Free Soup

Well… no…  Free book.    Ill Met By Moonlight, my very first, ever published book is up in a re-edition, for free on Amazon till 2/5. Shakespeare, high-fallutin’ language and gender changing elves.  (Okay, one.  And, oh, boy, is he enough.) Did I mention Shakespeare?  And that it’s free?

Rats in Their Heads

There is a meme going around facebook, an innocuous little question of “What was the last female writer you read, and the book?” It’s very popular and being echoed all over.  It’s also a good example of how people think when they get rats in their head. “But, Sarah,” you say, “why would you object […]

The Tangle of Privilege

I’ve written before on the state of racism in America saying that of course it exists – it will exist so long as America is populated by human beings – but it’s not racism as defined by law (or news, or entertainment) nor even some kind of thing that can be identified and mitigated by […]

What Is Human?

I’m a Usaian (read A Few Good Men if this term confuses you) – I believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For humans, of course. But what is a human? The feeling that we need to answer this question and answer it definitely has been growing on me since before I wrote […]

Marriage and Malarkey

First, let me say that I feel doubly guilty about putting this post here.  Partly because Eric, who allows me to graciously blog here, disagrees with me on gay marriage.  Partly because the reason I’m putting the post here is that I’m finishing a book and don’t want to have to deploy the ban hammer […]

School Administrator Control

The time has come, in the light of the tragedy that IS our schools to consider teacher control.  In this case, the sort of control that forces teachers to think like rational human beings before going off half cocked and doing stupid things. It might also be time to think of administrator control.  A good […]

The Thirteen Week Novel Writing Program

Btw, since the prodigal is back (yay, I figured out why my wordpress wasn’t letting me log into here — or PJMedia) I thought some people might be interested in this:   The thirteen week novel writing program which I’ll be starting over at PJ Lifestyle March 11 — because I’m insane or have illusions […]

When The Darkness Stares Back

I’ve talked before about being in the political closet.  The thing is, though that’s the easiest shorthand, it’s not the right shorthand, which made it worse. The political closet would be right if one identified strongly with one party’s entire perceived agenda and were pretending to be the other. (The perceived is important and will […]

The War Party

*Sometimes one of my friends writes a post that he or she can’t put anywhere, not keeping a blog.  When I think the post is too good NOT to be seen, I put it up here or on my blog, depending on which one is more appropriate. This one is just such a post by […]

Death Or Ice Cream

This is not a post about writing, but it is a post about reading – or a post about fiction and reality, humanity and myth. There is a way in which fiction forms our mind.  Shakespeare has, after all, been accused of inventing modern men with modern emotions.  Then, through the immense popularity of is […]

Of Fists and Noses

Those of you who think this is about to become a lecture on unusual sexual practices may leave. Okay, now that the ten thousand or so are gone, the twenty of us left here can talk about the real point: private versus public. When I was growing up in the seventies, under an increasingly leftist […]

I Am A Culturist

Of all the recent corruptions of language and forbidden subjects, those who have read me a while know that the one guaranteed to make me foam at the mouth is confusing culture with race. I think it started, somewhere, in the entire Marxist subculture, where they believe everyone is full of secret thoughts and keeps […]

Giving Back My Middle Finger

Yesterday in the comments on my blog someone mentioned giving back to the community.  This is one of those sentences that makes my eyes turn red and smoke come pouring out of my ears in loony-tunes style. Don’t misunderstand me.  It’s not that I don’t believe in “community.”  Or rather, I hate the word community.  […]

Wild Wild Webs

*As usual I was living in a parallel universe — actually four of them at the time — so I didn’t realize this post could/should probably be echoed here as well.  It is up at According To Hoyt and Mad Genius Club.* This last weekend I saw no less than two posts, both by people […]


By which I don’t mean this is a blog devoted to Kate Paulk’s book.  Sorry, guys.  When it’s cued to come out, I shall let her excerpt, okay?  Good, now moving on. One of the things that my blog yesterday touched on was the concept of “Consensus reality.”  You guys seemed to know exactly what […]

What Is Mine, I Keep

In Terry Pratchett’s books, Lady Sybil Ramkin Vimes’ family motto is “What is ours, we keep.” I’m sure it started out the way most things in Pratchett’s books started out.  The Ramkins are an old family, who intimidated their way everywhere and who conquered a lot of places and took a lot of wealth.  At […]


For no reason I can fully explain, I found myself thinking of diaper changes today, and it occurred to me, “I sure dealt with a lot of poop.” Mind, you I still do, because we have four cats, one of whom is very fuzzy and hygiene impaired, meaning twice a month he had to be […]

Almost the End of the World

*crossposted from According To Hoyt* Lately regular readers of my blogging must be wondering “What’s with the politics?  Isn’t this a writer’s blog?”  And of course, those of you who have come for my for lack of a better word “social analysis” must wonder what the heck is with all the posts about characters, writing […]

Circles In Thinking

*Crossposted from According to Hoyt* Something has been working at me since my post against using stupid slogans instead of thinking (when reality is almost if not actually the opposite – and no, I’m not going to reprise that.  I made all the arguments I wanted to make in that post.  And everyone got a […]

Being Human

*It occurred to me belatedly there might be interest in this topic here.  I’ve been getting into mischief over at my blog, and seem to have accidentally uncorked something called The Human Wave which is threatening to become a — gasp — literary movement.  For the background, if interested, read here and page forward.  Other […]