The General Is Picking Up Followers At An Impressive Rate

General Hyten. About 3,000 in 10 minutes. I joined Telegram yesterday to keep up. Here is a regular html link General Hyten.

Once you get on Telegram you can read L. Lin Wood.

Update: 20 Jan 2021 0629z

The General’s account (which may be a scam) suggests you switch to Great Awakening.

Calm Before The Storm

( About 1 minute )


This video is from Oct 6, 2017.

Special Agent Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt

REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR MONTHS! (Exclusive Evidence).

You can find the report at REDPILLED MEDIA. This is going to make the DC Police force look bad. It will also make Facebook look bad.

Take Their Children Away

Do the lefties have any idea how totalitarian they sound? How fascist? How communist?

( Starts at about 1:27 in )

If you want a list, look at the items under the main video at this link.  

Never Interrupt Mistakes

In case YouTube yanks the video, here is the Bitchute version.. Start at around 23:56 in.

It Is Him Or Them

The “Him or Them” moment comes about 8 minutes into the 14 minute video. It seems Youtube has taken down the video. I’m not using them anymore unless I have no choice. Here is a Bitchute replacement. 11th January Third Update    

A Declaration Of War With China?

That is what the below video claims in the first few minutes.

EO 13959  

( About 23 minutes )

My Landlady Sent Me This

( About 22 minutes )

The good stuff starts at about 2:20 This kind of backs up the other videos I have been posting. There is also this 30 minute video on the subject. It is not very packed in terms of information. The guy rambles.  

The President goes after the Deep State in what looks like a campaign video.

This Is Not A Drill

This is one of the gentleman in a video that I posted at The Riots On EC Day Were Not About Riots. I found the video posted here at Simon Parkes: The Insurrection Act was Signed Last Night  

Is any of this true? I have no experience with this gentleman. So I have no idea if he has any credibility. It is a good story.

I watched the video and made some commentary here as it unfolded for me.

“The plan was brought forward” – not unusual in an operation. The plans never go according to plan. There is opposition.

“The Italian Prime Minister has been arrested” – or soon will be. This is an outgrowth of Italygate

“General Flynn may be put forward as the VP under Trump” – that is going to seriously annoy the swamp

“Don’t watch main stream news.” – It will be doctored (“CGI” he said)

“This is going to have to go on until about the 19th” –

“Biden has to be arrested. It has to be public.” – WOW

“Biden’s laptop. Pedophilia photographs.”

“The US Navy and Coast Guard are looking for any yachts that might be trying to escape.” – THIS IS NOT A DRILL alright

“Satanic Forces” – this keeps coming up

“We are at war” – the ending of the video

They Are Coming For Republicans

This is a never ending story about where hate leads. I first posted this in 1999 (reposted here in 2014). Substitute Democrats for “Drug Warriors” and Republicans for “Drug Users”. We are currently well into the “silence them” stage. The problem the fascist have is that the Republican segment of the population is too large for this to work well.


How To Put an End to Drug Users

1. Identification
pick a relatively small segment of the population
with mainly minorities involved in some type of behavior that
can be demonized. Drug users are ideal. Drug use is a
behavior not considered an innate characteristic. Certain
subgroups of the population have cultural affinities for
certain drugs. This makes it possible to target the subgroup
without seeming to identify innate characteristics.

2. Ostracism
Good people don’t associate with drug users. Drug users
are the cause of our problems. If we could just make drug
users quit or leave the country most of our problems would go
away. Of course drug prohibition like alcohol prohibition is
just wonderful in this regard. The black market causes a LOT
of violence which at least initially can be blamed on the
alcohol or the drugs depending on the era.

3. Confiscation
Since the drug users are no good and the cause of
our problems we will relieve them of their property to pay for
the damage done. While we are at it we will make it difficult
for them to get jobs. With drug testing we can be certain to
identify those who have used most drugs in the last 24 to 48
hours. Or if they have used pot in the last 2 – 4 weeks. Since
pot smokers represent the largest number of drug users this is
good. It generates business for testing companies. As prisons
generate demands for prisoners and confiscations generate
demand (and the ability to pay) for more police. Boy are we
getting them good now. We have stolen their homes. So their
wives and children are on the streets. We have put them in
prisons so that husbands can no longer be fathers. And those
that haven’t met with this fate are prevented from getting
jobs. And still they won’t give up their vile habits.

