Cheating 2020

Back in the real world guys who get caught helping a wife cheat often get shot followed by a burial. It appears the Democrats are going all out to cheat this year. I have a list. They ought to take care. Cheating is a killing offense in some circumstances. But first some video.     […]

Another Suicide

He shot himself outside a medical clinic? Were there witnesses? Was his vehicle parked near by? Was the gun found? Is it being checked for evidence?     ( About 26 minutes )

Systemic Racism

You see the term Systemic Racism discussed a lot. What you never see mentioned in the same breath or even a few paragraphs down is Drug War. The government program most responsible for Systemic Racism in the system is never coupled to its result. There is no major or minor commenter of the left, right, […]

The Mayors Were Silent

At Least 50 Shot, 11 Fatally, During Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago. Every single Mayor in America has to know the cause of the violence. No one says anything. Evidently as one Democrat wag said, “There is too much money in it” Drug Prohibition is socialism for criminals. Says Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman. Besides […]

The Very Modern Ancient Egyptians

The video discusses the sophistication of Egyptian tools based on the artifacts that the tools were used to create.     (About 31 minutes)

Mocking Our Elections

Well, low info voters actually.    

Just Below The Surface – Lefties Say Trump Will Win

One notable point from the discussion. They don’t like Critical Race Theory and the divisiveness the left is bringing to the country. And these are lefties saying it. And shouldn’t the Democrat Party be ashamed of running racist Joe? Kamala Harris and Joe Biden put more Blacks in prison than the KKK. Is it true? […]

Mostly Peaceful

Seen in passing. Edited to improve the memeness (totally a word). Corrupt Faith Only 3 percent of the world died in WW2 so WW2 was mostly* peaceful. *97 percent

If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat

Hillary is promising that votes will be found after the election. How can she be sure?     One correction to the below video. There has been election cheating within living memory. 1960 Chicago. Ballot boxes lost, ballot boxes found. Kennedy won. Nixon did not contest an obviously crooked election. I listened to the ballot […]

War Gaming The Virus Lockdown

Styx discusses what a mass panic would be like. Worse than what actually happened is Styx’ opinion. Also the President was going for travel restrictions while Nancy Pelosi was telling people don’t be xenophobic, visit Chinatown. So all the current screaming has nothing to do with a calm evaluation. It is just screaming politics. I […]

Whites Only

I was marching against racism in the 60s. And now the Left wants to bring it back? Democrats are reverting to their norm. Anti-racism was an aberration. California wants to repeal its anti-discrimination law. By plebiscite. What party is pushing the California change? Democrat. Same as it ever was. In actual fact the Democrat Party […]

What Were They Hoping For?

Democrats have been calling for violence against Donald Trump for over 4 years. You can see some of that in the video.     What exactly were they hoping would happen?

Why We Can’t End Racism

It is built into our biology. Let me explain. There is something called Hamilton’s rule which is a math formula that tells how much individuals will favor their relatives.The closer the kin the greater the favoritism. Racism is to some extent inevitable. It may be possible to eradicate racism from government.It will be impossible to […]