The following headline is a sad reminder of inexorable, inevitable reality:

For first time, Pearl Harbor remembrance takes place without a single USS Arizona survivor present 

Along with the recent death of George H.W. Bush, it’s another reminder that we are rapidly losing the last of the World War II generation.

My parents’ generation, and all that goes with it, is all but gone.

I can think of no better reason for remembering.

Millions — no, billions — would rather not.

MORE: On a more personal level, my father served in World War II,¬† my grandfather served in World War I, and during the Vietnam War I wasn’t old enough to serve (or be a draft dodger, which was pretty much de rigueur in the prevailing youth culture in my circles at the time) but I am old enough to recognize the enormous sacrifices that were made, and the importance of remembering them.