I was looking at the mug shots in the video below and got to thinking back to my days as a communist. This is what i had to say in the comments section of that video. Edited for better stand alone clarity.

Communists hate. Orwell made fun of that with his two minutes of hate. It is real. It lasts a lot longer than two minutes. Another thing communists like is breaking family ties. Abused children are very susceptible to that. Abused children make the perfect vanguard. We don’t pay near enough attention to child abuse.

Look for the faces of abused children in that photo. It is easily half. Especially the girls. Abused children are easy pickings for communists. After all, society has abandoned them to predators – time for a new society say the communists. And the kids listen. Not to the logic. To the feelings of abandonment.

Once the revolution is done the vanguard gets killed off. Who wants a bunch of abused children around causing trouble?

( About 23 minutes )