Bleating Against Amazon

This is the part of this blog where Sarah takes off the gloves, turns the picture of Heinlein to the wall* so he won’t be shocked by what she’s about to say, and then speaks in the way she learned when fishwives argued near her. You’ve been warned. There is a lot to be said […]

Dispatches From Different Wars

I apologize to Eric in advance, because I seem to use this blog to vent whenever someone gets me so angry that it starts impairing my writing.  This is one of those times.  Hold on to your hats, girls and boys, because I’m at full simmer and about to whistle. Over the last few days […]

Old Ideas

In Which I Usurp M. Simon’s Role [(mwah ah ah) ahem. Coff. And oh, yeah, crossposted at According To Hoyt.)] Okay, that’s not his sole role, or even his more interesting posts, but you will admit that when you come across a musical album review at CV you go “Ahah M. Simon.”  Well, no.  I’m […]

Eat Your Greens, Have Your Sex, Mind Your Manners!

Three weeks ago, a man referred to me as beautiful.  As in, “Here you go, Beautiful.”  I was so shocked, I thought that he was talking to my omelet. I will grant you that part of my shock came because I turn fifty this year, and also because it was eight in the morning, and […]

Sweet Liberty*

I have some experience with revolutions, partly because Portugal never believes a thing worth doing is worth doing only once. I get PTSD at the sound of Green Acres because Porto had one reel in its local broadcast station. Green Acres. When Lisbon got cut off, they played it back to back. This meant that […]

The Big Tabloid Divorce

So, here I was, trying to explain the reason I’m unagented, so that I wouldn’t have to answer a bunch of questions at Worldcon, and so that rumors couldn’t circulate that turned this into the big Hollywood divorce. Can you say “misfire”? Sure, I knew you could. All that’s lacking now to complete this circus […]

The (Publishing) Times They Are Achanging

(Or Why I’m No Longer Agented) … or I won’t be when the thirty days for contract expiration run out. First of all, because dropping ones agent in publishing is a lot like a Hollywood divorce, particularly when you’ve been together for eight years, as Lucienne and I have, I’d like to say it’s not […]

Frontiers of Insanity

What is going on with airlines? I clearly don’t have all the facts, don’t even know where to start investigating, but something IS wrong with airlines in the US. Years ago, when reading PJ O’Rourke’s Eat The Rich, I came across his description of train travel in Siberia, where the train seemed to have been […]

Disturbed Turtle Week

There are very important things happening in the world: a showdown on the supposedly non-war in Lybia, Republican primaries starting up, supposedly (according to USA Today) our running out of borrowed money in as little as seven weeks, Iran slouching towards nuclear armament and oh, yeah, Wiener is roast. None of which compares to the […]

In Soviet System, Books End You

*First, I’ve decided to post under Sarah, for ease of people who know me and this blog.  Second, I’ll continue commenting as accordingtohoyt as I’m normally logged in at my blog of that name.  Now, the post* Michael Levin at Forbes announced the coming end of books (corrected from Mark Levin, which I’d somehow typed because my […]

I Wake Up Screaming

As you know I’m not one to see the glass as half empty.  At least I hope I’m not.  But the day after Osama’s death, I woke up screaming.  Before I even checked my facebook, I knew the vast majority of my friends would be going “We won, let’s go home now.” Well… what do […]

Awesome Crazy Sauce

I know Eric periodically writes about being tired of politics, where people get inherently crazy. However, at least in politics you could argue our whole way of life – if not our civilization – might be at stake. Certainly money is, and money, ultimately is the most real thing there is, (since in our civilization […]

For I’ve Been A Stranger In A Strange Land

I’m sorry to have to bring up the subject of Obama’s birth. I don’t want to bring it up in the normal way – ie relating to whether or not he’s eligible for the presidency. I don’t want to do this because the resolution of that is out of our hands and because at this […]

Bee Stung

Today I was reading an interview with Thomas Sowell (via Glenn Reynolds) and it reminded me of the bee sting theory of poverty. This is the theory that endemic poverty comes about because people are laboring under so many other crushing, egregious burdens, that they can’t handle one more thing.  Say, they’re discriminated against and […]

The Sarah Doctrine

No, not THAT Sarah. Though she’s welcome to swipe it. As is the White House, if they wish to give a rest to that magic eight ball they’ve been using for foreign policy. What started me thinking on this was an email from my brother. My brother’s political opinions are as different from mine as […]

Welcome To The Treadmill

*And yes, I feel pretty bad posting on this while half the world is in turmoil.  However, if I can’t get over this I’ll be in turmoil.  So indulge me for a couple/three posts, and then I’ll hopefully calm down enough to turn my attention to the more important but less personal issues.* Of course, […]

The Money Matter

I hate it when it’s time to get resourceful. For all my innovation in writing, my interest in the new and the different, I crave security at a very deep level. Frankly, it’s a joke that someone with my need for security should be in a profession where the money comes slow and irregularly when […]

Popcorn and the Single Writer

Kevin J. Anderson uses a popcorn analogy to illustrate two methods that beginning writers can use to break into print. One of them consists of writing a single novel and polishing it and perfecting it until it is the absolute best it can be. He compares this to putting a single grain in a pot […]

Marx Is dead

And I don’t feel so good myself. When I was in highschool in the seventies (well, it couldn’t be helped. It’s not like I chose my date of birth. But in my defense, I delayed coming of age till 1980) in Portugal, I studied Marxism and Marxist theory in four classes a year: off the […]

Day of The Squirrel

*I put this up at According To Hoyt, but was going to spare the CV readership.  Only… Eric went to racoons, sooo….  This is the incident that caused me to have a running gag about the RLF (Rodent Liberation Front) in my Shifter books.  Oh, and I can no longer spell French.  Sad, but it’s […]