Update: 7 Jan 2021 0844z

It is 7 Jan 2021. Nothing has been revealed. There are, however, more rumors.
You poke around the ‘Net you can find all kinds of things like strange anonymous posts on the The Weird Wide Web. Salty Language Warning. NSFW.
From: What Really Happened in Frankfurt?


Late last night, CIA Fren weighed in:

“Well ladies after his two most recent speeches and his last two tweets tonight do any of you trannies or…democrats and thugs have any doubt. Told you it was coming. He knows everything and the ass raping he gives the Democrats…will be biblical. Shit he is even ass raping the Republican Party. Good for him. Now f*** all of you degenerate Democrats, Chinese Communist Pedophiles, and Deep State thugs in the ass and the folks that can still think have a Merry Christmas. The third act is here you glorious mother******s and well sh*t I will just hide out here and watch the sh*t shows of all sh*t shows and watch the hangings on ONN, since most of the the other networks will be shut down and Don Lemon will be hanging from a tree at the White House. What a time to be alive…Sh*t what a show.

And in a similar vein from the same cast of characters: Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened During the White House Meeting

“Yep it is over and Trump has won. After his speech and members of Congress not voting for Trump will be hung on the Capital Grounds. Trump may be an idiot but he has a gift and he is the master showman and this moment was made for him.

“It is amazing how many of you Democrat[s]…lack basic math skills. Granted the theft of votes by the Democrats was impressive and…Stacey Abrams did an outstanding job of stealing…

“Having said that keep in mind the thugs on the left and the Chinese could not infuse enough votes to get Biden over the finish line. That was where Frankfurt jumped in. Over 7 million votes were switched there. The site was raided and all the equipment is in the possession of the Defense Department.

“Trump will be making a speech the last week of the month he will outline in great detail what happened and that the CIA and others switched those 7 million votes and then sit back and dare Congress to give the Presidency to Biden.”

I can’t imagine a speech on election fraud being that good. I wonder if it will even be given. This is the last week of the month. Not many days left.

I have already heard similar rumors on 30 November from an entirely different source.

Update: 31 December 2020 2341z

This Twitter may give us a better idea about timing.

Update: 1 January 2021 1537z

Game-changing bombshells to be unveiled before Congress on January 6

We don’t know exactly what’s going down on January 6th, but it’s something big.

Funny. I already figured that much out. Corroboration is good, though.

From the podcast (which only works correctly in Chrome):

Published December 30th, 2020
Trump Senior Advisor Teases ‘Specific Evidence’ That Could Rock January 6th Electoral College Certification
Update: 2 January 2021 0457z

President Trump Declares Victory on New Year’s Day; Says Evidence Will Be Presented On January 6th: LIVE New Year’s Show

The video is over two hours. I watched some bits of it.

Update: 3 January 2021 0910z

We must be getting closer to the election. The rumors are getting wilder and less credible. Anonymous sources. Supposedly a government agent. Currently employed by the government. Still. I like the sound of “Biden Arrested”.

Rick Wiles: “Mr. Biden Will Not Be Sworn in as President. He Will Be Arrested.” – Video (about 6 minutes).