The US media version of Iran vs the Iranian people’s version. Why is our media so fond of the Iranian dictatorship? Did some of the cash Obama sent the regime get spread around to American “news” networks?

And in other news. Journalists quit Iranian state broadcaster over crash cover-up

Presenter Gellare Jabbari apologised to Iranians ‘for the 13 years I told you lies’

The Tehran-based Association of Iranian Journalists said in a statement that the country was witnessing “a funeral for public trust” that was damaging the already shaky reputation of Iran’s official media.

Speaking candidly on BBC Radio Today, Ghanbar Naderi, a commentator on Iran’s state-run Press TV, admitted: “There is little trust in the government and people want more freedom. The lies they said about the shooting down of the aeroplane [have] lost public trust. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps know it very well.”

He added: “Millions and millions took [to] the streets following the assassination of Qassem Suleimani. It was a rare moment of unity but the IRGC blew it. As a journalist you need to be able to sleep at night.

This is beginning to remind me of events 40 years ago when the Mullah’s took over Iran. I don’t see the regime lasting much longer. But I may be too optimistic. OTOH there are the people in the streets braving death to protest the regime.