said: So I was down in DC this past weekend […]

moral collision course?

A story in today’s Inquirer illustrates a strange and disturbing irony, and it’s the second one of it’s kind to make the local news. I speculated about the line between animal hoarding and animal rescue in an earlier post about a Philadelphia school teacher/author/animal “rescuer” whose house had been rendered uninhabitable by a huge number […]

Some costumes are so scary they cross the line!

The major news story involving the presidential race today seems to be which candidate would make the scariest choice for a Halloween costume. Hillary Clinton is winning: Once again, Hillary Rodham Clinton leads in a poll. This time, she was top choice when people were asked which major 2008 presidential candidate would make the scariest […]

It’s Official

Defence News has a story up on the death of Dr. Robert Bussard in which they state that the US Navy has put up nearly $2 million to continue the research on the Bussard Reactor. Robert Bussard, inventor of a promising method for producing energy from nuclear fusion, died Oct. 6. He was 79. Bussard […]

Who’s really trying to politicize the military?

The linchpin of a republic under civilian rule — as well as faith in the armed services by a cross-section of Americans — is an apolitical military. So declares self-styled constitutional scholar Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald has an earlier post here in which he makes the same argument. In the traditional, World War II sense, “apolitical” […]

Round Pegs In Round Holes

Suppose you have a machine that depends for its proper operation on wooden pegs in wooden holes. Say that it has been traditional, if wooden pegs were not available, that brass pegs were an accepted substitute. Now suppose the government outlawed the use of brass pegs and decreed that if you didn’t have wooden pegs […]

Conflating Islamofascism

Does opposing Islamofascism mean being anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and racist? Yesterday I was reading Pat Buchanan’s latest WND tirade against Giuliani: Pro-abortion, anti-gun, again and again he strutted up Fifth Avenue in the June Gay Pride parade and turned the Big Apple into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. While Ward Connerly goes state to […]

But blogging is real journalism!

That’s a scary thought. And it’s a narrative I try to keep in the closet, because I never agreed to become a journalist, and I have maintained — often vehemently — that I am not one. However, blogger Michael Costello (linked by Glenn Reynolds yesterday for saying “If The Fu Hsits”) discovered that as a […]

common ground on a heated issue

I don’t see why people are having such a hard time over the connection between global warming and arson, but they are, along the usual predictable political fault lines. While the California fires were still raging, the Democrats were quick to spot the cause as global warming. But then, when it turned out that the […]

Cowardly new world

More red light camera news (involving prohibitorily expensive but “mistaken” filing fees to contest the tickets) via a link from Glenn Reynolds, who provided plenty of evidence last year as to why these things do not work. The red light cameras, while they have increased revenue, have not stopped carnage in Philadelphia. (Probably because people […]

when murderers are heroes

According to today’s Inquirer report, Dillon Cossey (the overweight bullied kid I posted about before) has confessed to plotting a Columbine style attack: A troubled 14-year-old admitted yesterday to plotting a detailed, Columbine-style assault on Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor said Dillon Cossey confessed he planned to use chains to […]

Muslims Against Sharia

I had a post up at Classical Values called So Insensitive. Nothing unusual. I do lots of posts at Classical Values. What was special was a commenter who signed himself Muslims Against Sharia. He provided a link to (what else?) Muslims Against Sharia. So let us see what they have to say about Islamo Fascism […]

But only a kook would refuse to show ID!

Glenn Reynolds links a very thoughtful piece by Melanie Scarborough which brought back old memories for me. Apparently, Washington DC police are blocking off streets when they feel like it and then demanding ID from people who simply want to walk from place to place. Ms. Scarborough asks some good questions: Which statute requires law-abiding […]

Stifling my radical libertarian conservative Goldwater liberalism

I have never thought of myself as a “conservative,” although a lot of people who know me think I am conservative. I realize that’s not much of an insight. In fact, it looks like an outright waffle. So, in the hope of further self analysis (and in the hope of making this discussion as entertaining […]

1,000 Free Copies

The author of I Wanna Go Home, Karridine, has authorized me to give away 1,000 free copies of the song to our men and women in the military for personal use only. However, recipients of a free copy can let anybody listen to it if they want. Members of the military can put it on […]