Happy Memories!


That was then.

This is now.



Just as they took out Al Capone (notorious for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre), so the feds have now taken out El Chapo.

And just as taking out Al Capone proved the war on alcohol was worth fighting, so too does taking out El Chapo prove that the war on drugs is worth fighting!

Hear hear!

Standing on the steps of the Brooklyn courthouse amid flurries of sleet and snow, US attorney Richard Donoghue hailed the conviction of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán as a famous victory in America’s longest conflict.

“There are those who say the war on drugs is not worth fighting. Those people are wrong,” he said.

But that war – now nearly half a century old – shows no sign of ending, and neither does the trade in illegal narcotics.

And — surprise! — with El Chapo out of the way, “there is a vacancy around the investment opportunity table.”

No way! I thought taking out El Chapo would stop the drug trade just like taking out Al Capone stopped the alcohol trade.

Please, someone, educate me. Tell me what I’m missing!

MORE: Speaking of the war on drugs, President Trump now publicly supports the death penalty for drug dealers.


Isn’t that just wonderful?