Death Rates

The correct mortality rate is number of dead people divided by the number of infected people on the day the (soon to be) dead got infected. I have been seeing around 2% estimated death rate for Corona. The rate may be lower due to the number infected being much greater than “advertised”. It could also […]

Racist Sexist Virus

And that they were all relatively mild and symptoms ended quickly because Asians have 5 times as many #2019nCoV receptors. (Men 4 times as many) We got a racist/sexist virus here. #Wuhan — Our Foreign Masters Hate Us (@PaesurBiey) January 31, 2020

Some Names You Can’t Name

There are names you can’t name. Senator Rand Paul seems to have named one. Out loud. In D.C. Sen. @RandPaul: "My question made no reference to any whistleblower…" He then reads the question. "I think this is an important question. One that deserves to be asked." — CSPAN (@cspan) January 30, 2020 H/T Gateway […]

Sanitation In China Is Not First World

The discussion of Chinese sanitation begins at 27 minutes in and starts getting intense at 32 minutes in. It goes on for a while showing dead meat in the markets. ( May be disturbing to those not into meat as a culinary art – or as I prefer, “butchery”. I come from a long line […]

Regular Updates On Corona

The best I have seen so far is the comment section at Chinese Novel Coronavirus Outbreak – 2019-nCoV – Musings from the Chiefio.

Current Conditions In Wuhan 26 January

The video is in Chinese with English subtitles. ( About 12 minutes ) So how bad is it. Very. The rate of increase is around 25X a week. Doubling time of around 30 hours. The death toll is 2% (so far) which means 6.6 million dead in the USA most of them coming as the […]

Wash Your Hands

As you know flu season and worse is upon us. So this video could help keep you well. ( About 3 minutes )     Now suppose you want to get seriously serious. How do surgeons do it? ( About 5 minutes )     And if you really want to get into it here […]

Collapse In The Street

The Corona virus is more serious than the Chinese government admits. Officially the number infected is 800 in China with with at least 26 deaths. I have seen reports of 6,000 infected. People are dying in the streets as exemplified by this tweet ==> In #Wuhan?people are collapsing on streets due to the deadly #WuhanPneumonia […]

Your Vote Shouldn’t Count

So says Adam Schiff. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff indicated during his opening remarks at the Senate impeachment trial Wednesday that lawmakers must remove President Donald Trump from office to avoid his reelection in November That is a little blatant. Even for Democrats.

Open Sources – March 2019

Note that March 2019 is well before the 25 July 2019 phone call that “triggered” the current impeachment. The impeachment current began well before that. John Solomon , BREAKING NEWS! ??????????? — Follow Qanon! WE STAND UNITED ?????? (@FollowQanon) January 23, 2020 Learn more about corruption in the Ukraine at Secret Empires.

For Moments Like This

( About 2 1/2 minutes ) I think the Democrats have overplayed their hand. What did they expect to accomplish? Maybe they don’t want you paying attention to this ==> ( About 6 minutes )

Most Liked Persian Tweet in History

Ah. Yes. The State of Iran. The news gets out even if it is not the “official” news. And the tweet is? Funny you should ask. It is from an American who is formally hated by so many Democrats (and a few Republicans). This tweet by @realDonaldTrump with more than 100k likes is already the […]

Contrast And Compare

The US media version of Iran vs the Iranian people’s version. Why is our media so fond of the Iranian dictatorship? Did some of the cash Obama sent the regime get spread around to American “news” networks? THREAD 1)This video is a compilation of the ridiculous remarks & lies aired by certain DC politicians & […]

These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

I often get into dust-ups with people about the morality of the Drug War. I explain that it is a war on the abused ( Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood. ) and yet people don’t care. I have often wondered why. And then I came […]

Democrats Pull War Power Resolution After Iran Missile Attacks

The Democrats always seem to be starting out on the left foot these days. It is as if they had no power of self reflection. Effectively siding with Iran with the resolution. What were they thinking? Their only meaningful position is that they are anti-Trump. Reflexively. Events have overtaken them. If this sort of thing […]

This Guy Is A Nutball

( About 4 minutes ) The video news begins automatically at about 1:10 into the video. The exciting stuff starts around 2 minutes and 9 seconds. So far there are reports of more than 30 weapons fired from Iran at American targets in Iraq. No reports of casualties – so far. Iran will burn through […]

Iran In Politics

Iran used to be angry. Now they are really angry. They are so angry they will do bad things. Like they used to. Before we made them angry. Inspired by Sanders: Soleimani Killing Broke International Law, Will ‘Unleash Some Very, Very Terrible Forces’

News You Haven’t Heard – Russian Firefight With The USA

It happened in Feb. 2019 according to the reports. The Russians got slaughtered (over 100 killed) to 1 or 2 Americans injured. Massive Firefight Between US And Pro-Regime Forces In Syria Reportedly Killed Hundreds Of Russian Mercenaries. The article is full of links. A search of that site will provide more information.