I was reading this piece, Trump Gets Invited To Lie — Errrr… Testify At His Own Impeachment Trial, and it motivated me to contact the author. This is what I had to say.


The Democrats can’t make their case. That is why they called on Trump to testify. The Chief Justice would tell Raskin, if the Chief was Presiding (as required by law) – innocent until proven guilty. And the Constitution still applies. Trump can not be required to testify. And you are not allowed to infer anything from that. “Objection sustained” – if the Chief Justice was presiding.

When it comes to Trump it looks like normal law is null and void. You know – to an outsider (I’m from Illinois) – that looks despotic.

My religion has an answer to that – Anger leads to the Dark Side.

M. Simon

The charging document includes this – ‘‘we won this election, and we won it by a landslide’’ – which allows Trump to bring in election fraud evidence. Did the Democrats really want to do that? Get the fraud exposed I mean. (look up the video of the Chief Engineer of Dominion bragging – if it hasn’t been Big Brothered and the video of the female Dominion engineer explaining details). Those two bits alone would blow this whole election up if they got publicity. And Democrats have given the President that opportunity. Not real smart for a “smart” bunch of fellers. Emotions are not real good for thinking, boys.

I did see the video of Eric Coomer bragging when all this got hot about 3 or 4 months back. It is now gone. Some one had to have snagged a copy.