Much of what is now on this blog are not my opinions

I haven’t been here for some time (over ten months ago, in fact), and I just checked in today to see a whole slew of posts with which I disagree. Among many other things, I think QAnon and its various conspiracy theories are a sickening load of crap, and I dislike seeing QAnon or its supporters being promoted here. […]

Am I Over The Line Yet?

Interesting view of the January 6th events in the Capitol. We do know that BLM activist John Sullivan was arrested there that day. What was a BLM activist doing at a Trump rally?

Disney Didn’t Like The Truth About Nazis

Disney found this objectionable. Carano had shared a Tik Tok post which was a comparison of the divided political climate in the US to Nazi Germany. The actress wrote on the social media site: “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbours… even by children. “Because history is edited, […]

Christian Persecution Mooted

Labeling Christians as Christian nationalists and white supremacists is going to upset a lot of Black Churches. It is also a precursor to mass murder. Do y’all proposing this sort of thing know how Stalinist (Nazi) you sound? Read Nazi Justiz by R.L. Miller. First you make them less than human. Then you make lampshades. […]

They Don’t Like This Video

The video is called Absolute Proof by Mike Lindell and it is about election fraud in last November’s election. Already several copies have been removed from Vimeo and of course YouTube. It is currently available from here.

Making Their Case

I was reading this piece, Trump Gets Invited To Lie — Errrr… Testify At His Own Impeachment Trial, and it motivated me to contact the author. This is what I had to say. Staci, The Democrats can’t make their case. That is why they called on Trump to testify. The Chief Justice would tell Raskin, […]

Don’t Take The Vaccine – Dr. Simone Gold

Oh. Yeah. My landlady sent me this. America’s Frontline Doctors >>>>-

Where Is The Return To Normalcy?

So Biden has been in office for almost two weeks. Where are even any signs of the return to normalcy that was promised? Lock downs are ongoing. Check. Trump will be impeached (starting in a week). Check Troop draw downs in Afghanistan rejected. Check And think. He is just getting started.

The Real Problems Will Take Months To Years To Express

The vaccine sets up an auto immune reaction. Get Telegram. You have to watch this. It is far beyond what Joseph Mengele could even contemplate. She talks about animal studies where 20%, 50%, 100% of the animals die.

We Have The Opportunity

The real reason Wall Street is terrified of the GME situation. One word – FRAUD. Which seems to have been going around a bunch lately. This completely explains why so many levels of the financial system seem to be actively trying to get in the way of retail investors purchasing more GME. It’s not just […]