For the first time humanity is moving beyond mere “herd immunity” — trial data for synthetic antibody treatments regn-cov2 and LY-CoV555 should be in by end of summer. If these COVID-targeted antibodies have the expected efficacy, the death curve could soon take another, steeper dive to nearly zero.  Required dosage levels will determine the number of doses available, my very rough back-of-envelope math guesstimates ~250K should be enough doses to break the pandemic (and supplies are reportedly near that level if dosages are low enough).

Bypassing the immune system may turn out mean some don’t get sick but are vulnerable to eventual re-infection. Fortunately, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine is already being given to 30,000 people this month and may be ready for millions by the end of the year, and other candidates are in trials as well.

Industry may soon literally function as our collective immune system, delivering specified antibodies as needed.  Over the next decade we may see these technologies spawn similar treatments for other common viral infections (e.g. flu, cold) with shorter and shorter lead times, making many more such conditions quickly treatable.  We’re still far from body-encasing, protein-filtering pellicles, but they’re certainly more plausible today than a year ago.