4. Concentration
There are half a million people in jail for
non-violent drug crimes. About another half million in for
violent drug crimes or property crimes related to drugs. We
have arrested over 11 million pot smokers in the last twenty
years. We can’t build prisons fast enough. And besides they
are way too expensive. Too much up keep. Too many guards
(whose unions in Calif are asking for stiffer drug sentences –
they know a good thing when they see one). Well we have these
boot camps for drug users – perhaps they could be expanded.
Out in the desert to make escape improbable. We have at least
1/2 million and perhaps 1 million druggies in jail. And we
have identified another 11 million. Yep – just what we need
camps in the desert.

5. Annihilation
but as all too often happens in enterprises like
these costs mount and profits from confiscations declines. And
besides there is no new income because the druggies aren’t
working. Its getting way too expensive and unsustainable.
Well former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had the right idea.
Death for sales of 2 oz of marijuana. Well not this year maybe
but try again next year Newt. Them druggies got it coming for
ruining the country.

And to keep this all nice and tidy we will do all this nice and legal like. With the consent of the governed. Dopers are certainly not a big enough or cohesive enough segment of the population to identifiably swing any elections. Easy to generate consent if only a small minority is involved.

And why am I so confident of my plan? Because it has worked before in Germany against the Jews.

Read Drug Warriors and Their Prey by R. L. Miller whose previous book was Nazi Justiz.

(c) 1999 M. Simon

This is a column I first wrote some time ago. Published widely at the time. The process outlined above is always the same. Gays, Jews, drug users. Targets change. The process remains the same.

The Riots On EC Day Were Not About Riots


This is an involved story. Those laptops (roughly 37) supposedly came from a Jan. 6th raid on the Capitol.

Tim Pool – Pelosi’s Laptop STOLEN From Capitol In HUGE Security Breach, DC Mayor DEMANDED Police Restrictions  

Top Military Official: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop During Capitol Riot

“Pelosi called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, and they’re trying to get him out on the 25th Amendment or to impeach him. Why?” McInerney said.

“Well, because on Wednesday, they took Pelosi’s laptop. She’s frantic.”

I saw this bit of unwarranted hope a day ago.

I will update you with what I can, but don’t ask any questions. Trump has it 1,000%!!! In a couple of weeks you will be crying tears of joy and cheering at the same time.

When Trump is ready, he will announce it over the Emergency Broadcasting System.

A few days ago I saw this headline FCC Issues Reminder to Networks re: Emergency Alert System. The actual article I can no longer find. I can find places it was commented on. “Emergency Broadcasting System” is the old name for the Emergency Alert System. Given that Parler Going Down. Apple Removing Emergency Broadcast System, there appears to be some truth to the rumors.

A series of questions intrigued me.

3. Why is Pelosi suddenly off head her and screaming for Trump’s impeachment like a stuck pig?

4. Why does she want the impeachment to be so speedy … like “yesterday”?

5. What information could be on that Laptop?

In a response to the total comment I said

What that says is that the guards who warned Pelosi “Follow me to the safe room at once. The Capitol has been breached by armed thugs.” Were also in on it. A total inside job.

Which would mean that who ever gave the order to open the doors was in on it.

I can add that both sides – in order to keep their narratives have an incentive to keep the information low. Not discussed at all.

So was Our President in on it? He certainly set it up by inviting a crowd to the Capitol. It was wild. Was antifafa suckered in?

My thoughts then. The President called for a rally to cover the laptop grab. The doors were opened to help things along. The Democrats sent antifafa to make the President look bad without any idea that a laptop grab was in the offing. Who got the best part of the deal? We shall see.

And this whole thing may be to cover up (parallel construction) NSA intercepts. They now have plausible places to put or access the information. No need to refer to NSA at all.

Some fellers who more or less agree with me on the subject.


Evidently we are not yet “gated” out. But this one is actually serious.

