A well read roast!

Bonfire of the Vanities is up at MTPolitics! Craig really knows how to roast ’em, too, which makes this a pleasure to read! My post (in which I railed about my bad keyboard) was truly the worst of the worst, and I am proud to be ashamed of it. It’s so bad that I should […]

And now for something even more disgusting than eating ice cream in public!

A blog by Joe Carter, called Evangelical Outpost” (via Glenn Reynolds — whose views Mr. Carter characterizes as “radical libertarian”) has taken issue with the criticism Leon Kass’s ice cream quote has received in the blogosphere. While Mr. Carter has as much right to his opinion as anyone else (including Kass), he seems to have […]

CARNIVORE was only an appetizer….

I may be old-fashioned, and I may be prone to overreacting where it comes to things like free speech and the FCC. My numerous posts about Howard Stern are a good example; I tend towards an absolutist, untrammeled view of free speech. BUT…. I think that the ability of citizens to freely communicate is the […]

Kerry fell down and can’t get up!

Roger L. Simon reflects on John Kerry’s fall — for which he not only blamed the Secret Service, but added insult to injury — calling the guy a “son of a bitch”: “I don’t fall down,” the “son of a b*itch knocked me over.” I don’t think this is going away, at least not for […]

The sick sheik’s sixth sheep sleeps

Bah, humbug!

Networking endorsements….

The world is reported as erupting in antiwar protests, while Kerry the antiwar candidate continues to rack up endorsements. The most notable is of course, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, noted anti-Semitic and anti-homosexual bigot: PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia – Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad endorsed Democratic contender John Kerry (news – web sites) in […]

A “cursory” glance at “Misery”

Let’s try an experiment to see whether I have wasted my money on a new keyboard for this laptop. (It has not arrived yet, I should add, so this is the old one.) The other day when I was trying to do a post, the keys seemed to bounce all around, although rig —- there! […]

Oy vey, Homer! I don’t give a damn! (And I don’t believe in ESTP!)

Did I need reminding that it’s Online Test Day at Classical Values? Take this test — please! Take my blog — please! What better way to begin the Sabbath than to find out you’re Jewish and didn’t even didn’t know it! From Dean Esmay, I found a test which shouldn’t really have surprised me, because […]

Warm and glowing impalement!

Tim Blair unearthed a rare gem which has cracked me up to no end. Here’s an excerpt: We have to strip away our daily concerns, take it all off, and sit there, free. Peaceful. We feel the quiet descend on us. We become aware of our breathing. Breathing in. Breathing out. There. Down we go. […]

Free speech for me but not for thee?

More CRUSHING OF DISSENT at another American university! And who’s accused of being behind it? Is it Bush? Is it Ashcroft? No, I am sorry to say that it’s the ACLU — in the form of its National Field Coordinator, Matt Bowles. The guy has written for a pro-terrorist Egyptian journal, the Al-Ahram Weekly, and […]

M.D. (Medieval Doctor?)

How does one fight medieval thinking? Well, one way is with more medieval thinking. Leon Kass has shown himself to be a deep medieval thinker, and the man has been much derided in the blogosphere. I tried to answer his ancient thinking with more ancient thinking, with mixed results. (Some readers take satire a bit […]

God hates evolution AND fags!

My blogfather Jeff has just torn the commissioners of Rhea county, Tennessee a much-needed new one! (The eight commissioners voted unanimously to ask the state legislature to amend state law so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes “against nature”, and also seek to prohibit homosexuals from living in the county.) Noting that this blessed […]

First they came for Howard Stern….

….and if we’re not careful, we’ll all find ourselves in the same bureaucratic soup! Here’s an appalling development: A far-reaching FBI proposal would require all broadband Net providers, including cable modem and DSL companies, to rewire their networks to support easy wiretapping by police. The FBI’s request to the Federal Communications Commission aims to give […]

Now you see it, now you don’t!

I do not know why, but the Majorca Daily Bulletin no longer has their story quoting President Zapatero’s campaign promise that “The first thing I will do when I am elected is to go to the United States and support John Kerry….” The story was there yesterday. This is not the first time that news […]

Fit to print?

Here’s one of the best Amazon.com reviews I have seen so far. While it is written by the author about his own book, the man was way ahead of his time: Bad News was written over a period of a dozen years in response to Richard Nixon’s disgrace. It contrasted John F. Kennedy’s disastrous foreign […]

Fit to print?

Here’s one of the best Amazon.com reviews I have seen so far. While it is written by the author about his own book, the man was way ahead of his time: Bad News was written over a period of a dozen years in response to Richard Nixon’s disgrace. It contrasted John F. Kennedy’s disastrous foreign […]

78th Carnival of the Vanities…

….is up at Patterico’s Pontifications. Great posts all! It never ceases to amaze me how many brilliant new bloggers there are that I have never read before. Quite humbling.

More lovely and more temperate

I’m jealous that “IT’S TURNING INTO A LOVELY SPRING DAY” — somewhere other than here. If it’s nice where you are, don’t follow my example — try to get out and enjoy it. Life’s short. No advice on what to do if it’s not nice. But, eternal optimist that I am, I’m still convinced that […]

Another Kerry endorsement

Which foreign leaders are endorsing Kerry? Well, shortly before his election last week, Spain’s new president-elect Jose Rodriguez Zapatero said he wanted Kerry to win: But opinion in Spain, as in Britain, is divided. The Spanish opposition leader in the general election this Sunday, the socialist Jos? Luis Rodr?guez Zapatero, said yesterday: “I think Kerry […]


I just learned that the New York Times, after having gone eyeball to eyeball with the blogosphere, has finally blinked! We Won… NEW YORK TIMES BACK DOWN – DMCA CLAIM WITHDRAWN Blogosphere 1, New York Times 0 http://www.thenationaldebate.com/blogger/archive/2004_03_01_TND-ARCHIVE.html#107940685226307922 Robert Cox Managing Editor www.TheNationalDebate.com robert.cox@thenationaldebate.com Robert Cox is one hell of a dude to have done […]