Burisma Indictment Reveals Ex-President Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund “Close to US Democratic Party”.

And this:

Indictment Against Head of Burisma Reveals ‘Hunter Biden Was Receiving Payments From Money Raised Through CRIMINAL MEANS, Siphoned, Laundered From Ukraine’.

The above links should help make sense of yesterday’s post.

Update: 21 Nov 2019 0527z

Well, well, well. Some interesting things are bubbling to the surface. Confirmation of the above stories.

MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

And Reuters
Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds

Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine explains its predicament and names names