Who is this Joker?

Mark Milian at the LA Times blog misses a few fundamental points about political speech and street art: it’s not political speech until someone injects the politics, and it’s not street art until it hits the streets. When cryptic posters portraying President Obama as the Joker from “Batman” began popping up around Los Angeles and […]

Are you all aTwitter?

I’m wondering how many readers out there use Twitter, and of those of you who do, whom do you follow? I notice that Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert haven’t tweeted in quite awhile. Karl Rove, our former paymaster, is sure to note exactly when and how often he’ll be appearing on FOX News. I, for […]

What is a skeptic?

Steven Novella, whose Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast is one I never miss (also check the brief companion 5×5 podcast), is trying out a new definition for a perfectly good word that others (for some reason) don’t seem too keen on, namely “skeptic”: A skeptic is one who prefers beliefs and conclusions that are […]

Big pictures of tiny things

The latest entry on the Boston Globe’s always fascinating picture blog, the Big Picture, ranges from portraits of Barack Obama drawn with nanotubes, to individual cancer cells, to pollen and bugs’ eyes. My favorite is the picture of the squid suckers. Does that even look real?

HYPOs, and RINOs, and bigots! Oh my!

A recent commenter on my last post had this to say: I’m not so worried about the Dems handling science. But please, lets not waste any more GOP money trying to get prayer into school and evolution out. I’ll disagree on the first count, but of course I agree on the second. The Republican party […]

Reality-Based Rule?

Of course I’m playing on Valerie Jarrett’s remark that President Obama will be “ready to rule.” And of course I’m mocking the notion that Democrats have a monopoly on reality. But what is no laughing matter is the lack of reason and the total disregard for science in what may be the imminent appointment of […]

Voter Intimidation from our friends in the Press

Many of you, like me, may know Seattle’s consciously lefty paper the Stranger through sex-columnist cum-editor Dan Savage. I occasionally read his column, Savage Love, and I listen to his podcast weekly. He’s entertaining, informative, and like many people, a blind follower of the Democratic party with zero tolerance for Republicans of any stripe. I […]

Condoleezza’s Ambition

If one were to read Hugh Muir’s politics diary at the Guardian UK, one might get the impression that Condoleezza Rice were slyly passing judgment on Sarah Palin or hints to herself by manipulating the Great Seal (cf. Barack Obama’s glossy Seal 2.0, whose Latin phrase sounds whiny to me: “Really, we can!”): Is Condoleezza […]

Obey Google

By now everyone realizes that Google seeks world domination, and their new browser, Chrome, gives us the reason why we should make the switch. Apparently because Simon says:

Religion in schools

The more perspicacious among our readers may have gathered that I am a public school teacher. I may just be among the smallest minorities in the profession: atheist, libertarian, Republican, skeptic. The last of these in me was amused by an e-mail with which one colleague plagued the district today: an effort to sell a […]


The McCain campaign has been criticized in various quarters for pandering or condescending to women and insulting their intelligence with the pick of Sarah Palin. So what do you make of this? Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham […]

Al Gore

Al Gore had some strong words at the convention: “John McCain does not care about ManBearPig!” Only Barack Obama has a real plan to stop ManBearPig. I’m super duper cereal (or serial, as the case may be).

Mocking Luther King

The critics missed the point of what Barack Obama plans to do tonight: he’s not placing himself as a god in a mock temple, but rather cynically exploiting the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famed I Have a Dream speech — with a mock Lincoln Memorial in a football field. This is the […]

Dave Matthews is the Anti-Christ

I don’t actually believe in the Anti-Christ, but I’ve just been made aware of a conspiracy so dark and so ugly that I had to share it with the world: Dmitry Medvedev is actually 90s has-been faux-rocker Dave Matthews. My girlfriend pointed it out, and I was stunned to learn the truth! If you’re not […]

Just one more layer to the conspiracy!

911 Truthers will not buy this, but rationally minded people should: the NIST has had what should be the final say on the collapse of WTC 7. Evan at the Rogues Gallery has an excellent post highlighting the findings along with several sad examples of Truther denial and paranoia. Here’s the link, but for some […]

Dick Hafer apparently was one

I’ve stumbled onto a very entertaining and informative site that covers “political ephemera, drug hysteria, vintage sex & health items”, and the latest entry is on the work of a guy called Dick Hafer. This anti-gay tract from 1986 reads like modern satire mocked up to ridicule the attitudes of the past. It’s the sort […]

Golly, Allah — let us be his bestest buds!

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer and incoming president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, has a post about Iran’s failed satellite launch, but what interests me more is the text of Ahmadinejad’s desperate prayer (quoted in turn from MSNBC): Ahmadinejad was present at this launch on Saturday, and offered a prayer before liftoff: “In the […]

If you’re like me

(and who isn’t) you may not have read the Bleat in too long a time. Well, here’s one worth reading (though you’ll want to skip down a bit past the candle): Well, let’s see what’s up with the Old Scout this week. Garrison Keillor’s column – America’s most peculiar example of a fine writer willingly […]

Classical Values Cartoons?

Dennis here. I’ve been drawing again and have plans with some old friends to revive a few dusty old ideas for comic books and strips. But I’ve never quite found the right idea for this site. I tried my hand at political cartoons a time or two (or five) here, but it never quite caught […]

First Georgia, now Stallone?

There’s been talk lately that Russia has its eyes on the Ukraine, and I think I’ve discovered their first move: Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, mighty destroyer of Soviet opponents in the “Rambo” and “Rocky” movies, now plans to advertise Russian vodka. Russian vodka producer Synergy said on Friday it had signed a one-year contract with […]