Italygate: is the Italian government directly involved in the US election fraud against Trump?

Apparently, Switzerland is not the only country that played a major role in the international hacking operation against the US election.

In the latest article published on this blog, the Swiss-American author and researcher Neal Sutz has explained how Switzerland has had a fundamental part in the international coup against Trump

Switzerland has recently bought the sole rights of Scytl, the company tied to Dominion Voting System which, according to several statistical analyses, had switched hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

Switzerland perfectly knew about the structural flaws of Scytl but it failed to warn the Trump administration about the technical malfunctioning of this software.

However, there is another country that could have had an even more crucial role in this story and that country is Italy.

So Italy and Switzerland know about vote fraud perpetrated on Americans but American media doesn’t cover it? Well what did you expect? The coup is happening in America.

Here is another version of the story. An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US 2020 Presidential election

A scheme so elaborate American media couldn’t figure out how to cover it. So they didn’t.
Update: 08 Jan 2021 1111z

US election data was forwarded from Frankfurt, Germany to Rome, Italy  

The Viking Is BLM


FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit

If this was planned then the “riots (nothing burned)” in the Capitol are part of a coup.

Update: 07 Jan 2021 2257z
It turns out the horned guy is probably a Trump supporter.
Horned, shirtless man at the Capitol demonstration identified

Update: 08 Jan 2021 0633z
There is a counter claim. Viking Guy Poses With Michael Voss (Nancy Pelosi’s Son-In-Law)!!
Update: 07 Jan 2021 2226z

MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Curses Out DC Police: “You open the f-ing doors for them?!”
Video: Trump Supporters Stop ‘Antifa’ From Breaking Windows at Capitol
CONFIRMED: Activist Interviewed by CNN Who Stormed Capitol Building Is Radical Leftist from Utah Who Threatened on Video to “Rip Trump from White House”
Not Making Headlines – Trump Supporters Pulled Violent Protesters Away from the Capitol Building When They Started Damaging It – Who Were These People?
Indie Journalist Tayler Hansen Describes Antifa Activists he Encountered at US Capitol
VIDEO: Capitol Police Removed Barriers and Allowed Protesters to Walk Right Into the Capitol
What’s Going On Here? Another Video Surfaces of Capitol Police Leading Protesters in Washington Into the Capitol

The Matter of Intention

Matter in Human form has intention. Unlike rocks. Which at the very least seem to have much less intention. No materialist explanation sits well with me. And yet that intention is just a ripple. Waves of what?

Re Q

This is odd. L. Lin Wood claims an evil pedophile ring runs the world. The same message Q has been preaching.

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

He claims to have video evidence.

That evidence would at least change the course of the election if they had a video of Joe doing any of the things described.

There is a big rally and President Trump has promised a bombshell of new allegations. I wonder. Every one who has heard the Trump plan tends to fall in line. So far 140+ Representatives and 12 Senators.

Discipline Is Breaking Down In DC

Can Bondage be far behind in the rest of the country?

Well. What brought all that on? This:

McConnell Held Conference Call with GOP Senators to Press Josh Hawley on Why He is Challenging the Fraudulent Election — Hawley Skips Call

You do not skip calls from the Senate Majority leader. Be courteous is a Senate rule. Unless the Majority leader is out of power.

Where Are The Virus Samples?

A comment by Poor at Natural News

There is NO COVID 19. The virus has never been isolated or purified, neither was Sars 1. HIV has never been isolated or purified either. Also, Koch’s Postulates are the gold standard in my trade as a virologist and immunologist, and Koch’s postulates have NEVER been tested on Covid 19. I’ve tested Covid “positive” samples in the lab, which ended up testing positive for Influenza A and B. So no, there is no Covid 19. Our lab has constantly requested the CDC to send us a viable, isolated sample of Covid 19, we have not heard back, crickets. We harass the CDC every two days through phone calls and numerous e-mails, they never send us a viable sample. My conclusion, if you don’t send me a sample, then there is NO virus.


Koch’s Postulates

Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include:

1. The microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease
2. The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture
3. The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal
4. The pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen


Some really big lies are being passed around.

