The video is in Chinese with English subtitles.

( About 12 minutes )

So how bad is it. Very.

The rate of increase is around 25X a week. Doubling time of around 30 hours. The death toll is 2% (so far) which means 6.6 million dead in the USA most of them coming as the epidemic winds down. There will not be enough hospitals and doctors or medical supplies. Or soap. Incubation periods are from 1 day to 2 weeks with 7 days most likely. The disease seems infectious during the incubation period. Uh. Oh. Wash your hands – 3 minute video and more.

Some other informed speculation I did here.

If this spreads in the rest of the world as it has in China the rest of the world will be totally infected in 2 months. Assuming a death rate of 2% that means 6.6 million dead in the USA. 140 million world wide.

Mostly Old Farts. It may help Social Security once clean up has fixed things.

I assume 25X increase every week. It will slow down as greater portions of the population have been infected. Which is not much comfort given a doubling time of around 30 hours.

And some other bad news. It seems to be infectious when it is incubating.

Update: 1423z 26 January 2020.

Coronavirus medic claims China is lying as ‘100,000 people are infected’ – video Daily Star – U.K.

Update: 1846z 26 January 2020.

Shortages of everything related to medical kit and virus tracking kits.