Intersecting At The Crossroads

( About 6 minutes )

Rockford In The NBA Finals

Fred VanVleet of the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors is a Rockford Native. He went to Auburn High School (not a basketball power house) in Rockford. Auburn hosts the Rockford gifted program. Several of my kids attended the gifted program at Auburn. ( About 2 minutes. Starts at about 1:41 in )


Engineered materials make houses better. ( About 16 minutes )

I’m Back

I spent five days in the hospital from May 26 to May 31st. A little heart problem which is being dealt with ( a new heart valve). I feel a little like Winston Churchill, “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”     ( About 6 minutes )

Legalization In Illinois

Tall Dave reminds me that full cannabis legalization has passed in Illinois and is on the Governors desk for his signature. Given that he ran on the issue, his signature is a sure thing. Growing your own is only legal for medical users. And the police will be kept busy protecting those with government authorization/licensees. […]


This is a very long and quite technical exposition about rockets. I found it very interesting. ( About 49 minutes )

“How much does the world need to know about a deadly bear attack?”

A seemingly legitimate question, which might shed light on a lot of other things. People are morbid and we like to entertain ourselves with gruesome details, so there is no way to stop such reporting, especially in light of the First Amendment and the Internet. What troubles me is the use of the word “need” […]