Dropping off….

The 39th Bonfire of the Vanities is hosted by Founder, Kevin Aylward, who reports that “the scheduled host dropped off the face of the earth.” The earth is a hell of a thing off of which to drop, but I admire Kevin’s diligence, because I love the idea of a blog roast, and I try […]

Let a thousand daisies bloom!

(and a thousand petals of thought contend!) A “daisy chain” of links can be seen at InstaPundit, where Glenn Reynolds offers non-judgmental coverage of a real puzzle: Senator Kerry and the mysterious dangling daisy which has appeared in a number of places and blogs. While there is some controversy over the genuineness of at least […]

Those who forget history….

Does anyone remember a place called Afghanistan? Christopher Hitchens does, noting that Richard Clarke, in his haste to call Bush hasty, would have us overlook the fact that the first thing Bush did was not to invade Iraq, but Afghanistan: To listen to Clarke now, you could almost imagine that the invasion of Afghanistan and […]

April Fools came early this year!

The Carnival of the Vanities is hosted by Eric Berlin, and it’s already up! It’s posted right now for April Fool’s Day, and foolishly, I missed the deadline by seven hours, so I thought I’d link to it early. What really should be an April Fools joke (but which isn’t, unfortunately) is United States v. […]

Straight from liberty to hell

Hello to fascism? My blogfather Jeff has one hell of a good post on the sickening news that the Bill of Rights no longer applies in Louisiana. Every two-bit corrupt cop can now just bust into your home and search it for what ever he/she wants without cause. Oh yeah, they would only use it […]

Airborne arrogance?

The stuff you can find in leftist journals never ceases to amaze me…. Here’s a story of unbelievably bad manners and outright arrogance displayed by John Kerry towards members of an Air Force crew flying him around Southeast Asia during the MIA/POW talks: When we first flew him into Phnom Penh, he went to the […]

Flying with no convictions?

From the Philadelphia Daily News, here’s a guy who apparently thinks that a thing is only as moral as its manufacturers: Ronnie Polaneczky | Jail-made flags should’t adorn vets’ graves IS IT WRONG that those who have preyed on society are making the flags used to honor those who once protected it? Matt Conway thinks […]

Love is in the air!

In honor of Rachel Lucas, I think it’s time for some “doggie action” photos! I mentioned Puff’s girlfriend Emily in a recent post, and as luck would have it, today, while I had my camera, I suddenly saw Emily and her very jealous and possessive partner, Chester, walking along the road. I pulled over, opened […]

Intelligent design?

Via Drudge, I see that it’s almost a fact. Or would it be creation? Perhaps creationists and evolutionists can all compromise now, and get along….

A “croc” of tears?

Did the hard-hearted Karl Rove make people cry when all they did was surround his house, pound on his windows, and frighten his children? Attack the house tactics are not new: Several hundred people stormed the small yard of President Bush’s chief political strategist, Karl Rove, yesterday afternoon, pounding on his windows, shoving signs at […]

Old mill stream

I like this local creek, which meanders along a nearby road. There’s no way to park next to it, which has prevented me from photographing it properly (whatever “properly” means), and it just kills me that I wasn’t able to take a shot of it while it was frozen, because it the rapids froze in […]

Steelworkers, tigers, and bears, OH MY!

On a blog today I found an analogy (responding to this post) which reminded me of yesterday’s “post“: [Union guys] got their goddam unions–by fighting people who tried to and often did kill anyone who wanted to form a union. Or has Mr Smith forgotten his history? Margolis, by his own account, got into a […]

Of cats and men

Not that I would ever do such a thing, but I saw this cat doing some fence-sitting, and it reminded me of politics. Next I attempted to colorize it, and I ended up with what might be too artsy for me, but I am feeding it up because I want to see what the colors […]

Last Minute Mutant Hybrid!

Not much time for tests today, but it’s still Online Test Day and I just can’t let well enough alone. The first test today is “Which Mythological Form Are You?” I rather like my result: You are Form 4, Gargoyle: The Fallen. “And The Gargoyle mended his wings from theblood of the fallen so he […]

Cutting slack for how long?

Connections between al Qaida and Iraq will not die. They just keep rolling in. (Via Glenn Reynolds.) Not that the Iraqi-al Qaida connection is earthshakingly new; I have blogged about it previously here, and here. Something else which should not be forgotten are the revelations from retired Sixth Circuit Judge Gilbert S. Merritt. A man […]

Blogs in the road to success?

This is disturbing. A favorite blogger, whom I have read for months, has shut down his blog because he is running for office, and apparently his political opponents (like this anonymous human) have seized on personal details in the hope of defeating him. I hate to see this happen, but because I am not running […]

Spur me on!

Pandas have thumbs! A cool idea for a new blog! I am delighted to see that Timothy Sandefur is contributing to this group effort, and I only wish I could get Justin to join me here, because two heads are better than one. Sometimes I’m all thumbs, and I need help! Now if I could […]

The EEK factor is sometimes right!

The 79th Carnival of the Vanities is up at Pete Holiday’s excellent humor blog. My post about the FBI/FCC and restructuring of the Internet got an “EEK.” Considering recent controversy over Richard Clarke, I think I should amplify upon the EEK factor, because I see a conflict between those like Clarke who want to make […]

More implications from Dick’s bag of tricks

I feel somewhat chagrined and at times like this I almost feel like apologizing. (Or at least implying an apology, as a sort of face-saver.) I now see that Richard Clarke was “the driving force behind the government’s Y2K efforts.” So says David J. Rothkopf, former Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce, chairman and CEO of Intellibridge […]

“Badge of honor” — but where’s the honor?

As Glenn Reynolds observed, hedging won’t help Kerry avoid this story: KANSAS CITY – (KRT) – Confronted with 32-year-old FBI records, Sen. John Kerry’s campaign all but conceded he attended a 1971 Kansas City meeting where a fellow anti-war veteran called for political assassinations. Nor will it help the Kerry campaign to push the story […]