This is one of the gentleman in a video that I posted at The Riots On EC Day Were Not About Riots. I found the video posted here at Simon Parkes: The Insurrection Act was Signed Last Night  

Is any of this true? I have no experience with this gentleman. So I have no idea if he has any credibility. It is a good story.

I watched the video and made some commentary here as it unfolded for me.

“The plan was brought forward” – not unusual in an operation. The plans never go according to plan. There is opposition.

“The Italian Prime Minister has been arrested” – or soon will be. This is an outgrowth of Italygate

“General Flynn may be put forward as the VP under Trump” – that is going to seriously annoy the swamp

“Don’t watch main stream news.” – It will be doctored (“CGI” he said)

“This is going to have to go on until about the 19th” –

“Biden has to be arrested. It has to be public.” – WOW

“Biden’s laptop. Pedophilia photographs.”

“The US Navy and Coast Guard are looking for any yachts that might be trying to escape.” – THIS IS NOT A DRILL alright

“Satanic Forces” – this keeps coming up

“We are at war” – the ending of the video