And another question. If there is no known virus what is the vaccine for?

Update: 31 December 2020 1145z

Another article in a similar vein from a few weeks ago. SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Proven to Exist; I Can Do This Forever

The Jefferson Option

( About 4 minutes )

Jefferson was a Democrat. How could the Democrats object? Pence is not a Democrat? LOL Precedent has been set.

Don Carter Lanes

I live about a mile from where the shootings took place. Here are some things we didn’t know at first.

During a Sunday press conference, Rockford, Illinois, Police Department (RPD) Chief Dan O’Shea identified the suspect from a Saturday shooting as 37-year-old Duke Webb, an active-duty soldier in the US Army.

The Army confirmed that Webb has a rank of sergeant first class and was on leave at the time of the shooting. Webb joined the military in 2008 and is currently a Special Forces assistant operations and intelligence sergeant assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), located at Camp Bull Simons, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

The obvious question is “WHY?”. He was well trained. Supposedly had his emotions under control. What reason…….?

Baseless Rumors

Update: 7 Jan 2021 0844z

It is 7 Jan 2021. Nothing has been revealed. There are, however, more rumors.
You poke around the ‘Net you can find all kinds of things like strange anonymous posts on the The Weird Wide Web. Salty Language Warning. NSFW.
From: What Really Happened in Frankfurt?


Late last night, CIA Fren weighed in:

“Well ladies after his two most recent speeches and his last two tweets tonight do any of you trannies or…democrats and thugs have any doubt. Told you it was coming. He knows everything and the ass raping he gives the Democrats…will be biblical. Shit he is even ass raping the Republican Party. Good for him. Now f*** all of you degenerate Democrats, Chinese Communist Pedophiles, and Deep State thugs in the ass and the folks that can still think have a Merry Christmas. The third act is here you glorious mother******s and well sh*t I will just hide out here and watch the sh*t shows of all sh*t shows and watch the hangings on ONN, since most of the the other networks will be shut down and Don Lemon will be hanging from a tree at the White House. What a time to be alive…Sh*t what a show.

And in a similar vein from the same cast of characters: Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened During the White House Meeting

“Yep it is over and Trump has won. After his speech and members of Congress not voting for Trump will be hung on the Capital Grounds. Trump may be an idiot but he has a gift and he is the master showman and this moment was made for him.

“It is amazing how many of you Democrat[s]…lack basic math skills. Granted the theft of votes by the Democrats was impressive and…Stacey Abrams did an outstanding job of stealing…

“Having said that keep in mind the thugs on the left and the Chinese could not infuse enough votes to get Biden over the finish line. That was where Frankfurt jumped in. Over 7 million votes were switched there. The site was raided and all the equipment is in the possession of the Defense Department.

“Trump will be making a speech the last week of the month he will outline in great detail what happened and that the CIA and others switched those 7 million votes and then sit back and dare Congress to give the Presidency to Biden.”

I can’t imagine a speech on election fraud being that good. I wonder if it will even be given. This is the last week of the month. Not many days left.

I have already heard similar rumors on 30 November from an entirely different source.

Update: 31 December 2020 2341z

This Twitter may give us a better idea about timing.

Update: 1 January 2021 1537z

Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on January 6

We don’t know exactly what’s going down on January 6th, but it’s something big.

Funny. I already figured that much out. Corroboration is good, though.

From the podcast (which only works correctly in Chrome):

Published December 30th, 2020
Trump Senior Advisor Teases ‘Specific Evidence’ That Could Rock January 6th Electoral College Certification
Update: 2 January 2021 0457z

President Trump Declares Victory on New Year’s Day; Says Evidence Will Be Presented On January 6th: LIVE New Year’s Show

The video is over two hours. I watched some bits of it.

Update: 3 January 2021 0910z

We must be getting closer to the election. The rumors are getting wilder and less credible. Anonymous sources. Supposedly a government agent. Currently employed by the government. Still. I like the sound of “Biden Arrested”.

Rick Wiles: “Mr. Biden Will Not Be Sworn in as President. He Will Be Arrested.” – Video (about 6 minutes).